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[p]Dear Friends,[/p][p]Finally an update of how it all went, needless to say we could not have done it without your incredible support, thank you a million times. [/p][p]So we were off, after prep days organising kit, boot fittings, snack carrying up the mountain, eating A LOT and feeling like we were wired up to 10,000 volts there we were on Tuesday 5th March at 6am ready to start.[/p][p]Day 1 We nailed 2400m. A long day, longer than it sounds writing it down as there were many, many steps involved in those 2400m – all while trying to work out the terrain, the kit, the layering, the company, how to keep up with Tom during transitions, the endurance needed, where was hurting on our bodies and what we could do about it, how to get water and food on board while still moving and breathing hard. [/p][p] [/p][p]Day 2 Nailed 2305m up steep steep pistes some of it so icy you were not sure your skins would stick to something at that angle and that slidy. Incredible views, a lot of laughter and the beginning of mentally having to call in some reserves.[/p][p] [/p][p]Day 3 2205m, this is known as the emotional day when everyone is feeling just a little bit more fragile and exhausted. The routine is established but the potential repetitive nature of skiing (despite incredible views) requires some mental digging as does the niggling burn of the blisters which are now either establishing themselves or were full blooded members of our family. However the views today were staggering, after a snowy start the clouds opened up and the blue sky and sun burst through. Beautiful zigzagging up an off piste path which we burned up to shave a half hour off our expected time. We managed 2205m today and feel euphoric we were almost at the home stretch. [/p][p] [/p][p]Day 4, Despite this being the final day this was a hard one as now we were officially tired and aches were staring to present themselves, balls of the feet, hips and knees were yelling their opposition to yet more sliding skinning motion. You could see the finish line but were not quite there yet. Then at 1.30pm we made final push completing 8848m at 1.30pm, first team to arrive and on International Women’s day, that was an unexpected cherry on top. We felt an absolute rush of euphoria on arrival, tears, triumph and disbelief that we had made it, the culmination of so many hours in the past four days but weeks prior to that of training, moaning, eating, planning and kit prepping. We felt like we had wings on top of the world that Verbier afternoon and we were dancing on the clouds[/p][p][br][/p][p]So to finish, I cannot express my thanks enough, with your support Kate and I did much more than climb a mountain. Raising over £240,000 online and still getting contributions……a number that will make a huge impact toward the incredible work being done at the Everest Centre to understand brain tumours and toward The Royal Marsden’s ongoing research and caring for those with cancer.[/p][p]And finally - to any of you who may be looking for your own challenge we cannot recommend this enough. The care and thought that has gone into making this the most professional outfit imaginable, the time, the research, the collaboration with Secret Compass, have created an experience like no other and one that leaves you wanting more and badly wanting to be involved. EIA has a lot to tell us……about what you can achieve, how things should get done, about what is important, about how to dream big but…..it does all of this, and so much more, quietly and without ego. In this it is immutable, indeed it is un-improvable as it serves its purpose to perfection…..and in doing so it has given us all our wings back and a new way of discovering ourselves again.[/p][p]If you would like to read more about our trip and all the details, gory, triumphant and otherwise then please follow the link to the blog that I wrote which also has a load more photos. [/p][p] [/p][p][url=https://www.everestinthealps.com/eia-2019-the-diary/][i]https://www.everestinthealps.com/eia-2019-the-diary/[/i][/url][/p][p][br][/p][p]A million thanks[/p][p][br][/p][p]Lorna & Kate[/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]On March 5th, Lorna and Kate, alongside 13 others, will set off to ascend 8848 metres – the height of Everest - on skis over 4 days in the Alps. The inspiration - the drive - is to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. [/p][p]This is not an easy challenge. It’s a grueling event which involves around 32 hours of uphill ski touring, 3 hours of downhill, with up to a total of 20 individual ascents. Each day the teams climb between 2,000m – 2,500m to reach the overall target of 8,848m. The average amount of time out on the snow will be 8 hours a day, but it may be longer – however long it takes to keep on track. At altitudes of up to 3,500m, each Everest in the Alps challenger will burn through a daily average of 10,000 calories – the equivalent of running three back-to-back marathons. [/p][p]This event was born to raise funds for children who have been diagnosed with brain tumours. One in particular, a little boy Toby is at school with our children. His strength and courage and his family’s strength and courage began a movement, a movement that has proven unshakable in its resolve to raise money for research. Over 26,800 children and young adults have a paediatric low grade brain tumour diagnosis. Brain tumours are the single biggest cancer killer of children in the UK. There is no cure. For those that survive the years of grueling chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, 62% are left with a life-altering disability. Despite this, treatments cannot advance - only 1.6% of national cancer research funding is allocated to research into brain tumours. [/p][p]The Everest in the Alps challenge will raise money for a new, ground-breaking £5m research centre – The Everest Centre for Research into Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours. It brings together international field-leaders and aims to better understand low grade (slower growing) tumours. Developing improved –and safer – treatments for children. [/p][p]We will also be raising money for the The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity so that they continue pioneering the latest cancer treatments and technologies as well as continuing the work in ground breaking clinical trials. The Royal Marsden has supported Lorna over the past ten years from her original diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008, re-diagnosis in 2016, four operations, six rounds of chemotherapy, ten weeks of radiotherapy, chemical menopause and ongoing long term medication. Further funding is needed for in order that more people like Lorna are offered both support and medical expertise for their entire journey and beyond, so that cancer can become a condition rather than a life limiting disease. [/p][p]There is no possible way to accept that this in any shape or form can compare with Toby’s challenge or anyone who is faced with a cancer diagnosis. Being diagnosed with cancer is like falling into an abyss, life remains ever after bisected by the before and after diagnosis, never quite the same again no matter how many years pass. The anxiety is immense and the uncertainty of the road ahead, frankly desperate.[/p][p]We both love life, love the mountains, love being outdoors. We both know life deals us all challenges that bring us to our knees but we also know that with the support of family and friends we can all get back up and move forward. Help us find and conquer our Everest. We will keep you posted on our progress or you can follow the team on Instagram and through the Everest in the Alps website: [url=https://www.everestinthealps.com/]https://www.everestinthealps.com[/url][/p][p]Please please donate to these causes and help us on our way.[/p]
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May 2, 2019



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Apr 9, 2019

Grace Family

Many many congratulations Lorna and Kate on all you achieved for two vitally important causes.


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Mar 31, 2019

Marisa and Simon

Huge congratulations both for the expedition and the fantastic funds raised, truly brilliant.


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Mar 30, 2019


Amazing!! Well done xxx


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Mar 28, 2019

Victoria and the Mills family

Amazing job ladies. Such an achievement for yourselves and others. Well done!

Mar 28, 2019


Kate Amazing achievement especially, in addition to the physical one , the amount raised. Blown away by that. Apologies for being late to the game but wanted to donate something to the cause. Best Danny


Mar 16, 2019

Mandy Cooper

Sorry its so late. Totally in awe of what you achieved. x


Mar 16, 2019

Paddy. Christine

Great work Kate & co! Super impressive


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Mar 14, 2019

Dominic T

Congratulations Lorna! Love Dom & Mills


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Mar 12, 2019

Charlie Gloyn

Inspirational and amazing!!! You DID IT!!! And you beat all the big boys at it too!! Congratulations!! An extraordinary effort. We are all so proud of you!! Xxx


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Lorna Robertson Timmis

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