Colleen Diane Krenzer

Colleen Diane Krenzer

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My story

[p]I've sat down to write this so many times and struggled. My heart hurts. Not just for my family and our experience. This year was the second Christmas without Mom. It's like there were two holes in in the room. One for the vibrant, feisty woman who made Christmas special. And one for woman who sat quietly in a chair as Christmas and her eight grandchildren swirled around her. [/p][p]My heart hurts for those still on this journey that has only one ending. My uncle, my godmother, family friends and the people that walk alongside them, unable to save them from this black hole that consumes them. [/p][p]And my heart hurts for who's next. Me? My siblings? My nieces and nephews? One of my closest friend's lost her Mom a little less than a year before mine. Would we take the test to predict our risk? She won't. I'm still not sure. There are currently no effective treatments to slow, prevent or cure. What would we do with that information? [/p][p]Yet this same friend said this: [i]I truly believe that in the near future, the next discussion after a diagnosis of Alzheimer's is "ok and here's how we're going to treat it."[/i][/p][p]So, within the hurt is the flickering flame of hope. [/p][p]On April 28, I will be part of the Dementia Revolution, the official Charity Team of the 2019 London Marathon. The Dementia Revolution brings together two of the UK’s most prominent ALZ voices, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, to confront this disease and the surrounding issues, head on. It is, by far, the biggest undertaking by these powerful organizations to dramatically change the course of this disease and its devastating impact on our society. [/p][p]So on April 28, I will run to change attitudes about the disease, to power ground-breaking dementia research, to help find a @#%$ cure.[/p][p]I will run for hope. [/p][p]Thank you, from my family to yours. #CDK4DDK[/p][p][br][/p]


Jul 5, 2019



May 10, 2019

Valerie Gallagher

Awesome achievement Colleen for a cause that I hope these donations help make obsolete!


Apr 30, 2019

Michael Dakin

Well done Colleen!


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Apr 29, 2019


Apr 29, 2019

Shannon Downey

Hey running pardner. The race is over and you are done! Yay!!! But you are not done raising money! Ha! I’ve been social mediaing off and on and the only bad thing about that is MISSING YOUR POSTS! ! Anywho, you are amazing and so inspiring. I love ya!


Apr 28, 2019


Hugs! And cheers!


Apr 28, 2019

Cathy Hutton

I think I saw you on the telly! Well done x


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Apr 28, 2019

Caroline Barker

Good luck Colleen! Caroline and Dom. x


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Apr 27, 2019


Run Colleen! Best of luck. Ian and Brenda x


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Apr 27, 2019

Anthony Tama

Enjoy the run. I am so proud of you. Xoxo

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