Claire Walton

Claire Walton

1 Year - No sweet treats


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My story

[p]I am raising this money for My Sisters Place because the women this charity helps need more support. They have had a tougher year than most. Please please give what you can afford. I had some experience of domestic abuse in an earlier phase of my life and I was able to get out and have a successful career and wonderful life. If you have a good life please help these women whilst they are struggling. [/p][p]On April 22nd 2021 my first book - Super Neuro You - launched and became a Bestseller on day one! Amazing. And I managed to raise much needed funds for My Sisters Place. [/p][p]However this is not enough. The charity needs our help![/p][p]As from 26th April 2021 until April 26th 2022 I am going to manage my recently acquired sugar addiction and stop all sugary treats![/p][p]Much like Laura, the character in my book, I have become addicted to sugary treats. [/p][p]I will stop all sugary treats for a whole year. I will miss the cake on my daughter, Emily's 30th Birthday and every other celebration as well as the daily chocolate, biscuits, scones, sweets, puddings, ice cream and so on.[/p][p]I am not totally MAD, I will still have the odd glass of wine, and I am not going to be fanatical about reading the ingredients in sauces and so on. [/p][p]So thats it - no more sugary treats for a Year - 365 days![/p][p]Wish me luck![/p][p][br][/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

26 Apr 2021


Nov 23, 2021

Liam OMahony

Well done Claire on inspiring so many others & good luck with the final push!


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Oct 26, 2021

Sharon Benson

Keep going Claire - you can do this! I will buy you the biggest sweetest cake washed down with the most sugary cocktail when you’ve completed the year!


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Oct 23, 2021


Well done Claire for supporting a very worthy charity.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 3, 2021

Susan Fulton


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Oct 2, 2021


Keep going x

Aug 28, 2021


Pleased to support such a worthwhile charity x


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Aug 5, 2021


This is def something I couldn’t do! I LOVE chocolate too much! Well done on your challenge. Erin x


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Jun 30, 2021

Julia Smith

You’re a better woman than me! I couldn’t do this challenge! Amazing work for an amazing charity that no doubt will change and save lives. Big respect, Jules xx


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Jun 24, 2021

Christine and dad

You can do it 🥰🥰🥰


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jun 22, 2021

Sue ODonovan

Good luck for the C2C Claire! Although I think 12 months without sugar would be harder (I would find it almost impossible!) good luck for both you are a real trooper xx


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

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