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Jess Hedley

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My story

[p]In October we (Jess, Ella and Sandra) will be running the London Marathon (virtually). We will be doing this to raise money and awareness of Mastocytosis. [/p][p]The reason we chose this charity was due to our niece/grand-daughter, Olivia, being diagnosed with acute cutaneous mastocytosis at 6 months. [/p][p]Olivia has been the reason that Charlotte (sister and daughter to us) is now an Ambassador for UK MastoGroup. [/p][p]Mastocytosis is a disorder which results from too many mast cells in the body. Found most commonly in the skin, stomach lining, intestine, bones and connective tissue that play an important role in helping the immune system to fight disease and infection. There are several types of mastocytosis recognized in the skin (cutaneous) while those that also involve the internal organs are called systemic (cancerous), which they are querying with Olivia. [/p][p]This can be catergorised by pink or brown marks on the skin, which are itchy. Allergies and anaphalyxis to food items and even smells! [/p][p]Olivia has gone through dozens of hospital trips, she had been rushed into hospital with Anaphylaxis and as of late it looks like it may be systemic. I.e she won't grow out of it and it may become life limiting. These hospital visits regularly lead to Charlotte and Nick (brother/son in law) having to explain to the medical staff Olivia’s diagnosis as it being so rare and not understood.[/p][p]So please support us in letting our legs slowly die whilst raising money and awareness for an awesome charity and make us one step closer in helping my niece.[/p][p]Donate a little or a lot! :) [/p]


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Oct 29, 2021

Finishing Line Celebration


Oct 29, 2021

Jo and Richard


plus £10.00 Gift Aid

Oct 27, 2021

Louise and David x

Well done all of you. x


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Oct 17, 2021


You guys did amazing you all should be so proud what a finish!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 10, 2021

Paul rogers


Oct 9, 2021

Mike chappel


Oct 9, 2021



Oct 7, 2021


Mavis Tettmar


Oct 5, 2021


Well done Sandra, fantastic.


Oct 5, 2021


From Bob


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