Ellie Wheeler

Ellie Wheeler

Charity Raffle for Peacemakers-International


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My story

[p][b]PLEASE NOTE:[/b] Unfortunately because you are buying a raffle ticket and are not solely gifting the money to Peacemakers, [b]you cannot claim Gift Aid on your donation[/b]. If you do, we will not be able to provide you with your raffle ticket(s) in return. When you come to buying your raffle tickets through this page by clicking the donate button, please choose the option "I'm donating money I've collected from other people(e.g. by selling raffle tickets) so Gift Aid can't be reclaimed."[/p][p][b]Please also make sure the box "I'm happy to share my name and email address with the fundraiser when I make this donation" is ticked[/b] otherwise I'll have no way of getting in touch with you if you are a lucky winner![/p][p][br][/p][p][b][u]The Raffle will be drawn on Saturday 19th December at 12:00pm[/u][/b][/p][p][br][/p][p]1st Prize - [b]£150 cash![/b][/p][p]2nd Prize - [b]An 8" round cake, baked and decorated by Ruth![/b][/p][p]3rd Prize - [b]A luxury hair brush from Hair By Carley, a homemade luxury, festive scented, double wick candle, and a £20 'The Restaurant choice' Gift Card![/b][/p][p]4th Prize - [b]A beautiful box of 6 delicious cupcakes from Piped Blooms![/b][/p][p][br][/p][p]TICKET PRICES:[/p][p][b]1 Ticket: £5[/b][/p][p][b]5 Tickets: £20[/b] (1 Free Ticket / £4 Each)[/p][p][b]10 Tickets: £35[/b] (3 Free Tickets / £3.50 Each)[/p][p][b]20 Tickets: £65[/b] (7 Free Tickets / £3.25 Each)[/p][p][b]40 Tickets: £100[/b] (20 Free Tickets / £2.50 Each)[/p][p][br][/p][p]My Story:[/p][p]Christmas is approaching and I wanted to do something nice for a local charity as I know how tough things are in this current climate![/p][p]I immediately thought of Peacemakers International. Peacemakers Charity has been a big part of my life ever since I was about 10! I used to get involved at their fundraising charity events in the summers by helping out on the stalls selling beautiful ornaments and small accessories that people in Kenya had made to help us raise money for their communities. My Dad, has also been a huge part of the charity, volunteering for them for years helping out with the computer/website side of things. He also refurbished old computers so they could be sent out to Kenya to help children and adults study and learn and give them a better chance of earning money and finding work! Sadly my Dad passed away earlier this year and so I really wanted to do this raffle for him as well as Peacemakers, as they have lost such an important volunteer who supported the charity in more ways than one![/p][p]Since speaking to Brenda (The lovely lady who runs this amazing charity) about wanting to raise funds for Peacemakers by holding a raffle, she informed me that things in Kenya had been really bad lately! Due to heavy storms and large amounts of rainfall, the roof on the main community building has collapsed along with the balcony. She told me that to repair this it would cost around £1700. This is why [b]£1700 is my goal![/b] [/p][p]I hope to go out to Kenya next year (something I've been wanting to do since I was about 10) to help the community in anyway I can. If you fancy doing something like this as well, let me know as I know all the help they can get is massively appreciated![/p][p]Thank you for supporting myself and Peacemakers International! Good luck! x[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

19 Dec 2020


Dec 21, 2020


1st prize won by Caroline and Richard Bryce, being donated to Peacemakers!


Dec 19, 2020

Lynda Estrada


Dec 18, 2020

Julie Speer


Dec 18, 2020


Your dad would be so proud of you 💖


Dec 18, 2020

Alex Stephenson


Dec 18, 2020


Good luck hope you raise plenty of money


Dec 18, 2020


On behalf of my lovely friend Deborah at CRUK!


Dec 18, 2020

Helen Elson


Dec 18, 2020

Nicki Pragnell


Dec 18, 2020

Abby and Gaz xxx


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