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[p][span=color: #99cc00;][b]Making Green Gecko sustainable![/b][/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]At Green Gecko, Tania and Rem have always been proud to say that every dollar donated to the project is spent directly on the kids.[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]We strive to make Gecko a sustainable project, but realise that to make this a reality, we also need to spend money on a couple of extras.[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]Writing proposals and reports, keeping our donors in the loop, managing sponsorship programs and chasing funds are just some of the ‘other’ admin costs that add up, but are essential in helping us to keep in touch with our generous Gecko friends around the world and to make sure the money we need for the kids keeps coming in. [/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]We have created this page, the Sustainability Account, to cover these necessary extras and make sure that our general donations remain [b]JUST FOR THE KIDS[/b].[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]Donating through this site is fast, simple and secure. It is also the most efficient way for UK taxpayers to sponsor us, as an extra 28% in Gift Aid will be added to your donation at no cost to you.[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]Green Gecko’s vision for these kids is long term – we hope that they will not only grow up to be responsible parents and valuable members of society but humanitarians that contribute to benefiting the lives of others.[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]We are in this for the long haul and if you share in this vision, then this is the page for you.[/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;][b]Much Gecko gratitude,[/b][/span][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;][b]Tania and Rem and all the Gecko Gang[/b][/span][/p] [p][/p] [p][span=color: #008080;]PS: It's all in GBP (Great British Pounds) so if you need to see what that equates to in your own currency, please go to for an approximate conversion rate.[/span][/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src=""][/vmgvideo]

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Sep 20, 2021


May 18, 2021



May 13, 2021

Lee Gilmore

For schools


plus £137.50 Gift Aid

Apr 14, 2021


Mar 16, 2021

Lee Gilmore



plus £4.50 Gift Aid

Feb 1, 2021


Dec 31, 2020

Lee Gilmore

For my little gecko


plus £93.75 Gift Aid

Nov 11, 2020

Lee Gilmore

Chheang school


plus £95.00 Gift Aid

Oct 5, 2020


Hope you are all safe and well x


Sep 29, 2020


For school fees


plus £82.50 Gift Aid

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