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52-Mile Hike


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My story

[p]Miles and I love hiking!! So we thought why not challenge ourselves by walking a 52 mile hike from Salisbury [gt] Winchester [gt] Salisbury along the Clarendon Way, in a 24 hour period. This will definitely be our toughest challenge yet and we will be tracking our training on here. I suspect the night section will be the most mentally challenging and hopefully we will not get lost. This is not an organised event so there will be no aid stations or moral support ... apart from any friends and family who want to join? Although you'll have to maintain a speed of just over 3 mph. [/p][p][b][u]Why these charities?[/u][/b][/p][p]Firstly 40% of money donated will be going to [b]Food cycle[/b], a charity that uses food destined to be wasted to make nutritious meals for the community. I am a project leader at Foodcycle Bath and have witnessed first hand how important these meals are for members of the community and how rewarding the preparation process is for volunteers. [/p][p]The remaining donations will be split between two Multiple Sclerosis (MS) charities. In February 2021 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS after 2 months of medical investigations due to strange sensations in my lower body. This was a big shock for me although I am grateful I received a speedy diagnosis, as I know for some the process can be drawn out over years. I want to do something to both raise awareness of MS and to raise money, hence this challenge. [/p][p]30% of the money donated will go to the [b]MS society[/b] because their helpline was really helpful for me when I was diagnosed. They also provide lots of resources about MS and fund research into finding new treatments. [/p][p]30% of the money donated will go to [b]MS-UK[/b] mainly because in addition to other services they provide a counselling service for those diagnosed with MS. I feel this is a really worthwhile cause, especially as emotional support is vital when living with a neurological condition. [/p][p]I hope you enjoy following us on this journey, any donations big or small are much appreciated. [/p][p]Alice and Miles[/p][p]Training Walks [/p][p][b]17 Miles[/b] Bath -[gt] Bristol ([b]Avon valley trail[/b])[/p][p][b]20 miles[/b] Bath -[gt] Frome ([b]Colliers way[/b]) 13/03[/p][p][b]25.4 Miles[/b] Frome -[gt] Trowbridge 24/03[/p][p][b]37.7[/b] Miles Salisbury -[gt] Christchurch ([b]Avon valley path[/b]) 2/04[/p][p][b]20 Miles[/b] Bath -[gt] Frome (River Frome path) 17/04[/p][p][b]31 Miles[/b] [b]Imber Range Perimeter Path [/b]22/04[/p][p][br][/p][p]NEXT BIGGIES[/p][p]Bath -[gt] Chippenham dressed as fruit (20 miles) (May)[/p][p][b]Test valley way[/b] 43 miles (June)[/p][p][br][/p]
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30 Sep 2021


Jul 19, 2021



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Jun 20, 2021

Grandma Jean

Good luck and keep on training! You can do it x


Jun 20, 2021


Good Luck


May 29, 2021



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May 4, 2021

Charlotte Joint

Good Luck!xx


May 2, 2021


May 1, 2021

Mum Dad Sky Lola

Well done Alice and Miles xx


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May 1, 2021

Grandma Bournemouth

Well done Alice and Miles xxxx


Apr 27, 2021




Apr 25, 2021

MumDad DadMum

Pineapple for Miles all the way


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