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[p]Dear Friend,[/p][p]You may have been one of the many generous friends who supported our Readathon last year for the [b]ME Trust[/b] ([url=][/url])[b].[/b] Although it’s a small charity, the Trust really punches above its weight and is unique in providing clinical care to people with ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome).[/p][p]This year marks the 10th anniversary of the ME Trust. At the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, I’ve had the sobering and heart-wrenching privilege of seeing the need for this valuable work first-hand, when I visit people with severe ME/CFS in their homes. In the past year we have all, the entire planet, been ‘locked down’ and confined in various degrees due to COVID. The isolation we have felt, and the debilitating effects of being shut in, are but a small shadow of the daily challenges faced by those who suffer from this devastating illness. And, of course, adding insult to injury, is the stigma deeply ingrained within the healthcare profession around the very existence of the illness, leading to neglect of some of the most vulnerable. [/p][p]The ME Trust, thanks to the generosity of people like you, provides medical services, physiotherapy and counselling to people with ME/CFS and those who care for them. Some are able to pay or contribute towards these services, but for many, bursaries are offered by the Trust. Like so many charities however, they have been hugely affected by the inability to fundraise since the outbreak of COVID-19. Despite this, in the past six months alone, the ME Trust has offered 667 consultations and helped 234 people and their families.[/p][p]So once again, I hope you’ll pitch in to support the following scheme, which Charles and I have designed to seduce you. We have put together a smorgasbord of offerings (listed below) and invite you to bid for these by emailing me at [/p][p][b][/b][/p][p]You can help simply by making a donation to the ME Trust or you can have fun by bidding for one or more of the items listed below, of which [b]we will offer up to 10[/b]:[/p][p][b]For those living locally,[/b] choose between one of:[/p][p] - a 3-course meal for 4 with a bottle of wine delivered to you on a date of your choosing[/p][p] - an evening babysit – extending past midnight if that would help ☺[/p][p] - a two-hour excursion to the rec for your children[/p][p] - a guided country walk with a picnic[/p][p] - an hour’s gardening[/p][p] - a pile of clothes ironed[/p][p] - a home-baked cake of your choice[/p][p] - a dog walk for up to 2 dogs[/p][p] - a carload of recycling waste taken to the local dump[/p][p]Charles and I are happy to host [b]8 people for a champagne afternoon tea [/b]in the garden over the summer.[/p][p]Also on offer one [b]ten-layer bespoke cake[/b] for a special occasion - thanks to my accomplished son-in-law, Ben[/p][p]For [b]those at a distance[/b], choose between:[/p][p] - sponsoring us to provide a simple, but delicious lunch for 20 homeless people at Jimmy’s Night Shelter in Cambridge[/p][p] - asking us to organise personalised postcards from ten different countries to be sent to a child or siblings you know[/p][p] - a recorded children’s story of your choice, personalised for a child or children you know[/p][p] - a recording of a poem of your choice[/p][p]Providing these prizes will, we are sure, be great fun for us all, and perhaps as we all emerge blinking into the sunshine of a de-confined summer, spark a thought for those among us who remained figuratively locked inside.[/p][p]With love and thanks in advance,[/p][p]Caroline (and Charles) and the ME Trust[/p]
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Aug 17, 2021

Hill and Chris

Thank you looking forward to your cooking! Hill and Chris

Aug 17, 2021


well done


Aug 17, 2021


Thanks Caroline - and well done! Family Georgiadis


Aug 16, 2021

Gordon and Rosie Cameron

Sorry this is a bit late! Well done Caroline, and all for a great cause x


Aug 14, 2021

Liz and Andrew

Well done Caroline and Charles! Xx


Aug 14, 2021


Thank you for giving your time to this worthwhile cause.

Aug 14, 2021

Emily and James

Well done on raising so much money for the ME Trust!

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