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My story

[p]Hi, My name is Isaac Roblett and I am fundraising for The mental health foundation charity. [/p][p]Mental illness is a growing epidemic, with 1 in 4 adults in England diagnosed with a mental health condition such as depression and anxiety. [/p][p] 78% of Suicides are males, making it the biggest killer for men under the age of 35. This is a huge problem, yet little is done to combat it! [/p][p]Despite mental health affecting so many of us, prejudice against people with mental illness still exists. [/p][p] Broken leg, cracked rib or even a broken tooth are visible injuries that you'd seek help for. However, mental health is much more personal and can be treated less seriously. Many people take a different approach when dealing with mental health, even though to many it's equivalent to harming a limb. [/p][p]Change needs to happen! [/p][p]The statistics are alarming, how can we sit there and watch the biggest killer of men under 35 without doing something about it? [/p][p]As someone who has suffered with mental illness, it is a subject close to my heart. I had a strong support system such as family and friends who helped me with my depression as well as overcome my loss in concentration, lack of appetite and self worth. This support system was vital in my rehabilitation and is something everyone suffering with mental illness should have.[/p][p]More needs to be done from the bottom up, from raising awareness, destigmatisation to even funding future research. [/p][p]The work of the Mental Health Foundation is invaluable. I am proud to raise money for them. They work to raise awareness of Mental Health in the UK and support those who deal with it, but more funding needs to be done to ensure they are are able to continue making progress in helping more people effectively combat mental health! [/p][p]By donating to this cause, will ensure the MHF can continue to focus on helping people through talking about their mental health issues, something that Truly helped me in my progress of combating my own depression. [/p][p]Therefore, on the 15th December I plan to climb Ben Nevis (the highest peak in the UK), in a trek which will take 8 hours and is over 16 miles. [/p][p]I choose the Ben Nevis challenge, because I see mental health as a metaphorical mountain, both something you have to struggle through to conquer to achieve. I want to raise money, to give back, I feel indebted to all the help I have had, and this is my redemption to help others get better as well. [/p][p]I want to make a difference. It won’t be easy, and the harsh weather conditions will be a great test, but like a mental illness, you have to overcome these obstacles to achieve greatness. [/p][p]Please help me raise awareness for mental health and support me in my journey conquering the Ben Nevis challenge. [/p][p]Please donate to this worthy cause! [/p][p][br][/p]


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17 Dec 2017


Jan 2, 2018


Amazing stuff Isaac, should be very proud XX


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Dec 29, 2017



plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Dec 28, 2017

Pearson Family

Great work Isaac !!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Dec 28, 2017


What an amazing journey! Well done Isaac for climbing this and all the other mountains you have climbed in your life so far and will in the future! Lots of love Simone, Stuart and Evie xxx


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Dec 27, 2017

Kerri and Dean Farey

Your last 32 pounds Well done


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Dec 25, 2017

Pat Wright

Mummy Wright says such a worthy cause, well done x


Dec 21, 2017

Hazel Bertie

Well done Isaac x


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Dec 21, 2017


Congratulations, Isaac - such a worthwhile cause to support. Well done on the climb! Julie, Janice and families


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Dec 16, 2017

Will Boy

So proud of you Isaac, thought I would top up my donation to prove it! Good luck today mate


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Dec 16, 2017



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