Jess Hobart

Jess Hobart

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My story

[p]Those of you who know me well, know that the sofa is my friend, and calls loudly to me! But I'm up and walking every day as part of a big challenge I've set for myself this year: to walk the 874 miles from Land's End in Cornwall all the way to John O'Groats in Scotland-- from one end of Great Britain to the other! [/p][p]I'm doing this virtually and I'm tracking my walking (and occasional running) and counting only intentional walks for exercise (not my daily steps around the house). I will share updates on where I am on my route, with postcards I receive from the walk organisers on the way. [/p][p]I'm just about 400 miles in and so far, my mastocytosis is behaving itself as long as I don't push too hard. (Many thanks to the car dealers in Shere, Surrey, who let my use their loo on a bad day!) [/p][p]I'm am raising money for The UK Mastocytosis Support Group, the charity I help lead, and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps-- and it can be in pounds or in dollars. [/p][p]UK Masto provides support for people with mastocytosis, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and hereditary alpha tryptasemia. Money raised allows us to provide information and emotional support to patients, fund vital research and advocate for the needs of patients with the healthcare system. [/p][p]Thank you for your support! [/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

31 Aug 2021


Aug 19, 2021

M and D

Sending love to our baby! We're so proud of you.


Jul 25, 2021

Paula J

The final stretch! Congrats, Jess!

Jun 30, 2021

Louise Fellows

Well done Jess! Keep going! You have the support of the Fellows Family, we are with you all the way! Good luck and take care! Xxx


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021


Thank you so much for all you do. Inspirational.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021


Well done Jess!xx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021


Good luck to you Jess with the challenge xx MO


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021

Jenny Harris

You’ll make it birthday girl, good luck for the final stretch


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021

Liz McCabe

Great work!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jun 28, 2021


Well done Jess


Jun 22, 2021



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