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[p]For "One Day Like This" I'll take 6 things that don't traditionally go together, and do them within a single 24 hour period. I want to make a very simple point about not making assumptions, and as a result maybe open some minds. I want to achieve the most I have ever done so far as a 50 year-old.[/p][p]And I want to raise funds for a remarkable cause that's sorely underrepresented.[/p][p]Project Seagrass helps research and undertake the restoration of the world's seagrass meadows.[/p][p][b]Update (July 2021):[/b] 1 year out from the day and one year in from the start of training and here's how it's going so far:[/p][p]As of July 1st 2021, I have gone from 19 stone to 14 stone, just 7 pounds away from a weight that will work for both lifting and endurance.[/p][p]On June 26th 2021, I did my 1st 50k for 3 years, self-supported, around the wonderful wild spots of West Oxford, in a PR of 7 hours 37.[/p][p]Thanks to the amazing outdoor gym at Iffley Road I am able to lift safely again and am squatting, benching, and deadlifting for the first time in 2 decades.[/p][p]Still avoiding indoor gyms so fitness is based on hills, of which there aren't many in Oxford, but to help I'm taking part in the Patagonia "Running Up For Air" challenge on July 31st, which will probably involve running up Headington Hill for 12 hours![/p][p]Memory is progressing slower. Covid has been mentally very tough. But my time for a deck of cards is under 4 minutes so it's going in the right direction.[/p][p]For the 50 years I will have lived when I complete this challenge, my life has been full of what must seem to the world like contradictions. A mix of bipolar and ADHD mean I find things like simply using the telephone almost impossible. I once spent 11 hours just trying to order a washing machine because of this. Two days before that I had won the Creative Thinking World Championship for the second time.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Seagrass:[/b][/p][p]is 35 times faster as a carbon sink than rainforest[/p][p]is home to remarkable ecosystems of thousands of species, many of which use it as a nursery for their young[/p][p]supports local communities in some of the world's poorest places[/p][p]protects the coast from erosion[/p][p][b]For the challenge I will[/b][/p][p]Run 100 kilometres (endurance) on the Ridgeway, with a goal time of 15 hours, which would put me in the top 25% of athletes who compete at the Race to the Stones, the UK’s largest ultramarathon[/p][p]Complete all 3 competition powerlifting lifts (strength), with target weights of – squat 150kg; bench 100kg; deadlift 200 kg[/p][p]Complete an indoor row of the competitive standard distance, 2k (speed), with a target time of 7 minutes or below, the benchmark for high quality[/p][p]Complete a Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, the international standard for creativity, with a target of scoring in the 99th percentile[/p][p]Complete two memory challenges – a deck of cards in the fastest time possible, and the most numbers possible in 15 minutes, with targets of 52 seconds and 53 respectively, which would beat the current Masters record held by multiple World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien[/p][p]Read, and understand, an unpublished novel, achieving a reading speed of over 1000 effective words per minute[/p][p]Please note, we know right now that the world can change. This event is intended to bring awareness to Project Seagrass. Please only donate if you are happy for the project to keep your donation if things change, but whatever happens I'll be doing plenty of milestones on the way![/p]
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27 Jun 2022


Jun 12, 2021


Good luck, and many happy returns!!!


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Jun 12, 2021


Jun 12, 2021


Good luck, Dan!


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Apr 15, 2021


Good luck Dan!


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Apr 12, 2021

Lauren McBride

Very best of luck Dan!


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Feb 21, 2021


Nice work Dan!

Feb 18, 2021


Good luck!!


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Feb 18, 2021

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

Kudos on the effort and the cause, and happy 50th birthday!


Feb 18, 2021


What a fantastic and inspiring challenge, Dan - and a great cause too.


Oct 12, 2020

Dangerous Meredith

Good luck!

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