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[lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #000000;]Hi, we're Evolve. Thanks for visiting our page. [/span][/b][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #000000;]Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor us and donations will be quickly processed and passed to Beat. [/span][/b][/p][p]Evolve is a new eating disorder service based in Hull. Our team has been developing since 2008 where we started out as an Advice & Consultation Service. We worked with a number of different professionals enabling them to give the best care to people experiencing eating disorders in Hull. As there are no other specialist Eating Disorder Services in Hull we found a lot of patients were having to receive treatment from outside the City, some as far as London. For this reason, in 2012 the team expanded and began to develop into a service which provides treatment at home, in the community and as part of a day service.  [/p][p]As an eating disorder service we are very passionate about people receiving advice, support and treatment in an easy and confidential way. That is why, during this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we are supporting [b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[/span][/b] by taking part in their fundraising event ‘Sock it to Eating Disorders.’[/p][p][b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[/span][/b] is the leading UK charity for people with eating disorders. It provides help lines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders[/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]'s[/span][lt]/span[gt][/b] [b]vision is that eating disorders will be beaten[/b][/p][p][b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]'s[/span][lt]/span[gt][/b] aims to:[/p][ul][li]Change the way everyone thinks and talks about eating disorders [/li][li]Improve the way services and treatment are provided [/li][li]And to help anyone believe that their eating disorder can be beaten [/li][/ul][p][b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt] [/span][lt]/span[gt][/b]do this by:[/p][ul][li]Challenging the stereotypes and stigma that people with eating disorders face [/li][li]Campaigning for better services and treatment [/li][li]Providing information, support and encouragement to seek treatment and recovery [/li][/ul][p][b]Why you should get involved?[/b][/p][p]By raising money for [b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[/span][/b] you will be helping them to carry on supporting people affected by eating disorders.[/p][p][b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[/span][/b] provides help lines for adults and young people including phone, email, text and message boards. These resources provide a vital lifeline for people suffering from eating disorders and their friends, families and carers. [b][span=color: #c100c1;]B[/span][span=color: #3366ff;]eat[/span][/b] relies on donations to keep the helpline open six days a week to be there for people who need our support.[/p]



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