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[p]For many years I have supported charities financially and by investing a huge amount of time to be a Patron, Ambassador, Founder and President.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]This year I set myself a massive goal of raising £250,000 for five charities that I am passionate about and in the process have been doing a lot of events including the Virgin London Marathon, the new Ride London–Surrey 46, running hubs and handbag and glad rag sales at my cafe in Hildenborough Cafe 1809.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Let’s be clear, I AM NOT a long distance runner. I had pretty much given up running before deciding to do the London Marathon on January 4th this year. I had only done one half marathon before which I wasn't best prepared for with no training, breakfast or warm up and I found I got soooo bored running a long way.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]If I am honest on the build-up during the four month period my legs only just held up. I had loads of days off and was worried (like everyone) that I hadn't done enough! [lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt][b]But I did it!  I was really shocked at my performance to be honest. I had put a time in my head of 3 hours 30mins and on the day ran 3 hours 11mins. I do not know how I did it other than I went into "the zone". It ended up being an amazing experience and it was great to run with so many others doing it for great causes.[/b][lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Ride London-Surrey was fascinating.  It was the first pure cycling event that I have done and I loved it, 46 miles in 2 hours 11 mins and now I have the bug. So I have been setting myself new challenges and doing events to bring more money in. My next big physical challenge is going to be in March 2017 when I ride with a group of semi pro girls in South Africa in the Tour of Good Hope.  I have said it so I will do it![lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]However the biggest challenge is still out there because I need to reach my target of £250,000! I have been doing lots of events and there have been some really generous people helping me to reach the goal.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Any help would be truly appreciated.  Below are my five charities and I hope you will see they are very worthwhile causes. [lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Whatever you can give is more than I have right now, and will be brilliant so thank you Xxx[/p][p][/p][p][b]Dame Kelly Holmes Trust[/b][/p] [p]This is my own charity of which I have step up from Chair to President of. I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Through the trust we are helping young people make long term attitudinal life changes. It is incredible to see someone who feels they have nothing to live for, make amazing personal transformations.  Elite sports people have the skills and tools to become amazing mentors and through mentoring are the reason why my charity is so unique.[/p] [p][b][url=http://www.damekellyholmestrust]www.damekellyholmestrust[/url] [/b][/p] [p][b]Hospice in the Weald[/b][/p] [p]My coach Dave Arnold who coached me for a total of 15 years passed away 2 years to the day I won my 1500m Gold medal. August 28th. I will never forget what he did to guide me as a 12 year old and how he then became a mentor in the latter years. He will never be forgotten in my heart and I have been a patron for the Hospice for many years.[/p] [p][b]The following three charities are ones that I feel very passionate about even though I am not an ambassador. There are certain times in life where situations stare you in the face and you can either crumble or be inspired and in awe of people and the cause.[/b][/p][b]Myeloma UK[/b][lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]My mother has been going through treatment for myeloma, and I am sad to say that she has relapsed. After only 9 months it has come back and this time with numerous other complications like shingles, type 1 diabetes occurring and a fever she is not doing too well. Myeloma is an incurable cancer and it’s hard to treat because every case is unique. The money that goes to Myeloma UK will support research to make sure people like my mum get the treatment that’s right for them[lt]br /[gt][b][lt]br /[gt]Pickering Cancer Centre[/b][lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]I met a lady called Polly on News Years Eve 2015 and was captivated by her passion for her charity. She told me that when I was winning my second Gold medal she was told she had survived cancer for the 2ndtime and that was like her Gold! I was hooked and after visiting the cancer centre which is run entirely by volunteers, I knew I wanted to help.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt][p][b]Mind UK[/b][/p] [p] Having suffered from depression and self harming myself, my choice to support them is a very personal one.  Seeing that more and more people, including children are going through personal turmoil it is important that I can help highlight and give awareness to the issues that are so often silenced.[/p][p]I am pleased to say that two other guys Jeff Beedie and Mark Sterratt have agreed to run the Virgin London Marathon on behalf of my charities. It’s great to get that added support for fundraising. [/p][p]Sponsor them here - [url=][/url][/p][p][b]Thank you to my offline donors -[/b][/p][p]Cyril Hildenborough, £20[/p] [p]Olive Tonbridge, £5[/p] [p]Ben Jacobs Doha, £10[/p][p]St Georges £1500[/p][p]Eric Hadley £10[/p][p]John Benoy £100[/p][p]Southborough and District Lions Club - £500[/p][p]Hospice in the Weald 10K - £81,000[/p][p]Escape Kent - £500[/p][p]WK Mind - £920[/p][p]Mark and Jeff's Fundraising - £2567.50[/p] [p][/p]

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Jun 20, 2017

Rob Lindsay - Invisinet WiFi and Sports Dev

Well done Kelly. Lovely to see an inspiring an honest reasons 4 choosing such charities. I can only make a small contribution but I am so pleased by the amazing amount raised that will mean so much to so many people. Mental health and physical health as 1


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Mar 20, 2017


Clothes sale - more to follow....


Jan 18, 2017


Can't help your shoulder Kelly so I'll keep helping your cause get well soon.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jan 9, 2017


For my rebound place, even though this old girl can't take part with bad back :) See you later x


Jan 6, 2017


Cafe 1809 donations in the collection pot


Dec 29, 2016



Dec 13, 2016



plus £125.00 Gift Aid

Dec 10, 2016



Dec 10, 2016


Money raised at AXAPPP Clothes and Handbag Sale


Dec 10, 2016

Weald 10K and St George's Church




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