Dave and Simon - 2018 London Marathon

David Burton
Simon Macson


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Team story

[p]We’re raising money to build a [b]sports pitch[/b] in a [b]South African township[/b].[/p][p]It’s for a charity called [b]United Through Sport[/b], which Dave set it up with his brother and a few friends over 10 years ago.[/p][p]We’ve even made a [b]YouTube video[/b] so you can hear our plea and see where the pitch will be built, plus some of the great work the charity does in South Africa.[/p][p][url=https://youtu.be/qNKeFLXhqMg][b]https://youtu.be/qNKeFLXhqMg[/b][/url][b] - Our Video Plea & Sports Pitch[/b][/p][p]The pitch is attached to a longstanding primary school, so will be looked after and well maintained for many years to come. It will also allow [b]thousands of disadvantaged kids to play sport and develop to their full potential[/b], both on and off the pitch.[/p][p]Oh, and we’ve never run a marathon before, so we’re both feeling pretty nervous. There’s already been lots of blood, sweat and tears, mainly in that order.[/p][p]We’d really appreciate anything you could donate to help us (and the kids in South Africa) build the pitch.[/p][p]And on this occasion, to reinforce the tangible and long-term nature of your donation, [b]no money will be taken for admin, fundraising or staff costs[/b] - everything you donate will go straight into building the pitch. [/p][p][i]Note: we can make this bold and rare commitment because [/i][b][i]Dave is a founding trustee of the charity.[/i][/b][/p][p]The overall cost for the pitch is [b]£30,000[/b] but we are starting with a target of [b]£5,000[/b]. Other fundraising activities throughout the year will raise the remaining amount.[/p][p]Thank you for your support in advance.[/p][p]And we’ll see you at the finish line (hopefully anyway).[/p][p][b]Dave & Simon[/b][/p][p]PS Below is a [b]short video testimonial[/b] from a South African girl (called Lindiwe) who United Through Sport has supported since 2010. She comes from a poor township and, through her dedication and netballing talent, she has worked her way out of her tough upbringing, through secondary school, and into a top university. It’s a truly life-changing story. We also challenge you not to well up (just a teeny bit) at [b]3:33[/b][/p][p][url=https://youtu.be/LeevtZoBlkU][b]https://youtu.be/LeevtZoBlkU[/b][/url][b] - Lindiwe’s Story[/b][/p][p]=====[/p][p][b]UNITED THROUGH SPORT[/b][/p][p](UK charity no. 1102107)[/p][p]The charity has operated in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) since 2004 and now works with about 40,000 township children each year.[/p][p]The charity’s mission is “transforming lives through sport” and it does this in three key ways:[/p][p][b]1. Building quality sports facilities in poor township communities.[/b][/p][p](long-lasting, multi-purpose pitches, attached to local schools)[/p][p][b]2. Running free sports coaching sessions and life-skills classes for kids e.g. AIDS awareness.[/b][/p][p](football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, swimming and more)[/p][p][b]3. Getting kids into top schools and universities, often on full sports scholarships.[/b][/p][p](after-school homework clubs, one-to-one tuition and exam preparation)[/p][p]For more information, visit the charity website using the link below.[/p][p][url=https://www.unitedthroughsport.org/][b]https://www.unitedthroughsport.org/[/b][/url][b] - United Through Sport[/b][/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

22 Apr 2018


Jun 3, 2018

Auntie Susie

Amazing (as usual!)


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jun 1, 2018



May 25, 2018

Daniel Stephenson

Top effort chaps!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 22, 2018


Great work lads. Much Love MS


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

May 19, 2018

Chris Doel

Better late than never with this donation - I guess like your race time (says a man who will probably never do one!). Congrats on your perseverance on the day.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 16, 2018


Well done Burty!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 4, 2018


Well done Dave! Great effort, and on the hottest day ever for it no less! What an effort and great cause.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 4, 2018

Tom McDonald


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 3, 2018

Greg Turtle

You’ve done well. Here’s 5.


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Apr 29, 2018


Good work Mr Burton. Well done!!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

David Burton

David Burton

Simon Macson

Simon Macson

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