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Joshua Bower-Saul

London to Monaco 2018


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My story

[p]Walking on the Moon[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]You can still donate to the Blue Marine Foundation to help the Oceans and improve the life under and on the waters of our planet as well as the livelihoods that depend on them. Joshua and the 35-strong peloton of distance riders completed last week the 1200km cycle ride through Europe and over the Alps from London to Monaco raising money for Blue Marine. Prince Albert greeted us to lend support of Monaco's foundation to the effort. With 10 major conservation and remedial projects working to solve the crisis in the oceans created by global warming and overfishing, the Foundation also recently achieved the opening of two of the world's largest ocean reserves. Setting up marine reserves and finding innovative solutions to bring new life to the sea and balance economy with ecology is the goal of all those who took part.[/b][/p][p]Achieving something you thought well beyond your ability and strength always depends on motivation and requires the support of others. When you reach that moment, you truly feel as though you walked on the moon and anything is possible. You also return to the world of everyday life a bit different and a bit more sure of what you are here for. On Sunday, September 23rd, after 750km of riding against wind and rain through Europe's heart, we left the valley in Switzerland at 7AM at first light to conquer the 40km climb to the top of Grand Saint Bernard Pass. Winding along the single road that rises out of the shadow into the sun of the higher villages as a group, we got to about km 25 before the different levels of determination and physical preparation started to show through. [/p][p]The heartbreaking moment of rounding the bend at about 2000 meters to realise that another 6 km at 10-16% remained was too much for some of us. But with my small pack of three companions we took the oath of the Spartans and pedaled higher. The last 500 meters it felt like the end of a marathon....and it was....42km almost exactly from the start. We arrived at 3h43 minutes breaking our goal of 4 hours.[/p][p]I was exhausted and proud that I held on, as this ride was dedicated to our former intern Prasidh Arora, a young man who has suffered partial paralysis as a result of illness. Funds donated from that point onward will be matched by me for Prasidh's care fund in the USA. [/p][p]From the Col (Mountain Pass) we ran at high speed down the other side into Italy and completed a 200km day (our second 200k day of three) before preparing for the "run into Monaco" along the Ligurian coast and ending at the palace in Monte Carlo. Whistled through the busy yacht week traffic by the stylish police of the Principality and greeted by the Prince himself, we became a visible blue wave of riders alerting the world to the need to protect our Oceans.[/p][p]So the deed is done and the road is covered....but the donations must keep going to help us fund the worthy projects of Blue Marine! We walked on the moon together and the Earth we saw was BLUE![/p]
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Oct 28, 2018


That's 4 beers out of my reach Next time, I'll go with you! This means much more than some people realize, actually making a difference. Love you man


Oct 4, 2018



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Oct 4, 2018


Happy to support!


Oct 3, 2018


Well done Joshua! - P and S


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Oct 2, 2018


Sep 28, 2018

K and K

Well done!


Sep 27, 2018

Carlito Brigante

Well done!! We are all proud!! Lalin sends his regards!


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Sep 24, 2018

Tony Craddock

Onward and upward, and downward - great work, Joshua.


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Sep 24, 2018


Let’s see if you arrive in one piece in Monaco!


Sep 24, 2018

eliza burnham

Thinking of you and your fellow cyclists- good on ya!

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