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[p]Liberty was at school with Helen's daughter and Emma grew up knowing her parents so raising awareness and funds for Liberty's Legacy is close to our hearts & to many of our friends', too. Hopefully, we can all help stop another family losing their son or daughter to this relatively unknown form of cancer:[/p][p]Liberty was diagnosed with [url=]Ewing sarcoma[/url] of her tibia, one of the rarer but very aggressive forms of primary bone cancer, on her 13th birthday in September 2016.[/p][p]She had been struggling with intermittent pain in her lower left leg for over 20 months, particularly at night, which was unfortunately dismissed as growing pains and sports injuries during her numerous GP and hospital visits. By the time she was finally diagnosed, the tumour was already nearly 20cm and had burst through her bone into the surrounding soft tissue.[/p][p]From a very young age Liberty was sports mad, with a particular passion for swimming, dance (especially tap), netball, athletics, golf and football and she was an avid QPR supporter... someone has to be! Remarkably her pain never stopped or slowed down her great love of sport and the Consultants were amazed she was still walking, let alone participating in over 10 hours of swimming, dance and school sports each week![/p][p]Liberty was also a 'social butterfly' with a real zest for life and she had an enormous circle of friends. They were such a huge support to her during her treatment and she was a loyal friend, who loved them back fiercely in return.[/p][p]She was an out-going, fun loving girl with a wicked sense of humour and neither her cancer diagnosis nor gruelling treatment dampened that passion for life or extinguished her enigmatic and dazzling smile that she was so well known for. Her smile could literally light up a room and just capture everyone under its spell.[/p][p]Liberty amazed everyone during her treatment and her family could not have been more proud. She rarely moaned and just got on with it, that cheeky grin rarely slipping from her face. Many times after a stay in hospital, she was known to throw on her wig, lashes and make-up in order to dash down the motorway and make the next party or the next school disco! It didn't matter what was thrown at her; chemotherapy, hair loss, transfusions, endless vomiting, 9 hour limb salvage surgery, learning to walk again, stem cell transplant, liver failure, relentless scans and tests or intensive radiotherapy, she just faced it all head on and yet still had the amazing capacity to always put others before herself. A true warrior princess and heroine in every sense of the word![/p][p]Literally just days from the end of her treatment in late August 2017, Liberty sadly discovered a new lump in her thigh. It was during emergency scans that she was given the devastating news that not only had the Ewing's returned, it had also now spread throughout her lungs and liver as well as her lymph glands and nothing more could be done. It was just too aggressive.[/p][p]Liberty handled the news with such dignity, grace and a maturity far exceeding her tender 13 years. Her greatest worry right to the end was always her friends and family, more concerned about their feelings over and above her own and it was during this time that the idea for Liberty's Legacy was born. She did not want any other child to suffer as she had, or other families to be ripped apart in the same way, and she also wanted her name to live on and to be remembered. Her wish was that her family continue to raise awareness and funds for vital research specifically into Ewing's, for which survival rates have shockingly not improved in nearly 30 years and treatment protocols are decades old.[/p][p]Liberty gained her wings on October 11th 2017, just 2 weeks after her 14th birthday, a day that she was so determined to make. She is so very deeply missed, but she taught those around her so much during her 13 month battle with her courage, bravery, dignity, humour and thoughtfulness and she continues to inspire and touch people's hearts every single day.[/p][p]Libs, as she was known to those closest to her, had a crazy sense of humour and right up until the last few days, despite immeasurable pain, she continued to make them laugh and smile and that is how she will forever be remembered, with love, laughter and a smile. [/p][p]Fly high baby girl.[/p]

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Jun 1, 2019


Well done Helen and Emma! A fantastic way to raise some money for a brilliant cause.


May 28, 2019

Adam H

Is "Dry" May followed by wet June ?


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May 25, 2019


Well done girls!


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May 22, 2019



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May 22, 2019

Manda xx

Well done girls xxx


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May 21, 2019

Siobhan Caddell

Good luck xxx A wonderful cause xxx


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May 21, 2019


Great cause. Well done for keeping your resolve!


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May 21, 2019

Kevin Woodhams

Well done H! Proud of you! Kev


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May 20, 2019


Keep going girls, nearly there


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