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[p]Plastics were developed with conservation in mind, with the aim to limit mankind’s demand on the natural world and its resources. It was developed so we could enjoy many things we now take for granted in modern life, such as portable water and infection free food but it has become a victim of its own success. Plastic use exploded and now it permeates every part of our lives but a safe, reliable and affordable method to dispose of it was never developed. It is due to this that now there is a plastic island larger than France floating in the pacific, growing every day. It is one of several “Trash Islands” that are now floating around our seas. It is not only the sea that feels the effects of our poor waste management as this plastic tends to wash up on land. These plastic-logged beaches represent significant dangers for wildlife, both in the form of macro-plastic which can cut, maim and suffocate wildlife and in micro-plastic which can poison fauna and highly damage zooplankton. [/p][p]Here at GVI Jalova we are all about making a difference to this issue which plagues our earth and this quarter we have been particularly focused on plastic on our beach. This issue is brought sharply into focus here at the second largest Green Turtle rookery in the world as when you see helpless babies having to clamber through old shoes and discarded water bottles it really drives the issue home. To do our bit to remedy this situation, we are planning on doing a fantastically large beach clean. This is where our whole base goes out onto the beach for a whole day to clean our beach of any and all refuse found there (although it is mainly plastic).[/p][p]This year we plan on doing things a little differently but the aim remains the same; to collect a monumental amount of plastic! Instead of measuring the amount of waste we gather by weight, this year we are doing it by distance and aim to clean two and a half kilometres of beach! [/p][p]To start this off we are helping an organisation called Turtle Love clean up the beach in Parismina which is the town they are based out of. We will aim to clean half a kilometre of beach here. It will happen this Saturday 28thof September at 6am. [/p][p]Then the next Saturday we will turn out attention to our beach. Saturdays are our only day off a week, so let’s take that into account JWe will clean a kilometre outside of our base. That will be on the 5thof October at 6am.[/p][p]And then, the big day! On the 12thof October we will walk till mile 15 and clean a kilometre down there. 15 is the end of our surveyed section and difficult for us to get to and clean. [/p]


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12 Oct 2019


Oct 14, 2019



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Oct 12, 2019

Stephen Barry

Thank you so much for your help in all the hard work in the Conservation field and to turn the tide on the plastic pollution humans have created. We are with you in spirit and cleaning our own beaches as well. Love from Nathaniel Barry's family


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Sep 29, 2019


Unfortunately the trash keeps coming. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!


Sep 28, 2019

Amelia Scott

Good luck guys 😊


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Sep 28, 2019

Sarah’s mum

What a great way to raise money and help the wildlife. Well done all of you


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