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[p]********UPDATE 23 October 2019*******[/p][p]The team and their incredible supporters have once again smashed their fundraising target! With the gift aid, we're now at £12,607.50. Just fantastic! And so, they've decided to go for one last fundraising push to reach their final target of £15,000. If you haven't had chance to donate yet, please give whatever you can to help reach this final target. To put this into perspective, it costs Friends of Rosie around £65,000 to fund one year of research. This research gets new ideas off the ground to find gentler and more effective treatments for childhood cancer. Almost a quarter of our next project will be funded thanks to this Kilimanjaro team and you as their supporters. That is no mean feat. You really will be making a difference to the work this charity does to help children with cancer. [/p][p]*********UPDATE: 20 October 2019*******[/p][p]In celebration of their amazing achievement last week, the team have decided to do one final fundraising push and up their target to a phenomenal £12,500. If you haven't had chance to donate yet, or if you just wanted to wait to make sure they did it, please consider donating now to help push them over this final target. Thank you 🙏[/p][p]*********UPDATE: 18 October 2019********[/p][p]They did it!! The team reached the summit early this morning in freezing temperatures. But what amazing views!! Memories to last a lifetime. [/p][p]After a few crashes on the bikes on the way down, the team have successfully completed the descent. They’re no doubt currently enjoying a well deserved beer or two! [/p][p]From all of us at Friends of Rosie a huge thank you to everyone who donated to support the team. The amount raised so far is just astounding and will make such a big difference to the childhood cancer research projects we fund. Childhood cancer research is desperately underfunded and so your support really will have an impact.[/p][p]And our gratitude to the team themselves knows no end. You guys took childhood cancer awareness to the peak of Kilimanjaro! We can’t thank you enough 🙏🎗[/p][p]******** UPDATE: 14 October 2019********[/p][p]The team arrived safely in Tanzania over the weekend. Yesterday they began their first day of climbing from Marangu Gate at 6,046 ft. to Mandara Hut at 8,775 ft. over a period of around 5 hours. Today, they will be climbing for around 8 hours up to 12,090 ft. at Horomobo Hut. [/p][p]So far so good and a massive thank you from the team for the incredible number of donations and messages of support. You can see their team photo below at the foot of the mountain. [/p][p]We'll continue to keep you posted throughout the week. [/p][p]*******************************************************************************************************************[/p][p]As a group of pioneering friends, we have challenged ourselves to climb up and then cycle down Mount Kilimanjaro. It's the greatest altitude drop available on the planet on a bike, down the highest freestanding mountain in the world! Truly a once in a lifetime challenge and with only a few weeks to go until we set off. [/p][p]Climbing up Kilimanjaro will be, for all of us, one the hardest things we will ever do. So massive is Kilimanjaro, that to climb it is to pass through four seasons in four days, moving from +40c at the foot of the mountain down to -25c at the top![/p][p]We couldn't let such an event pass without doing a bit for charity at the same time and have chosen to support the Friends of Rosie Children's Cancer Research Fund. [/p][p]The charity is based in the Cheshire / Manchester area, local for some of us, and is a small, volunteer-led charity that raises funds for cutting-edge children's cancer research projects. They share our pioneering spirit! They get new research ideas off the ground focused on gentler, more effective treatments for childhood cancer. [/p][p]So, to our challenge! In October, our team of 12, made up of seven UK cyclists and five African cyclists, will set off on the Marangu route up Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb will take us five days and the descent a mere four hours! We will cover a distance of 40km, climbing up to an altitude of 19,340ft. It is likely that some of us will suffer with altitude sickness and so will need to rest and acclimatise accordingly to try and minimise the risk. [/p][p]We've spent much of the last six months preparing and organising to ensure we're ready for this amazing challenge. You can see more detail of the route we will be taking below. [/p][p]If you would like to offer your support to the team by sponsoring our challenge, you would not only put the pressure on us to reach the top, but you would also be supporting this wonderful charity. Being a volunteer-led organisation with donated office space, almost every penny raised goes directly on the research they fund and not on costly overheads. Your support will certainly make a difference to the vital work they do. [/p][p]We'll keep you posted on our progress and thank you in advance for your kind support. [/p][p][b]The UK Team: [/b]Jon Goodwin, Justin Law, David Goodwin-Hughes, Matthew Harrison, James Danby, Philip Moore and Harry Wickham.[/p]
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Dec 9, 2019

Don Law


Nov 10, 2019

Richard Nadin


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Oct 31, 2019


Well done Matthew and the rest of the group great achievement


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Oct 25, 2019

Rob Jackson

Well done to everyone, fantastic stuff!


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Oct 23, 2019

Pete and Les

Well done to the whole team!


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Oct 23, 2019

moores metals ltd


Oct 23, 2019


Congratulations & Well Done from Everyone at The Parts Alliance!


Oct 22, 2019

Jeff Deaville

Well done everybody. Jeff Deaville

Oct 21, 2019

Paul and Carol Pochciol

Jon and your team - what a fantastic challenge. Good Luck.


Oct 21, 2019

Steve Hamilton

Well done all!


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