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Andrew Turner

Climbing To Mount Everest Base Camp


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[p][b]I'm in too deep, time to bite the bullet, here we go![/b][/p][p]Hi everyone, it's Andrew! Thank you for taking the time to visit my Virgin Money page, which has been set up for the purpose of raising money for [url=]Inspire Youth Zone Chorley[/url], a charity that I, and many others, are Founder Patrons of, and something that holds a dear place in my heart.[/p][p][b][u]What is Inspire Youth Zone?[/u][/b][/p][p]Chorley Youth Zone, named by the young people as ‘[b]Inspire[/b]’, is a purpose-built facility for the borough’s young people aged 8 – 19, and up to 25 for those with disabilities.[/p][p]Inspire is based upon OnSide Youth Zones 21st Century Youth Facility Model, where young people from across Chorley have access to fantastic facilities for a cost of £5 for an annual membership and 50p per visit.[/p][p]The Zone provides a fun and safe environment where young people can come and enjoy themselves and will enable young people to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.[/p][p][b]About me...[/b][/p][p]Let's not beat around the bush, I'm 59, and some people think I am crazy for attempting this at my age, but on the 4th of October 2019, I will be going on a 15-day adventure of a lifetime to climb to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest! (dramatic music)[/p][p]It's a challenge that I am pretty damn scared of in all honesty, a 59-year-old man climbing roughly 5,380m (17,600 ft) to Everest base camp, crikey![/p][p]This is a goal I am looking to achieve before I am 60 years of age & I will be giving this challenge every ounce of energy I can whilst raising as much money as possible for the Youth Zone along the adventure.[/p][p]During the journey I’ll be aiming to take photos & videos of the trek and keeping everyone informed of my progress as I tackle this monumental, iconic mountain – Everest won’t be able to handle me![/p][p]I’m sure there will be times of elation, pride and happiness, but I’m sure there will also be periods of sadness, desperation, stress, failure and overexertion, both physically and mentally, but the thought of all the staff & young people that attend the Youth Zone and make it the beautiful, relaxing, loving, unbelievable and enjoyable environment it is today will keep pushing me forward to complete this enduring obstacle that faces me in October – lets hope I make it back in one piece![/p][p][b]It's update time![/b][/p][p]As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said "I'll be back", and yes, I'm back! Back to the good old streets of Chorley, seeing my loved ones and friends again, amazing![/p][p]I just wanted to give you guys an insight into what it was like trekking up to Mount Everest Base Camp.[/p][p]Firstly, I would like to thanks everyone that has been supporting the page, donating and helping Chorley Youth Zone get some much-needed funds, thank you, everyone, it really does mean a lot![/p][p]Secondly, what an amazing experience it was, using the cliché "out of this world" - it really was![/p][p]Ups, downs, ups, downs, and then ups again (eventually) but I managed to get to the Base Camp, a truly gruelling climb both physically & mentally on my body & other walkers who were in my group, but wow was it worth it. The images/videos I have taken along the way do not give this place justice, the cameras do not capture the full beauty of this place, it's hard to explain, you really do need to see it with your own eyes to absorb what an amazing world we actually live in, wonderful.[/p][p]All my preparation leading up to the climb helped, yes, but I was in awe of just how tough of a climate it actually was. The cold, the aching body, the inability to want to walk, my mental state, the oxygen, all these factors combined made for a really hard venture to the camp, but I had amazing support along the way.[/p][p]I couldn't have done this without the help of the guides, the Sherpa's, my friends and fellow climbers spurring me on to reach it, what an amazing bunch of people, but more importantly, what an amazing culture they have out there in Nepal. The people are truly amazing, friendly, down to earth guys & girls who live there in the remote areas of the climb in villages that make you feel most welcome, providing you service with a smile, invite you into their home, and really embrace you as one of their own, regardless of your background, so humbling, just beautiful.[/p][p]At the end of the day, I made it. It was a goal to achieve this summit before my 60th birthday next year, and I can now tick this off my list, happy days. The only goal I have in the forefront of my mind now is getting the donations for the Youth Zone to smash the £50,000 target we have set on this page![/p][p]Anything you can chip in, big or small, really does make a difference and your help is much appreciated![/p][p]Lets get this done by the 31st October 2019![/p][p]Thanks, everyone. You can check out my video I recorded of my time in Nepal here:[/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p]Andrew.[/p]
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04 Oct 2019


Dec 29, 2019

Pete Beck Supagard

Al the very best for Chorley Youth Zone in 2020


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Dec 3, 2019

Sam Tomkins

Top work Andy!


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Nov 26, 2019

Sean Conley

Well done Andrew fantastic achievement and what a year 2019 has been


Nov 22, 2019

Alistair Vanessa


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Nov 15, 2019

Philip Woodman

Andrew your request for support is a very worthy one and although you have only been with us as a customer for a short time via Pauline Turner, we congratulate you for your efforts in helping the youth in your area in these difficult times


Nov 12, 2019



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Nov 5, 2019

Staff at Finesse Productions Preston



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Nov 5, 2019

Bob Barker Barker Developments Limited

Well done Andy.


Nov 5, 2019

the carwow team


Oct 31, 2019

Philip and Danni

Well done Andy

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