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Gail McCutcheon

"My heart laughs, when I run"


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My story

[p][b][span=color: #ff0000;]Gail's heart was beating in New York City[/span][/b][/p][p][b]Update 07.11.2012[lt]br /[gt][/b]Well haven't had a week like this in a very long time. Emotions were all other the place. Fear that I could not fly, guilt that I want to run whilst thousands have been devasted by hurricane, hope that we can fly, relief when I was finally sitting in plane, pride whilst I picked up my start number, pure excitement and glee with the thought of being able to run, shock and devastation when I heard the marathon had been cancelled. Just to add to things lack of sleep and jetlag. On Sunday morning I went to Central Park with Frank to meet other international runners to jog one lap of Central Park. When we arrived the team form "Run Anyway Marathon" were there with their megaphones encouraging everyone to run anyway. There were thousands of runners in Central Park. It was a perfect Autumn day with sunshine, light breeze and crisp air. Perfect conditions to run a marathon. I just joined in with the crowd. Frank ran lap 1 with me, then he went back to hotel to get water, power gel, banana, flag. We were not organised to run a marathon and as no supplies along the way everyone had to carrry what they needed. We ran the 3rd lap together and then I banned Frank from doing the final lap with me, as he had not trained to run a marathon and the last thing I needed was an injured husband!! We thoroughly enjoyed the run. 4:14 hours is a pretty good time considering I had no breakfast, lack of sleep, all the photo stops, stops to buy water, change clothers, go to loo etc. It just felt like an easy jog through the park, which surprised me greatly! I reckon I could have done the "real" thing under 4 hours!! Next time!!!! Huge thank you for all the motivating messages, for worrying about me and of course for all the very kind donations. We hit the target of GBP 2.500 which is rather spectacular if you ask me. Page is open until the end of the year. [/p][p][/p][p][/p][p][/p][p][b]Update 30.10.2012[lt]br /[gt][/b]One year of hard training, thousands of pounds and Euros. All I need to do is run the marathon! Not as simple as that now thanks to Sandy. I need to get to New York and I need the marathon to take place. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it all works out. This whole year of running and fundraising was the best therapy anyone could ask for. I just need my medal for the final glory. Thanks again for all the support. I can't wait to report back on the run of my life. I will give it my all. [/p][p][i][b]Update 08.10.2012[/b][/i][lt]br /[gt]Bought outfit for NYC at weekend - Shocking pink to stand out in the crowd! Tried and tested it yesterday on my long jog - performance was great, good old adidas. Nothing ****, nothing rubs, no sores anywhere! Thursday in 3 weeks I fly to NYC. Tickets are booked for the opera for a bit of culture on Friday night. Can I wear my trainers to the opera?????? I am worried about whether my feet "pre-marathon" will appreciate a pair of killer heels - I can't afford any blisters two days before the big event!! I am starting to get really excited and very ambitious. Can't decide what time to go for. 4 hours would be cool, but is a very keen target for little old me! [/p][p][i][b]Update 30.09.2012[lt]br /[gt][/b][/i]Only 5 weeks to go - ah! Training is going really well. Test half marathon last weekend was a great success - I crossed the finish line after 1:58 hrs and was really chuffed with myself that I was under 2 hr mark. Not bad for my first half marathon. I have collected over GBP 2.000 in donations for BHF and EUR 7.000 for my German charity which is a fantastic motivation. I am thrilled and very touched by all the support I have received. A million thanks. Next 3 weeks will be tough. Training plan for next week:[/p][p]Tuesday 12x 400m sprints, each at 1 min, 50 - DONE[/p][p]Thursday 1 hour run - DONE[/p][p]Friday 14km at speed of 5:35 per km -DONE[/p][p]Sunday 33km - DONE  (WITH A BIT OF ENERGY LEFT!)[/p][p]Following two weeks are even worse, then 2 weeks to recover with very little running, then off to the Big Apple. I can't wait![/p][p][i][b]Update 14.08.2012:[lt]br /[gt][/b][/i]I can't believe six months have past since I registered for NYC. My training is going really well and all the donations are perfect to keep my motivation going, which at times was essential.[lt]br /[gt]I have trained at minus 16 degrees C on ice, 32 degrees C in the red hot sun, during thunderstorms in the forest, through idyllic mountain scenery, over the bridges of Rotterdam and the next 2 weeks up the beautiful coast of the North East. Other than an odd twitch on my ankle and slight swelling behind my knee, my body is not letting me down. Good old Geordie stamina!!![lt]br /[gt]I am overwhelmed at all the support I continue to receive in both UK and Germany. I only have 12 weeks to go and a tough marathon training plan ahead of me. My longest run so far is 28km (2/3 of a marathon). Next few weeks my long runs will be one hell of a challenge - 26km, 30km, 18km, 32km, 34km, 21km, 18km, 33km, 35km, 30km, 5km phee! and then 42km in NYC. I am dead chuffed with myself and I can't wait for NYC. I am ever so grateful for all the generous donations. We have nearly hit 50% of the target and still plenty of time to go. Keep the money rolling!!! A huge thank you to you all.[/p][p]Here is a bit of background![/p][p]Dear family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues,[/p][p]I have registered to run the 2012 [b]New York City Marathon[/b]. Running this marathon means such a lot to me. Fred Lebow, the man who founded the NYC marathon claims that this marathon can change lives. I want to play my part in changing the lives of children with congenital heart defects.[/p][p]My son was born with a complex congential heart defect and had heart surgery 3 times as a baby and toddler. Today he is a happy, strong, cheerful and cheeky six old year boy, who loves life.[/p][p]The first few years of his life were very difficult and turbulent for our whole family. Without all the help and support we received and continue to receive, I would not have the strength or the motivation to run a marathon.[/p][p]I am so grateful for Rhys' good health and running this marathon is my way of saying thank you. I would like to support other children and their families in similar situations.[/p][p]I have named my campaign after a phrase my son said when he was just 3 years old, shortly after his last operation, [span=color: #ff0000;][b]"My heart laughs, when I run"[/b][/span]. With your support, I would like to help more heart children laugh and run.[/p][p]New York is the city of dreams. Help me support the dreams of lots of children.  For more details see my [url=]facebook[/url] page[/p][p]Please forward this to all your contacts, who may also like to support my cause - thank you for your kindness.[/p][p]I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation.[/p][p]Kindest wishes[/p][p]Gail[/p][p][/p][p]Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this.[/p]


Dec 10, 2012


Well done Gail. You did the run quicker than I sent the donation!!!!!


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Nov 11, 2012

Andy Gray

Congratulations Gail - really pleased you managed to get your own personal marathon completed.


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Nov 10, 2012


For the bags well done you are a star


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Nov 2, 2012

Neil Griffith

I want to hear you singing the lyrics New York, New York!! Hope you've got some Chamois Butt'r! So pleased it's going ahead XXX


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Nov 1, 2012


Hi Gail, Your father has told me about your great initiative. It is beautiful what you are doing and i want to wish you all the best in the NY marathon. Good luck !


Oct 31, 2012


From one Geordie to another, gan canny lass. X


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Oct 26, 2012

Alan Robinson

Good luck Gail


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Oct 23, 2012



Oct 20, 2012



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Oct 18, 2012


Good luck


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