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Harry Searle

I want to help my brother and others


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My story

[p]My name is Harry James Searle and I am 7 years old. [/p][p] In January my brother was taken into hospital with a heartbeat of 286 beats per minute. He was taken into the resuscitation unit and had to have some medicine and a massage of his neck to bring his heart rate back down, he had lots of doctors and nurses with him who helped him. He had to stay in Intensive Care in Addenbrookes Hospital for a little while and then came home with medicine that he has to take every day. The doctors told him that he has to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital for an operation. He has something called supra ventricular tachycardia. That means that there is a bit in his heart that makes it beat too fast. It was very scary when it happened. [/p][p]He loves football and plays for Bar Hill and is in the Cambridge United Development Team but he has not been able to play more than 15 minutes of sport since it happened. [/p][p]He has already been to Great Ormond Street Hospital twice now and has his operation booked for the 28th June, so not far away. When he has his operation they will have to go in through his groin up to his heart and either burn or freeze the bit that is wrong. He will have to rest for a little while after the operation but will be better once it is done and will be able to play football again....yay!!!![/p][p]I decided that I want to raise £113.32 for the paediatric cardiology department at Addenbrookes hospital and then double that again for Great Ormond Street Hospital (where Jack is having his operation) because of what they have both done for Jack and to buy some new equipment for the other poorly boys and girls who need help too. [/p][p]I told Mummy that I wanted to stand on the ring road of Bar Hill holding the sign I wrote with my favorite hat, my busby, as my collecting plate, but Mummy thought that wasn't a very good idea!!!![/p][p] My family have a Whatsapp group and Mummy was so happy that I wanted to do this that she sent a message to everyone telling them what I wanted to do and they were all so happy too that my Uncle started my fundraising off and all my other family did the same....by the morning I had already made some money towards my target!!!![/p][p]I went into to school and told my teacher what I want to do and they have said they will help me with this, so I am planning some things that we can do to raise as much as we can. Our local Sports and Social club are helping lots too so we are very lucky! [/p][p]My friends have also started telling other people and I have had more donations too! I have asked Mummy if I can go on the news to tell them what I am doing and make more money!!!!! Although I don't have any actual events planned yet, I will have, and I will update the page and tell everyone what I am going to do. While I plan though I would really like to get started so if anyone would like to donate and help me that would make me very happy!![/p][p]My family and I are very happy that Jack's heart can hopefully be fixed and he will be better again. I just want to help other poorly children get better and be looked after too, please help me do this. [/p][p]Thank you all.[/p][p]Love from the Busby Boy aka Harry James Searle x [/p]
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Apr 28, 2019

Bar Hill Cricket Club

Well done Harry and Jack on another extraordinary fundraising event!


Apr 28, 2019

Tescos Charity day from customers and staff

Well done Harry and Jack! Form Tescos, customers, staff and Bar Hill community.


Mar 1, 2019



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Dec 28, 2018


Squash Club


plus £11.25 Gift Aid

Dec 26, 2018

Arundel House Hotel Staff

Well done boys, a very worthy cause. All the best from the staff at the Arundel House Hotel.


Nov 15, 2018

Bar Hill Social Club Motown night anDel Moyes

Keep up the good work Harry and well done!


Oct 25, 2018

Stuart Williams

Well done what a kind thing to do helping your brother and others


plus £87.50 Gift Aid

Oct 24, 2018

Robin Squibb


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Oct 13, 2018

Auntie Shez

Well done Harry, I am very proud of you and Jack.


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Oct 9, 2018

Leonie OD

Harry and Jack you are both amazing! So glad you’re ok Jack. Sending all our love Leonie, John, Archie and Agnes xxx


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

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