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[p][b][u]Dan’s Channel Swim Adventure[/u][/b][/p][p]As many of you are aware, I like to take part in crazy events that push me to my limits both mentally and physically. My next challenge is to attempt to swim across the English Channel from Dover to Wissant / Cap Gris-Nez. This epic swim comes with a 60 % failure rate and less than 4000 people worldwide have managed to complete it. More people climb Mount Everest per year than have ever completed a channel swim. This is a 26 mile swim and should take approximately 14 hours on a good day. In September 2021, I will be covering myself in Vaseline, suncream and donning my Speedos to attempt a solo swim of the English Channel.[/p][p][br][/p][p]In order to keep me going on the big day, I have decided to ask my kind hearted friends and family to sponsor me. 100% of the funds raised will go to two charities that are really close to my heart. The first one is Melanoma Fund and the second is JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The 27th March 2012 will always be etched in my memory. Our lives changed forever on that day. Anna, our eldest daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5. I was also diagnosed with malignant melanoma - skin cancer. All this happened within a 2 hour time frame.[/p][p]This is my part in giving back to the charities that have supported me and my family over recent years. I will funding my adventures and expenses from my own pocket (the boat & pilot alone costs £3,500). [/p][p]The blog is my skin cancer journey….enjoy.[/p][p][url=https://www.melanoma-fund.co.uk/DanielWhitakerChannelSwim]https://www.melanoma-fund.co.uk/DanielWhitakerChannelSwim[/url][/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Skin cancer & sunscreen advice; [/b] Apply as much cream as you can, gently rub evenly and let the screen soak in to allow the cream to bind to the skin, including spray applications eg Lancaster Sun Sport cooling invisible mist . Use more than you think to ensure you get close to the SPF rating. [/p][p]All pennies and words of encouragement gratefully received. This has been a crazy 18 months of preparation. Thank you.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b][u]Fun Channel Swimming Facts;[/u][/b][/p][p]The strict rules have remained in place since 1895.[/p][p]Captain Matthew Webb swam the first successful crossing in 1875 in wool trunks![/p][p]The English Channel swim crosses the worlds busiest shipping lane.[/p][p]Wetsuits are not allowed.[/p][p]You have to qualify for the channel swim with a 6 hour swim in water 16 degrees or cooler.[/p][p]Feeding will be every hour via a bottle thrown to me on a rope from my support crew on the boat.[/p][p]If I touch the boat accidentally, then it’s an instant disqualification.[/p]
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Oct 30, 2021



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Oct 21, 2021

Ben n Jane

Well done mate, what an achievement. Very proud 🏆


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Oct 14, 2021

Beast of Ossett

Well done Dan .


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Oct 13, 2021


Congratulations, very well done, brother, You smashed it! Enjoy your deserved rest. Your top dedication throughout worked wonders. Best wishes, Pete and Sara


Oct 12, 2021



Sep 30, 2021

Anna Antrim

Huge congratulations Dan! So inspiring


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Sep 28, 2021

Julie Campbell

Dan .. a truly amazing job many congratulations


Sep 28, 2021

Richard Emptage

Incredible achievement


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Sep 28, 2021

christian couzens


Sep 27, 2021

Helen Skinner

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