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Postpartum Fatigue


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Are you at home with a new baby and fighting fatigue? Learn how to renew your energy by taking holistic approach to your health and diet.[p]Fatigue is perhaps the most common complaint of new moms. Not only are you recovering from the challenge of childbirth, but you're also dealing with the needs and demands of a newborn.[/p][p]There is no magic cure for fatigue, but making changes in your lifestyle can help. Paying attention to your diet, exercising and finding ways to relax are all important factors.[/p][p]The following tips won't make your baby sleep soundly. But this advice can help you put the focus back on yourself so you can get the rest and energy you need to make it through the day (and night).[/p][p][b][i]Try to get exercise.[/i][/b] Moderate exercise can actually boost energy. Don't do anything strenuous, though, because that can tire you out. A brisk walk several times a week in the fresh air would be enough, maybe while strolling the baby. Check with your doctor first to be sure you are ready to increase your activity, especially if you have had a C-section or difficult delivery.[/p][p][b][i]Watch what you eat.[/i][/b] A poor diet can contribute to fatigue.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Try to eliminate most sources of sugar, caffeine and white flour.[/p][p]Make sure you have protein with all your meals, such as eggs, lean meat, turkey, chicken, fish, tofu, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese and/or beans.[/p][p]Focus on wholesome grains such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, beans/legumes, some fruit and lots of vegetables.[/p][p]Cut back on sugar substitutes from sodas or diet drinks. Drink lots of water, especially when breast-feeding. It's easy to be dehydrated and not know it, which can also contribute to being tired.[/p][p][b][i]Aim for regular meals and snacks.[/i][/b] Spread your meals out so that you are eating every three hours. This helps with blood sugar control, and can prevent those tired crashes. Look at snacks as nutritious mini-meals to keep energy levels up, such as:[/p][p] An apple and low-fat string cheese[/p][p]A rice cake spread with natural peanut butter[/p][p]Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and nuts[/p][p]Cut-up raw veggies and a hard-boiled egg[/p][p]A bowl of bean soup[/p][p][b][i]Call on friends and family for help.[/i][/b] Some new moms try to do everything themselves. But this is the perfect time to call for help.[/p][p]Who can do chores, cook meals, help with your other children or run errands?[/p][p]Who would enjoy caring for the baby while you take a rest?[/p][p]Identify those people and ask them to do specific things. Most people appreciate the chance to help.[/p][p][b][i]Pay attention to stress.[/i][/b] Stress can contribute to fatigue, especially if you feel overwhelmed and have no time to relax.[/p][p]It sounds clichéd, but soothing baths, reading a magazine, phoning a friend or getting a manicure can really help reduce stress.[/p][p]Just taking time to breathe slowly for 5 to 10 minutes while listening to quiet music can be rejuvenating.[/p][p][b][i]Sleep or rest when you can.[/i][/b] Take every opportunity to rest, even when you have visitors.[/p][p]Sleep when your baby sleeps. Try to go to bed at night soon after he settles. During the day, nap when he does.[/p][p]Hire a babysitter, just to nap.[/p][p]If you're breast-feeding, try nursing lying on your side. This way you can really relax during some of his feedings.[/p][p][b][i]See your doctor.[/i][/b] There may be a physical reason for your tiredness. Your baby takes a lot of iron from you during your last trimester. You may also have lost a lot of blood during childbirth. And if you are tired, it is possible you are not eating well. This can all add up to anemia.[/p][p]If your doctor suspects that you may be anemic, he or she can order a blood test.[/p][p]If your iron is low, a supplement may be suggested. Further, a good multivitamin with B vitamins, zinc and vitamin C can enhance the iron absorption.[/p][p]Eat more iron-rich foods, such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, iron-fortified cereal and/or lean red meats.[/p][p]Talk to your doctor if you are getting some rest but your fatigue does not go away or if it gets worse. Chronic fatigue [url=https://healthlinerx.org/fildena/]Fildena[/url] can be a sign of other medical problems too, such as depression or an underlying thyroid disorder.[/p]

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