GVI Jalova

GVI Jalova

24-hour Survey for Conservation in Costa Rica


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[p]As I’m sure you are aware, biological science methodology is good but there are several glaring holes in its logic. One such hole is that we base our hypotheses on a sliver of time spent out in the forest and extrapolate from that to try and form a coherent picture of the whole. [/p][p]We aim to fix biological scientific methodology.[/p][p]“How can this be done!?” I hear you proclaim, and the answer is very simple. [/p][p]We are going to do a single survey (more of a relay) that lasts a whole day, the complete 24 hours! This is going to be accomplished in a series steps, and volunteers will play a crucial role in these steps into the unknown. This will allow us to gain a fuller understanding of the day/night cycle here in TNP which is vital because half of Costa Rica’s wildlife is nocturnal. [/p][p]It will start at 21:00 and run through until 21:00 the next day! [/p][p]It is going to work as follows: [/p][p]21:00 – 05:30 A night walk out on the beach to search for nesting sea turtles. Volunteers will come into the survey in shifts, for example is one group of vols works from 21:00 to 02:00, another will take over from 02:00 to 05:30[/p][p]05:30 – 14:00 JagWalk goes out! This is where a group of volunteers and trained staff members walk along the beach, from Jalova to Tortuguero Town. This is a 15 mile walk along the beach, in which many variables are measured such as jaguar activity and coinciding turtle activity. This is the longest continuously running assessment of jaguar behaviour currently going on in Costa Rica![/p][p]14:00 – 21:00 Juana Lopez and North Trail! Starting at the end of the Juana Lopez (JLO) trail, a forest survey will be conducted all the way along JLO and North Trail (NTC, NTB & NTA) right back to base! This is a forest survey over three and a half miles in length, a considerable elongation of the normal 675m transects we normally survey. This will also be an excellent time to see how the differing species alter their behaviour at dusk, interesting data for any budding naturalist. [/p][p]This will bring us to 24-hours of constant surveys around the Jalova area, which is a monumental undertaking! [/p][p]With all the funds we raise we aim to improve our ability to gather scientific information, and we have set up tangible goals.[/p][p]For each hour survey we do, we aim to raise $100[/p][p]We would appreciate any and all donations people are able to make, they will enable us here to keep making a difference both to the conservational understanding of TNP and the scientific method! [/p][p]Thank you for reading![/p]


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10 Jun 2019


Jun 22, 2019

Rachel......... Is not my name!!

Well done guys 👏👏 👏 and good on you all for making it out alive!


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Jun 21, 2019



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Jun 21, 2019



Jun 20, 2019

Diane and David

Fantastic work


Jun 19, 2019

Martin Little

Doing great works there Emma - look after those turtles :)

Jun 19, 2019

Stacey Goodwin

Jun 19, 2019

Craig Young

Survey the night hard Helen


Jun 17, 2019


Enjoy and stay hydrated! Hope you see lots of leatherbacks!!😍😩😭


Jun 16, 2019



Jun 13, 2019

Theres Asklund


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