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My story

[p]In April 2017 I am returning for my 2nd attempt at the gruelling Marathon des Sables which consists of six marathons in six days across the Sahara desert, covering over 250km, in temperatures rising to 50 degrees.  The rules require me to be totally self-sufficient, so I have to carry everything I need to survive on my back except for water.  [lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]In 2016 I made my first attempt, was the first double leg amputee to take part, and made it to the end of the long stage – Day 4, which is the double marathon day. Sadly, due to significant damage to my legs, I withdrew from the race, but have spent the last year working with some ground breaking new prosthetics experts to improve performance and hopefully, my chances of completing.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]I am taking on this challenge to prove that a double amputee can do it (I will be the first double leg amputee to attempt the MDS) and to raise vital funds for Walking With The Wounded. I very much hope that through my efforts, I will inspire other wounded, injured and sick from the armed forces community and beyond, to come forward to ask for help but to also know that there is life beyond injury.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]All funds raised will be go to WWTW's Head Start programme which provides ex-servicemen and women who experience mental health difficulties with a military front door to access effective and evidence based therapeutic support.  The programme works in collaboration with the NHS and other charities to compliment the existing provision.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Every penny counts so please do sponsor me to assist those who need WWTW's help, I really appreciate the support and this will really drive me forward when the going gets tough. No donations cover any of the MDS costs, so please know that your money is going to where it is needed most – helping our wounded, injured and sick towards their future.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]With many thanks,[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Duncan [/p][p][/p][p][/p][p][lt]img style="float: left;" src="http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/wF7fddrkQcfGnARw7rP09kaeYu45HHNNUgSz68Acr0AfNLRtMkj19JoAZZkD7u3OzqidGyE7sQu6lN64HguF9iDAmMW_rPcOky6Sae_HSFZjP7-RMmJlWaybqqaeGJOdDnT0fPJ0Qi50XA_cRFmk7gghbdLf27_yqPmHYqC2YjjkRAZ-KFKNB7xYMcEeGrN1aR3bTndyjb38i8-0ksen4hfwTcKci47zd2DmW369-PqATxXSQN-3XhgsqZWET5uvly66KpnnB-ZjRNKAsNOMhx-e2rQQWVpzehBXmjI1E5IyOTpFiESOF7krhmvkZuQ7rDIU0Rf9RNOWTcAG3obDB8mZSyx3AzVajgS9o7LUV2-2LCHpW3_2MBRdkr1-wt0gbzOZls60AxqX12W14ByFuBvCTMjVLk4IaMx2LGCEeybjN1tXgLV5NSF7xicTBl5-sVaMstXpM-LeEoGUWAqPTiWa_Cisw0giPibFNxq17Gq5PcEM_WeROlAEi6AKTeS6ComkV62MwaFIGhek7rJ-b1SHRzoQgswfnTms3aY_dlJoPOWKE1iLwhdwKtc_nwKHVadWBm3JdMxvk5CDhdR6QHEWL3vnQDdbt8q5WBfeHAnPg5Vc99EPJQZSq5YJ64TEVygMxjMfCRlEyPfQrV0d2zVbV2ScyxcZlaYvAL_C5w=w654-h488-no" alt="" width="450" height="336" /[gt][/p]


Jul 4, 2017

Rachel Baynes

Fantastic achievement congratulations


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jun 13, 2017

Karen Young - Hays

Dear Duncan, congratulations on your most recent achievement in the MDS - amazing! Well done. Regards, Karen Young (Hays)


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jun 4, 2017


From Eve Hutton Priory Hotel Beauly.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 29, 2017

Hazel Slater

Son this is from Maureen Ritchie wishing you all the best and well done


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 13, 2017

Paul and Karen H Diss

Had to donate again to correct iPhone autocorrect!! Should read Great achievement.. not freak achievement!!! Well done chap -)


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 12, 2017

Paul and Karen H Diss

Freak achievement and a real local hero


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

May 8, 2017

Norah and Rich

Superhuman effort Duncan,so proud of you.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

May 4, 2017

B vd Berg

Hero! You're a BIG inspiration and motivation for me!


May 3, 2017


From us all at Nationwide Bury St Edmunds (staff and members). You really are a true inspiration. Massive congratulations for completing the MDS. Thank you for coming to see us xx Duncan Slater our Local Celebrity


May 3, 2017

Mark and Liz

Fantastic achievement!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

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