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[p]Hi, thanks for visiting my page.[/p][p]On 23rd April 2017 I will be running the London marathon to raise funds for the North Wales Cancer Appeal (NWCA) [/p][p]Running the London marathon has been an ambition of mine for many years and to have the opportunity to raise money for the NWCA will be a privilege. Working in the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, I have seen first hand how the cancer patients in North Wales have benefited from the funds raised by this charity. Just recently the Appeal has donated just under £1 million towards the £1.4 million purchase price of our latest radiotherapy treatment machine (linear accelerator) which treated its first patients this month.[/p][p]I will be training hard for the next 6 months to make sure I do justice to this amazing event and will be sharing my training with anyone who cares to visit this page.[/p][p][b]***SUNDAY 23rd APRIL 2017***[/b][/p] [p][b]***MARATHON DAY***[/b][/p] [p][b]5 months of training for this day  - through rain, ice, cold and sun - and now it's here![lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]Weather was forecast cloudy and dry - perfect for running! Up at 5:30 for porridge and banana and then met up with Amanda and Gary (5 hr pacer) for the tube to Greenwich. Full of other runners - some first timers and others seasoned veterans. When one girl found out that we were hoping for 5hrs, she said "oh- you’re going for a nice walk then!" Gary left her in no doubt that we had trained really hard and that it was not going to be a walk in the park for us! [/b][/p] [p][b]Arrived at Greenwich at 8:00. Beautiful park with backdrop of the Cutty Sark. Gary suggested we make a detour to look at it as we had time! It was 6 miles away - it wasn't lack of time that made me decline![/b][/p] [p][b]We saw the elite runners start on the huge screen in the park and chatted to people in the toilet queues. The atmosphere was buzzing and the time went so quickly.[lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]At 9:30 we put our bags on the baggage bus and joined the start line. We still had our throw away clothes on to keep us warm. At 10am the claxon sounded - the runners at the front were off, but we were going nowhere for a while! About 20 minutes later, our group were able to start moving forward and after another 10 minutes we crossed the start line! [/b][/p] [p][b]A herd of rhinos passed me on the right making me feel for a moment that I was in a safari park![/b][/p] [p][b]The pace was steady through the housing estates and the music was pounding from Gary's boom box and from the windows of the houses. The first 5 miles went by in no time. Amanda and I kept looking round to find each other as we got separated. At 6 miles - I saw the Cutty Sark. What an amazing sight! No pictures could do it justice - beautiful! Then I heard my name and looked up to see the Welsh flag and Tim. That was a real boost.[/b][/p] [p][b]At 7 miles Elaine was there to shout our names - lovely to see her.[lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]I was starting to feel that keeping up the pace was going to be hard. I was weaving in and out of the crowds trying to keep up with Sue and Gary - the 5hr pacers. I realised that lots of other people were doing the same - trying to keep within touching distance of them too. They didn’t seem to realise that my need was greater than theirs and kept getting in my way! They were MY pacers !!![/b][/p] [p][b]At 10 miles I realised that Tim was running beside me! He had joined the runners to support the NWCA girls and to find the shortest route to the finish line! That was a lovely surprise![lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]Gary was in contact with Andy to keep in touch with where he would be on the route. We knew at 11 miles Debbie would be on the left and Andy and Jen on the right. Amanda and I split to move over to say hello.[lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]The next landmark was Tower Bridge. Rachael was by my side as we turned the bend to see it in all its glory. Gary told us to stay together - he was going to run backwards to get a photo of us all. Other people kept getting in the way - they wanted to get in on the picture! Eventually he managed to get a couple and I was glad to be there at that point to share that special moment.[/b][/p] [p][b]The clouds had disappeared by now and it was really warm. At 14 miles I was starting to feel uncomfortable and I realised that I was concentrating so much on keeping up with the 5hr pacers that I wasn’t actually taking in my surroundings. I told Rachael that I was [/b][b][b]going to drop back. She checked I was OK and when I persuaded her that I was, I dropped my pace. Then I started enjoying the run again![/b][/b][/p] [p][b]A spectator held her hand out for a high 5 and I pulled across to her. She had a "Heads together" headband and was trying to say my name. She grabbed my hand and her mum told her to let go - "you mustn't stop the runners".  I spent a minute with them thanking them for coming to spectate. I ran off with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye![/b][/p] [p][b]Canary Wharf was amazing! The support was fantastic and I saw Ann, Shaz, Caz, Julie, Kelly and Julie Ju.  I think I was walking at that point! I went over for hugs and kisses and it gave me a real boost. I was running again![/b][/p] [p][b]I passed 3 of the Mind over Marathon runners with their coach - they were run/walking. Then they passed me! I was also passed by a phone box, a dinosaur and several rhinos several times![/b][/p] [p][b]There was a couple who had married that day. The bride was running in a wedding dress. I wished them congratulations as I passed.[/b][/p] [p][b]The EPRC supporters turned up again - I was actually running this time - and ran over to get more hugs and kisses![lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b]I high fived all the children and took a jelly baby offered. I was smiling so much I must have looked like I was a bit simple![/b][/p] [p][b]I passed the Tower of London and then I was running up the Embankment, past the London Eye and Scotland Yard. The noise and support was incredible. Everyone was shouting my name. I felt like Paula Radcliffe! Then I heard louder shouts and it was Elaine and Chris. Had to go over for more hugs![/b][/p] [p][b]As I saw Big Ben, I knew it wasn't much further. Running alongside the Houses of Parliament and the side of Buckingham Palace, turning into the Mall and realising I was nearly there was really emotional. Going over the finish line and walking to get my medal, having my finisher photograph taken - I just couldn't stop grinning like the cat who got the cream. The only time my smile slipped a little was when the medal was put over my head. Then I sobbed a bit!!![/b][/p] [p][b][b]Seeing Debbie and Amanda at the finish was great. That is when you really want people there for you. Then it was off to see Amanda's family and to the Sherlock Holmes pub to see the other EPRC marathon runners and the award winning E[/b][/b][b]PRC support crew for a pint![/b][/p] [p][b]I have imagined this day for many, many years and dreamed about it regularly for the last 6 months. Actually experiencing it was better than anything I had ever imagined.[/b][/p] [p][b]This day will live with me for the rest of my life. It was an incredible experience and[/b][b][b] I am so grateful for the opportunity to have run it.[/b][/b][/p] [p][b]A bonus is that I have been able to raise so much money for the North Wales Cancer Appeal. [/b][/p] [p][b]Thank you to all who have donated for your amazing generosity. You can be assured that the money will be spent for the benefit of the patients who attend the North Wales Cancer Centre.[/b][/p] [p][b]And finally……….this day was a massive tick on my “must do” list but next year I will be happy to watch and to give others an opportunity to experience it.[/b][/p][p][b] I am hanging up my marathon shoes and saying…..never again!!!![lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b][lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b][lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p] [p][b] [lt]br /[gt] [lt]br /[gt] [/b][/p][p][/p][p][/p][p][span=font-weight: bold;][b][b] [/b][/b][/span][b][span=color: #3366ff;] [/span][/b][/p][p][/p][p][/p][p][/p]

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Jul 10, 2017



May 5, 2017

Simon Gollins

Really well done Carmel. I know how really hard you worked for this. I have to admit a small tear came into my eye on reading your account.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Apr 28, 2017

Tom Dodd

Superb and really well done Carmel. That is an incredible achievement. It is something I have never really considered, probably because there are no mountains !!! I must sort my own event out before I get too 'aged'. Look out for it. Tom


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Apr 26, 2017


Hi Carmel, Well Done! Amazing achievement! I promised to donate, finish or not so here it is. Love Janet and Pete.x


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Apr 25, 2017


Just rounding things up. X

Apr 24, 2017

Rachel and Julie

Congratulations Carmel - you are just brilliant!! Love from Rachel, Julie and Mitzi. XX


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Apr 23, 2017

The Welshies

You did it! The only reason I'm donating this after the race is simply because I kept forgetting to do it before, NOT because I thought you wouldn't make it! You are a fantastic inspiration to all of us (ahem) mature ladies!! xxx


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Apr 22, 2017


Good Luck! Enjoy every minute x


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Apr 22, 2017


As I'm an awkward so and so, I'm donating a pound a mile (or part mile thereof) - in true British "sponsorship form" style ! Go Carmel ! You got this (as our American friends would say)


plus £6.56 Gift Aid

Apr 21, 2017

Ellen McElhinney

Good luck Carmel and enjoy it xx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

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