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[p]Hey,[/p][p]Firstly, thank you for visiting my page![/p][p]Secondly, but most importantly why do I have a page? I have a page as I have a place in the 2017 London Marathon.[/p][p]So how did this happen? I first entered the ballot for a place in the 2015 London Marathon at the time I was lying on the sofa with my left knee still bandaged and stitched from knee surgery! I didn't get a place, but that is probably just as well.[/p][p]Why did I enter? I have always wanted to run one marathon and the one I have imagined running is London. I also thought it would be a good to have a focus whilst recovering from surgery, others would say I was mad! Well the madness continued as I entered the ballot again for London 2016 and in October 2015 the magazine which landed on the doormat was a “you’re in” one!! I had to defer my 2016 place to increase the chance of another much more important dream to come true (more on this in a moment). So London 2017 it is![/p][p]The more important dream was the one of Martin and I becoming parents, but alas it has been a very long and emotional journey and unfortunately an unsuccessful one. Martin and I will always be parents to our angel children though.[/p][p]Over a number of years we have lost several children, we have both had all the tests going and taken the actions required to give ourselves every chance of becoming parents (including the knee surgery) together with the support of medical staff, close friends and family we have been on a complete roller-coaster of a ride. Due to undergoing our final IVF treatment the decision to defer in 2016 was one that was easy to take and it was in the hope that Martin, plus a mini (or more) Em and M would be at the finish line to welcome ‘mummy’ home in 2017.[/p][p]The 2017 marathon is now just under 6 months away (obviously it depends when you read this on how close it will be!) so it is time to start the fundraising and training. I will be training as much as my left knee allows and even if I end up walking I will complete a marathon in 2017![/p][p]On to the charities I have chosen, they will all benefit in equal measure, they are: Tommy’s; the Miscarriage Association; the Mariposa Trust; Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.[/p][p]The first three are all charities that do so much to raise the awareness of child loss and to support those that sadly need it. All are also working so hard to minimise the number of people that have to go through the utter heartbreak of losing children.[/p][p]So why Great Ormond Street Hospital? My parents sadly had to go through the heartbreak of losing their first daughter at a young age, but they have always been thankful for the treatment Deborah had at Great Ormond Street and the chance it offered her. So it feels right for me to include them in who I am running for.[/p][p]Lastly, but by no means least, I will be fund raising for the juvenile diabetes foundation, as type 1 diabetics have no choice in being a diabetic. This charity focuses on juvenile diabetes and type 1, as many of you know my husband Martin is a type 1 diabetic and we both want a cure to be found so that no child and therefore adult in the future will have the disease.[/p][p]Any donation you make is gratefully received and will keep runner 17236 running on April 23rd 2017[/p][p][b]!! UPDATE - 50 DAYS TO GO!! (03.03.17)[/b][/p][p]Firstly a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have donated to the charities I am “running” over half the target I set has been reached which is fabulous![/p][p]The lack of any update has been because I have been busy training or shuffling as I like to call it! Luckily it has never been about achieving a specific time for me, it’s far more important to me to raise awareness and make a difference to the charities and those that will benefit.[/p][p]As I train it is the charities I think about and all the wonderful messages of support that you have sent on here, in person, social media etc keep me moving forwards.[/p][p]The furthest I have shuffled to date is 16 miles but I am following a plan...so fingers crossed next month will go well! The only deviation from the plan has been the Artic training completed in February - though I didn't run on the snow and ice I certainly shuffled and I walked the required miles as per the plan instead.[/p][p]Next week I have an official half marathon to complete (Weymouth)... I just hope I make it to the bridge in time at 7.1 miles and then the finish in 3 hrs... I will update here how it goes...[/p][p][b]UPDATE 2 - LESS THAN 40 DAYS TO GO & IT WASN'T A BRIDGE TO FAR! (14.03.17)[/b][/p][p]I completed my first ever half marathon on Sunday and I can walk today! Thankfully Mondays are a rest day on my marathon planner so just a very short gentle walk was completed yesterday and today my body is back to pre the half marathon. [/p][p]I made it to the swing bridge with 10 whole minutes to spare and averaged miles of under 11:30 to that point thanks to a making a friend within the first 2 miles a lovely lady called Suzanne.[/p][p]We both ran further without walking than before and faster. We did walk some of the hills - it was supposed to be flat! To be fair there weren't many hills but they were short and steep and all in the last 6 miles. I made it to the end in under the 3 hour cut off with 20 whole minutes to spare so this snail had rockets on her, on Sunday. [/p][p]As you know it's not about the time for me it's about raising awareness and the positive of slow and steady is people will see who I am running for and for longer - always a positive![/p][p]Now to continue with the training and fundraising. 18 miles is the long run this week![/p][p][b]UPDATE 3- Very brief update due to the sad events in London (22.03.17):[/b][/p][p]Today innocent people lost their lives and people lost their loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. As much as it gives me nerves of a different kind I haven't trained for selfish people to stop others helping others, so I will be there in London shuffling as London remains open![/p][p][b]UPDATE 4 - 26 Days to go (28.03.17):[/b][/p][p]Sunday saw me shuffle just shy of 20 miles which is the longest distance I have shuffled and 20 miles is the maximum prior to the day that my plan has on it. I have just one more 18 mile and one more 20 mile long run to complete now - the day is fast approaching now.[/p][p]I am going to focus on each of my charities for a few days each via my social media to increase awareness.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 5 - 3 Weeks to go (02.04.17):[/b][/p][p]I'm blown away by the support from all of you on here and my social media the kind words are overwhelming at times but they do keep me going. Today my knee is not having a good day but maybe because the route was hilly and I have covered over 21 miles - hopefully it will ease off as not long to go. I will finish even if I have to crawl![/p][p][b]UPDATE 6 - 2 Weeks until the eve of the Marathon (08.04.17):[/b][/p][p]So the knee let me complete this weeks long run aka shuffle. Believe me it was a shuffle and wasn't pretty. The sun was out and I now have panda eyes and a very sore knee but I will at least sleep tonight, unlike in 2 weeks time I am sure. [/p][p][b]UPDATE 7 - My running tops are ready - love them! (12.04.17):[/b][/p][p]Went to see Wilf and Dave tonight, I thought just to finalise designs...But they were completed whilst I was there, and I love them! I have revealed part of the design on my social media tonight and I will reveal more when I hit target.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 8 - 10 DAYS TO GO (13.04.17):[/b][/p][p]It has been the most painful and frustrating week of training to date - I haven't been able to train since Saturday. My left knee has been so painful there has been a few tears - but rest assured I will be on the start line and I will finish however painful it is. Tonight I had a sports massage to help someone who is trying to qualify practice and the leg has eased a bit. Fingers crossed for a Good, Good Friday tomorrow.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 9 - 9 Days to go (14.04.17) Good Friday:[/b][/p][p]This time next week I will be on my way to London with Martin![/p][p]I Managed to sleep much better, so the work on the legs yesterday must have helped. I have spent the day with all of my family at my parents home. So I have spent time with my 2 youngest nieces which was needed (they always cheer me up). Thinking of them will keep me running next weekend, although I was beaten by a nearly 3 year old today :-)[/p][p]My Sister-in-Law is a qualified in sports massage as well, so I had bonus work on my left leg today. Tomorrow I am going to test the leg out if I can walk pain free when I get up.[/p][p][b]TARGET HIT:[/b][/p][p][b]UPDATE 10 - 8 Days to go (15.04.17) Easter Saturday - It's been a great day INITIAL FUNDRAISING TARGET HIT[/b][/p][p]Yippee!! I have trained today. I completed the 3 miles at my wishful thinking top speed marathon pace as per the training plan, but on the cross trainer and minimal knee pain. [/p][p]EVEN better news is I have reached the initial target I set of £100 per mile (so a bit more of my running tops has been revealed). Now to pass the £3k mark. [/p][p][b]UPDATE 11 - Easter Sunday, there's 7 Days to go until I attempt the marathon...A WEEK TODAY (16.04.17):[/b][/p][p]Hope you have all had a great day with plenty of Easter treats and items given up for Lent.[/p][p]We have had a quiet day, so the knee has been well rested. It seems to have coped with yesterdays training session. Therefore I am going to attempt my last double digit training run tomorrow and see how it reacts. Will update here afterwards.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 12 - Easter Monday 2017 6 Days to go (17.04.17):[/b][/p][p]The last double digit training run has been completed, just over 10miles..The knee was okay not brilliant but better than I expected it to be. If it is like today on Sunday then the pain will be manageable. Hoping the atmosphere will be a distraction. I ran on the beach which will be quite a contrast to the capital city.[/p][p]Funds raised are getting closer to the £3,000 mark thank you all. I promise to post non Marathon and non running things in the near future on my social media![/p][p][b]UPDATE 13 - 5 Days to go (18.04.17):[/b][/p][p]It's been a mixed day - the best news is that there's just under £200 to go until the £3k mark thank you all so much![/p][p]Today was an interval training day but due to the knee I have treated every walk like an interval and that will have to do - we did go to Bristol to meet family for dinner so there was a high paced walk at both ends to the relative train stations. Stairs are a problem but luckily there are none on the marathon route to my knowledge![/p][p]I also heard the sad news that my first professional boss an inspirational headteacher who believed in me sadly lost his battle with cancer in the early hours. I will be thinking of you and your family as I shuffle around London. RIP Mr Lessels you were one of a kind![/p][p][b]UPDATE 14 - 4 Days to go (19.04.17):[/b][/p][p]It has been a long day but I have rested my knee.[/p][p]Xpo opened today and I cannot wait to go on Friday. I am starting to get excited I hope that continues and that I don't get as nervous as I did for the Weymouth half.[/p][p]I have had more lovely messages, cards and a good luck gift today people and their support amaze me. Thank you all. Physio, haircut, packing and logisitic sorting tomorrow and maybe more of my kit will be revealed - got to hit the £3000 mark before gift aid first though![/p][p][b]UPDATE 15 - 3 Days to go (20.04.17):[/b][/p][p]Today has been a day of getting ready. BUT FIRST WOW, WOW, WOW over the £3000 mark so pleased thank you all - you are all stars![/p][p]I saw Jen who works her magic on my legs at the best of times and we've decided that strapping the left knee is going to be wise, so I will do my best to get it right and see how it goes.[/p][p]I had my haircut by another Jenny, not sure it will increase my speed but I will be able to see.[/p][p]My running gear is packed and we are off to London tomorrow...3 sleeps![/p][p][b]UPDATE 16 - Just 2 sleeps to go (21.04.17):[/b][/p][p]What a brilliant day. Arrived safely in London and then went to complete registration collect timing chip, speak to my charities that had a stand and listen to some of the talks.[/p][p]Registration was easy. Then I met 2 amazing Olympic gold medallists Helen Glover and Heather Stanning they are both running their first marathons..Our chance spot of them meant we didn't have to join the really long queue after their interview on stage to get a photo.[/p][p]It's been another day of great donations thank you. I have been left lovely messages on my social media, voicemail and emails from my charities. You are all amazing![/p][p]I have had my cards now it's bedtime. 2 sleeps to go. It all feels a bit surreal but I am looking forward to it.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 17 - It's TOMORROW!![/b][/p][p]What do you do you do the day before running a marathon? I decided to let Martin chose as he's here to support, so the Natural History Museum it was with casual walks to and from the hotel.[/p][p]My mum and dad have arrived to boost the support team. Great to have them here. We enjoyed dinner together then a stroll around St. James Park looking at the finish line etc.[/p][p]The plan was an early night but it's my hockey clubs Annual Dinner tonight and I have been following the awards via social media. I am stunned and honoured to have been voted Club Member of the Year as well as 3 XI squad member. I am proud to be part of the club and do what I do. How am I supposed to sleep now?![/p][p]Even more THANKS to all of you I have had text messages, social media posts all day wishing me well and I am so grateful. Plus over the £3500 mark. AMAZED! Thank you.[/p][p]Decided to just enjoy tomorrow so will be slow and proud and hopefully knee will behave![/p][p]Now off to try and sleep.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 18 - Just a quick one for now as a little tired... BUT I completed a marathon![/b][/p][p][b]UPDATE 19 - 8 months and 1 day after I completed the London Marathon![/b][/p][p]After all this time has passed it still doesn't seem real, I am not sure it ever will. The photos and the medal and continuing to raise funds help though.[/p][p]I set out to make a difference and raise awareness, and from the comments I have received, then I believe a small one has been made and that is the important thing.[/p][p]I completed the "Race" in 6:07:33 and whilst I would have liked to have been under 6 hours - being able to run (shuffle) my way round with my knee being as it was in the last few weeks of training - completing it as I did was great for my knee and the rest of me.[/p][p]My top tips for race day are (in no particular order):[/p][p][gt]Make sure you have trained in all conditions (I did -20, whilst on holiday in Norway and Sweden and +24 a training run on the Strawberry Line in April - the ice cream at Yatton was the best I have ever tasted), [/p][p][gt]Wear what you are going to on race day - including sunglasses[/p][p][gt]Before the start go to the loo and rejoin the queue and repeat for as long as possible you meet loads of people in the queue and the chatter keeps your mind off the main event. Use the second toilets after the start not the first as if you have taken my advice you can make it.[/p][p][gt]Drink little and often through the race[/p][p][gt]Get used to hearing your name[/p][p][gt]Enjoy the day and smile[/p][p]I was overtaken by rhinos (there is a "crash" of rhinos on the course not just one, so you aren't seeing things when you've been overtaken once already) and many other fancy dress runners but that doesn't matter. I put a realistic estimated finish time so much so I started with the elaborate fancy dress runners! [/p][p]It is Christmas Eve today and I am off to spend it with family but the charities I ran for will all be helping people during the festivities as they do every day.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 20 - New Years Eve, Eve 2017[/b][/p][p]As I enter the kitchen to bake for the last time in 2017 I wanted to say a Big Thank You to all of you that have donated as a result of my baking, to all those that have had Birthday cakes, Christmas Cakes or indeed just cake, thank you. [/p][p]My site I believe will be open throughout 2018 as I have decided to continue putting any baking donations towards these charities for another year.[/p][p]Here's to a happy, healthy 2018 to all of you![/p][p][b]UPDATE 21 - 23rd December 2018 WOW passed £5,000![/b][/p][p][b]THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - [/b]and there's still some donations to go before the end of 2018. It has been another busy year of fund raising mainly through baking but also the walking challenge specifically for Diabetes and the Christmas Cracker for both Weston Hospice and all of the chosen charities on here.[/p][p]I am going to contiue to leave the site open throughout 2019.[/p][p]Here's to a happy, healthy 2019 to all of you![/p][p][b]UPDATE 22 - 18 December 2019 £6,000 passed - Amazed! My initial target was £2620 - £100 per mile. My next target is £10,000, if I get a place in the Ride 100 then would love to move real close to this, for now I will keep baking, thank you all.[/b][/p][p]Thank you all for supporting me and in the main allowing me to bake for many of you.[/p][p]It has been another busy year. As well as the charities here I completed and raised money for Mind via Red January and also Diabetes with the 1 million step challenge in June-August they had their own specific pages. [/p][p]I have entered the ballot for the Ride 100 so if I get a place I will update this page.[/p][p]For now though will keep the page open in 2020 and have a great Christmas and New Year[/p][p][b]UPDATE 23 - [/b]So I am in! I will be riding 100 miles in the Ride London on 16 August 2020....[b]UPDATE 24 -[/b] Now I am out! COVID-19 arrived and it has been announced the event understandably has had to be cancelled not postponed just outright cancelled so who knows if I'll get to complete the London Classics? In the meantime will keep baking and please stay safe all! There was a late announcement of a Virtual Ride 100 but made the decision to not enter this due to the time to train and it not being in London.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 25 - 29 August 2020[/b] - the 40th London Marathon Race - will be a virtual one and when asked by the lovely Lisa Parris if I would be doing it and joining her (thankfully she said walking it) on Sunday 4 October I thought why not, as so many charities have lost the opportunity to raise funds, including the ones I have been supporting via here - I am in and I hope it will give my target of £10k for my chosen charities a well deserved boost in the process.[/p][p][b]UPDATE 26 - Sunday 4 October[/b]- we have finished it. Lisa her lovely housemate Leanne and I battled the wind and rain and we completed it in just under 8 hours though our official time will be about 8hrs 40mins as we took shelter a couple of times. Time for a bath and relax- although the last thing I really want to see is more water[/p][p][b]UPDATE 27- New years Eve 2020 - [/b]blown away by the support once again throughout the challenging year that 2020 has been. Less than £2.5k to go to the revised target of £10k. I didn't get to ride the London 100 but in 2021 I will be cycling a virtual around the coast of England, I have a year to complete 1,845.47miles. I will of course still be baking and I have some more baking skills to learn in 2021.[/p][p]Thanks all for reading, your support, donations and messages, Ems xx[/p]
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Jun 20, 2021


Thank you so much for 2 beautiful sets of cakes. So delicious 😋


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Jun 17, 2021



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May 29, 2021

Donna Chadwick

Thank you for Immy's cake 😊


May 21, 2021

Julie Mayo

Thank you


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May 16, 2021

Aimee C

Many thanks once again! My go-to baker friend 😊 xx


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Apr 29, 2021



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Apr 25, 2021

Sarah Ratcliffe


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Apr 3, 2021


Wow lady! Your bakes are something else. Thank you so much for making our Easter treats. We will be back for more treats soon. Book us in for Fathers Day.xx

Mar 31, 2021

Hannah xx


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Mar 22, 2021

Aimee Curley

Thanks Emma for Phoebe’s birthday brownie stack - it was another big hit!! xx


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