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Elise Dyer

Elise Dyer

Brighton Marathon 2021


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My story

[p]Well here we go again for 2021 💪🏼 Marathon #2[/p][p]Pernicious Anaemia- This almost hidden autoimmune disease unfortunately holds more sufferers than the world has effectively diagnosed to date. The body’s inability to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Vit B12 is essential in forming healthy red blood cells and without it the body simply cannot carry oxygen around itself. If the lack of B12 is not addressed then a person will die. [/p][p]Also people can simply be deficient in this essential vitamin from not consuming enough through their diet. There is also another category of sufferers which is the one I fall into, Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients. IBD sufferers with diseases such as Crohns, Colitis and Ulcerative Colitis often have such inflammation in their intestines that their absorbtion abilitiy is compromised. I myself am post surgery living without the section of intestine needed to absorb any B12 called the ileum.[/p][p]Symptoms of low B12 levels are the same or similar to many other diseases and illnesses. This is leading to many misdiagnosed conditions including MS, ME, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimers to name but a few! Our aim is to raise awareness not only with the general public but also with healthcare professionals for better understanding, diagnosis and treatment. Research with the PAS ([url=http://pernicious-anaemia-society.org]pernicious-anaemia-society.org[/url]) is ongoing and moving forward into a new exciting generation to achieve better results for sufferers. [/p][p]My B12 journey really started 12yrs ago back in 2008 although little did I know it back then.. Due to Crohns disease I had 130cm of my small and large intestines removed.. including my very beloved and deeply missed Ileum valve 😪. This is the join between small & large intestine where B12 is absorbed. About 7 yrs later I had grown slowly more and more well ‘knackered’ is the best word to describe it! My body had no energy, my mind and memory was one big fog. Words didn’t come out of my mouth properly when speaking. No matter how much I slept it made no difference, my brain and body were just not working either in sync or seperately! With 2 young kids and being almost 40 I just, like many others put it down to the usual, being a shattered mother! This went on for a couple of years until one day I had 4 coldsores ( yep 4!) arrive on my bottom lip, the corners of my mouth were permanently split. I was also spending about 5 days of the week with a migraine. My skin was itching like crazy and my head spinning with ringing in my ears. Irritable beyond a respectable level as everything was SUCH a struggle. It dawned on me the realisation one day that I was struggling to take care of my kids and just function. One day my heart was palpitating out of my chest whilst sitting at my computer and I thought ‘NO THIS IS NOT NORMAL! All of this is NOT NORMAL’ I noticed on my Facebook forum for Crohns and Colitis sufferers that many fellow members were often talking about B12 so I decided to go and ask my Dr for a blood test to confirm what I already knew. (My Dr had previously told me that my fatigue was due to my medication for my Crohns). My tests came back the following day and low and behold there it was, a dangerously low level of 50 returned from the blood lab. I was also dangerously hypertensive due to my body literally shutting down now. I was running on empty completely and needed shots of B12 urgently every other day for 2 wks to get me into a normal range, followed then by every week. The only way to describe how you feel after a few days of receiving shots is like someone has plugged you into a socket and is charging you up! [/p][p]B12 decline is a slippery downward decline and not something you suddenly notice such as with other problems that might occur in the body. For me my body was dying and the reality of that and the survival instinct kicked in just at the 11th hour, before possibly a stroke or heart attack occurred. [/p][p]Luckily for me I’ve escaped without any serious damage to my nervous system, my limbs are thankfully working ok. Although I am sure that the years of brain fog have left me with something going on with parts of my brain function regarding concentration in particular. [/p][p] So off I trot again for another 6 months of mental and physical focus to fight our fight for awareness and CHANGE 💪🏼[/p][p]HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported me 💗 [/p]

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Feb 19, 2020

Kate and Jak

So proud of you! Good on You Girl! xoxo


Feb 17, 2020


Go girl...... inspirational!! I tried walking 4 miles yesterday and le gas are killing me today 🤣🤣


Feb 10, 2020


Well done x


plus £47.50 Gift Aid

Feb 9, 2020


Go go go my fellow B12er 😘


Feb 9, 2020

Nic C



plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Feb 9, 2020

Craig Baines

Good luck :-)


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Feb 9, 2020

Tracy Davis

Sending love Elise xxxx


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Feb 9, 2020

Annette Canning

You’re amazing!! Good luck with the training & the race!! 😊


Feb 2, 2020

Jo Hope

Go smash it Elise. So proud of you. Xxxx


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jan 28, 2020

Claire Street

Go Elise! Well done for getting up that Dune and helping to raise awareness & cash for such a worthy cause.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

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