Hattie Clayton

Hattie Clayton

Jolly JIGSAW Jaunt - 15 miles, 15 challenges


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My story

[p]I am taking part in the Thornbury Rotary Walkathon 2021 to raise money for JIGSAW Thornbury. [/p][p]JIGSAW's mission is to support and inform children and young people with additional needs or disabilities and their families, to strengthen their resilience and raise awareness of their challenges to the wider community to improve inclusion.[/p][p]I'll be walking round the Mundy Playing Fields in Thornbury 15 times, completing a different challenge for each lap (listed below). To add to the complexity, I will be doing this with 2 crazy spaniels![/p][p]If you want to join me in this challenge, then I would welcome new teammates![/p][p]Please donate as much or as little as you can :) [/p][p][b]The Jolly JIGSAW Jaunt[/b][/p][p][b]J[/b]ig – do a jolly dance for a lap[/p][p][b]I[/b]nclusion – invite people to join in for a lap[/p][p][b]G[/b]allop – gallop like a horse[/p][p][b]S[/b]low down – walk round slowly and take time to reflect[/p][p][b]A[/b]ttention – stand to attention and walk in army formation[/p][p][b]W[/b]ellbeing – do breathing exercises[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]T[/b]alking[b] [/b]–[b] [/b]talk to everyone about JIGSAW[/p][p][b]H[/b]opscotch – jump round pretending to do a hopscotch[/p][p][b]O[/b]range – have a well-deserved mid-challenge snack![/p][p][b]R[/b]everse – walk backwards and go the opposite way round[/p][p][b]N[/b]ature – notice nature using all 5 senses[/p][p][b]B[/b]oat – act rowing a boat and sing ‘row, row, row your boat’[/p][p][b]U[/b]ndercover – sneak round like a spy[/p][p][b]R[/b]un – speed up for a lap[/p][p][b]Y[/b]ay – cheer the whole way round for the last lap[b] [/b][/p]


Jun 9, 2021


Well done Hattie, you're a star!


Jun 3, 2021

Kate L

Having just done a charity walking challenge myself, I wish you every success with this one! (Mine was hard enough without jumping, singing and walking backwards!)


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Jun 2, 2021

April Ben Digby Bruce

Well done Hattie (and Albus and Pele)!


Jun 1, 2021


We’ll done Hattie such a fun challenge sorry we couldn’t be there to join you! Catherine & Harry


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 29, 2021



plus £6.25 Gift Aid

May 29, 2021

Barbara and Benj

Go Hattie! What a lot of challenges you set for yourself including two dogs tied to your waist!! Pleasure to join you for a small part of your crazy walk. A great achievement for a great cause. Barbara


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 29, 2021



May 29, 2021

Jill Roper


May 29, 2021


Go hattie!! Galloping the end axx


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 28, 2021


Merry Christmas!


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