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[p][b]** We reached the summit! Now PLEASE help us reach our fundraising goal - we are so close! **[/b][/p][p]On August 14th this year, a team of 9 of us (including colleagues from [url=]Salesforce[/url] and Vlocity) undertook one of the biggest challenges of our lives. Over 8 days, we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in order to raise funds for [url=]Worldreader[/url], an incredible non-profit which helps promote literacy in Africa by providing eBooks to people who would normally only have basic access to books. We all funded the trip ourselves, so every penny raised will be going to Worldreader.[/p][p]This whole project started when I was fortunate enough to visit [url=]The Webb Memorial Library and Resource Centre[/url] in Malindi, Kenya last year. They had been hoping to join the Worldreader Programme for several years but simply didn't have the funds required. We've already raised enough funds to provide a [url=]Worldreader Starter-Kit (known as the 'Blue Box')[/url] to the Webb Memorial Library and now a number of other libraries and schools across Kenya. After the climb, I attended the launch in Malindi (picture below)- it was fantastic to see the impact that Worldreader is starting to make on the community![/p][p]Each Blue-Box provides 50 eReader devices (a version of the Kindle), together with a large library of international and local texts. Worldreader provide all necessary training to local staff and will work with the local librarians to determine appropriate titles to include (often aligned with the school curriculum). Typically there would be more than 100 titles per device.[/p][p]Doris, the librarian at the Webb Memorial Library, believes that the digital readers will attract more young people to the library and will vastly increase the content available to the local community. The library is particularly popular with secondary school girls. We believe the Worldreader programme will boost this important group and help to ensure girls in particular, stay in education for longer, in turn helping to decrease inequality and break the cycle of poverty. The Library also intends to establish an outreach programme, taking the devices to local and remote schools to promote reading. Being in a fairly remote coastal area and operating with very limited funding (mostly from donations), the library has a very small number of books available for readers. It also has the added problem of the environment - the dusty, humid conditions often cause books to deteriorate and mean they cannot be removed from the building. Worldreader will have a huge impact on the library and the local community![/p][p]Our target for the entire campaign is $50K (£42K). As at 19th October, we are only about £6,000 short of this target![/p][p]If we can reach $50K, a generous donor has confirmed that he will 4 x match the funds raised. $250K will go a huge way to funding some truly transformative programmes for this incredible non-profit. Please help us get there if you can![/p][p]Many thanks for your support[/p][p]Simon Capel and team[/p]
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14 Aug 2019



Dec 20, 2019

Simon and Camilla Capel


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Oct 14, 2019

George Dawson

Well done team! Amazing achievement!


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Sep 26, 2019

Ben Murray


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Sep 25, 2019


Well done guys! Swantje & Edward


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Sep 23, 2019



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Sep 17, 2019

Tom Smith


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Sep 13, 2019


Congrats team, amazing achievement! Mike B


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Sep 13, 2019

Mark Crocker

Well done all, great achievement and for a great cause.


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Sep 11, 2019


Sep 9, 2019

Ronan McLoughlin

Congrats Simon and co !!


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