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Gail McCutcheon's "My Heart laughs" PART II


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30.10.2013 - 4 days to go.[lt]br /[gt][lt]h4[gt]I have not been able to sleep for 2 nights, I am so ridiculously excited. I toss and turn and imagine being in New York. I posted a picture from Rhys on the New York Marathon Facebook page. They have reposted it and is has gone around the world, 340 people like it, 30 have shared it. He is really chuffed. Mammy is very proud. Lucy has also done a beautiful picture for me, just a little more difficult to interpret!! Both are in my suitcase, which is nearly finished. Just have to do quick lap around the block in marathon tempo. Then pack my trainers (hand luggage!!!) and try to get a good night's sleep. 7am my friend is picking us up. 10:05 is flight and 10:05 NY time on Sunday is my start time for marathon. My start number is 33239 if anyone fancies tracking me.[lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt] See link below.[lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt][span=font-size: 11.0pt;][url=][/url][/span][lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt]As soon as I am done I will post all my news on Facebook. If you are not registered, you can still check the page out, by using this link.[lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt][lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt]Thanks to all for your never ending support and generous donations. I will not let you down!! Lots of love and gratitude[lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt]Gail[lt]/h4[gt][p][span=font-size: 11.0pt;][lt]br /[gt][/span][/p][lt]h4[gt]20.10.2013[lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt]Today was my final long run for New York, 30km, in rain and 07:30 Sunday morning. On Halloween Uli and I fly to Newark and 2  weeks today we will both be running our own marathon. We are sooooooooo excited. I have raised nearly EUR 20.000 for "My heart laughs". Every Euro and every pound I raise for heart children gives me the motivation I need to get out of my warm bed early every Sunday morning. Next weekend I only need to run 30 mins. Not worth leaving that cosy bed! I will really miss the tough training, especially the time with my running girlfriends. It's just like meeting your mates for coffee and cake & gossip, without all the calories! Training for 2 years was really really tough at times. My runs were booked into my diary.Of course there were times I just couldn't be bothered, times I was tired and times when it just did not fit in. I fought and won the battle with my inner demon. Running the marathon is the easy bit. I was in tears when I returned from my run today as I was so chuffed that I managed the training again. I am fit, well and quicker than last year. [lt]/h4[gt][lt]h4[gt]Please cross every thing you can cross on Sunday 3rd November. My start time is 10:05 New York time and my bib number is 33239. I will post all news on Facebook live from New York.[lt]/h4[gt][p][b]Thanks for all your support, especially those of you, who have been so generous and donated for the second time. I am really touched.[/b][/p][p]------------------------------------------------------------------------[/p][lt]h4[gt]Hurricane Sandy almost shattered my dreams of running my first marathon in New York. Not running was not an option as I had risen over £3.000 pounds for the BHF and over EUR 10.000 for my German charity, not forgetting a whole year of hard training! After recovering from the initial shock we agreed to a 10km solidarity run in Central Park. Then along came Runanyway NYC Marathon 2012! The 10km run turned into my first marathon in Central Park, the old school route, that I accomplished in 4.14 hours. It was a wonderful compromise, especially when you take the circumstances into account, all topped off with a great atmosphere under blue skies and sunshine. HOWEVER I always did like a challenge and have started training again for my second attempt (without Sandy). This time I would like to receive my finisher medal at the finish line (along with a lovely orange poncho!) and not in the bus a day later! Most of you were very generous last year and I do feel a little cheeky asking you again. However I never was a shy or retiring type and if I don't ask, I won't get anywhere. Maybe a few of you may find a pound or two if you dig a little deeper. There are still many children being born with congenital heart defects, who need serious heart surgery. I know better than most what this means for the child and their family. Training for the marathon again really is a tough challenge, but running helps me keep my head clear and my fears at bay. Also not bad for a canny pair of legs! It also gives me an excuse to ask for money. I can't help the kids but I can raise money for those who can by running my butt off. Thanks for all the moral support too. It means a lot.[lt]/h4[gt]


Jan 13, 2014

Jean McCutcheon

Well done Gail. I am really proud of both your achievements, running and fund raising. lots of love Mamx


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Nov 4, 2013

Paul Hymers

I'm delighted for you!! Well done!!


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Nov 3, 2013


Well done Gail! Fantastic achievement x


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Oct 27, 2013


Good Luck Gail!!! You'll be awesome. Enjoy it!


Oct 26, 2013


sub 4 sounds spectacular - but we know you'll do it :-)


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Oct 24, 2013


Gan on lass he can do it!


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Oct 20, 2013

Lucy Telford-Reed

Good luck Gail, every penny raised makes a difference xx


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Oct 7, 2013


Good Luck. You're a very determined lady!!


Sep 23, 2013

Anne and Gus

Good Luck Gail. You are a star. Anne and Gus x


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Sep 20, 2013


Wishing you every success Gail.


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