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Team story

[lt]h2[gt]Thank you for visiting our site. Kevin Hafner and David Lench are riding from Lands End to John O'Groats between 6th - 21st September this year.[lt]/h2[gt][p]This will be over 1,000 miles but more concerning will be the hills, with several days having climbs of between 5,000 and 6,000 ft. None of us are cyclists, which will add considerably to the challenge.[/p][p]We are raising money for Action Medical Research and chYps.[/p][p]Action Medical Research raises over 3 million each year for research into children’s illnesses. They focus on 3 key areas, tackling premature birth, focussing on children with disabling conditions and infections and concentrating on children with rare diseases.[/p][p]ChYps enables children and young people with life limiting and life threatening conditions, to receive clinical care and support in their place of choice, which overwhelmingly is in their own home. They work the UK' first children's full hospice at home service.[/p][p]These are both wonderful charities and all funds raised will be distributed to them on a 50-50 basis.[/p][p]We are grateful for all donations and thank you in advance.[/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]FINISHED! - Day 14[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]Finished!! What a fantastic feeling![/p][p]Not only completing the ride but also raising lots of money for our 2 charities.[lt]br /[gt]Today the legs returned and the hills didn’t seem quite as bad as I feared. Again next to no wind so overall we have been so lucky with the weather.[/p][p]Completed the 74 miles by 3.30pm and celebrated with a bottle of bubbly by the sign post pointing back to Lands End.[/p][p]A big thank you to a number of people. To Mark B at Hythe for his help, encouragement and tips. To Dan who helped me with my fitness. To Jane for her support during the 2nd week. To my mate Kevin, without whom I would never have navigated the 1005 miles. And lastly to my wife Vivien, who brilliantly supported Kevin and myself over the 2 weeks, tirelessly looking after us to make sure we had everything.[/p][p]And finally, a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the 2 great charities that Kevin and I rode for.[/p][p]Thank you[/p][p][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-14.jpg" alt="David and Kevin at John O'Groats" width="213" height="319" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 13[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]This was always going to be a harder day but it was made worse because the legs are beginning to feel it. Slight tweak to the right calf didn’t help either.[/p][p]Had sunny spells in the morning with squally showers, only for the wind to pick up for the first time on the ride at the most exposed area of the Highlands. Not much fun cycling up a 20 mile hill with the wind in your face….you tend to have a sense of humour failure. And then just to add a bit more spice, it rained hard!![/p][p]We are now in Altnaharra which is supposed to be the wettest and coldest place in the UK. So far it is living up to its reputation.[/p][p]Only 1 day to go….. can’t wait!![/p][p][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-13.jpg" alt="Rainbow over Scotland" width="320" height="213" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 12[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]We’re getting there! Today in the main was overcast but bright enough for us to enjoy the amazing scenery of the Highlands with lots of sheep and very remote houses.[/p][p]One thing that stood out was the amazingly good conditions of the roads despite the bad winters up here.[/p][p]Maybe Kent could learn something from the local Highways Authority.[/p][p]Fortunately the hills were gentle and we had completed today’s ride by 3.30 pm. So an early cold bath, or should have been had our respective wives not got lost in Inverness!![/p][p]Some great activity on our charity giving page over the last 3 days. Thank you to everyone who has donated. [/p][p]I promise you that a 100% of your money will be going to the 2 great charities we are supporting.[/p][p]Just 2 days to go. Although they are going to be harder, I don’t think they are anything we haven’t done already….[/p][p]Famous last words.[/p][lt]div[gt][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-12.jpg" alt="David and Kevin" width="512" height="384" /[gt][lt]/div[gt][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 11[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]The first day back after our rest day and it always seems hard work to get going again. A bit drizzly to start with but dried up quickly although overcast for the whole day. The countryside however was still amazing and reached a point at 1513 ft which is the highest part of the National Rail Network...at least until Scotland go it alone![/p][p]Referendum Day seemed like any other up here, all a bit quiet. Still more yes banners than no, although our favourite is in the photo below. No doubt we will all know soon what the result is.[/p][p]Best cold bath of the trip so far, looking across Monarch of the Glen country and watching a Red Squirrel running between the trees.[/p][p]A tip for those non cyclists wanting their two week summer holiday to last longer….go on a long bike ride each day.[/p][p][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-11.jpg" alt="Scottish Referendum" width="320" height="213" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 10[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]Our luck returned with a dry day of no rain and little wind…. perfect!! Our route today included the last 15 miles of day 9, altogether totalling 70 miles and around 4750ft of climbs. We had another 20% gradient thrown in which made us think that the one yesterday I mentioned must have been around 25%….. that's almost vertical, or so it seemed![/p][p]Today’s high point was crossing the Forth Road Bridge, followed by Kevin’s wife’s flapjacks. This is our second day in Scotland and if the banners are anything to go by, then the yes vote will have it. Not sure whether this is good or bad for us. Either way we plan to keep a low profile on Friday.[/p][p]For anyone wanting to do a similar ride and asking for what advice I would give, there is no doubt in my answer...[/p][p]apply copious amounts of Vaseline!![/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 9[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]Our luck ran out. The day started wet, and got wetter as it went on. By the end of it, we were questioning the waterproof labels on our coats!![/p][p]Great to see Paul and Brian for lunch at Peebles. Just as well we had a good meal as we skipped the afternoon break - mainly because we lost our support vehicle! The hills were high but the gradients were more gradual than the previous two days, thank goodness. That is until we hit the steepest slope of the trip so far which was the first time I heard Kevin swear![/p][p]One more day before our rest day and then only four days left after that. We're getting there![/p][p][lt]img title="Day 9 Map" src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/LEJOG-Day-9-450.png" alt="Day 9 Map" width="450" height="562" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 8[/span][lt]/h2[gt][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]This should have been an easier day, but it didn't feel so. We made the climbs total 5500 ft with the gradient to one hill as steep as 20%. Following yesterday's 7000ft, my legs are feeling tired.[/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Weather overcast today with some fine rain but still no wind other than the odd blast from Kevin!! [/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]All afternoon we had valley followed by another valley, and then another valley... Hard work![/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Viv is still doing a splendid job supporting us with pasta salads at lunchtime and tea and cakes in the afternoon.[/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Tomorrow we have changed the plan by staying at Edinburgh thereby evening out the mileage for days 9 & 10.[/p][p] [/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]570 miles so far only 420 left....bring it on.[/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 7[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]I knew it would be difficult, but today was a bad one!! Kevin's Garmin recorded 7200ft of ascents over 68 miles. We lost each other at the worst place possible. Kevin went up 1 hill, I went up another and down the other side. We had to retrace our steps before getting back on route.[/p][p]The countryside was stunning, but the hills were continuous, long and steep.[/p][p]It was a very welcome finish when it eventually came - only to be greeted with Fulham's 5th defeat in 6 games![/p][p]Now sitting in a local pub and replenishing the lost minerals of the day. [/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 6[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]Not much to report today. Only 2400ft of ascents over 72 miles so an easier day.[/p][p]Can't believe we are at Blackburn already. Weather cloudy all day but most importantly it was dry with no wind.[/p][p]Tomorrow however will more than make up for that....only 66 miles but nearly 5,600ft of climbs.... That's a lot!!! However at the end of the day we will be half way to completing the ride.[/p][p]How are we doing? Well, Kevin is super fit and is sprinting up the hills. However my legs are feeling it a bit, particularly on the slopes. However, I keep reminding myself of the wonderful causes we are raising money for. If you haven't yet indulged, please do so to encourage me up those hills tomorrow!![/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 5[/span][lt]/h2[gt][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]An easier day with just 76 miles and only 3000ft...what a relief after yesterday!! And most importantly....a rest day tomorrow!! What am I going to do...very little!![/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Not much to report today, only one farm track today which forced us to walk a fair distance.[/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Getting used to the cold baths, followed by a hot shower and a roll out of the leg muscles.[/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Us finely honed athletes need to look after ourselves!![/p][p] [/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt]Thanks again for your kind wishes and texts. It really does help to know of your support out there. Thank you. [/p][lt]p class="MsoPlainText"[gt][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-5-450.jpeg" alt="David and Kevin" width="450" height="450" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 4[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]The toughest day so far with the steepest hills. Oh boy, were they steep![/p][p]Best countryside by far which partly made up for the pain.[/p][p]Went across the Clifton and Severn road bridges which were awesome.[/p][p]Again, some surprises on route, including being directed by our sat nav up an overgrown foot path, and 2 closed roads we went down, one with land slip and the other being relaid where the Tarmac was too hot to ride on ( 3/4 mile walk) One or two problems with the navigation meant we ended up doing nearly 78 miles and over 5000 ft.[/p][p]Only 1 day left before our 1st rest day... can't wait. Getting a little sore in the nether regions!![/p][p]Thanks to everyone who has sent me their best wishes much appreciated. Please keep the funds coming 2 great charities would be very grateful.[/p][p][lt]img title="Day 4 map" src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/LEJOG-Day-4.png" alt="Map of Day 4" width="455" height="300" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 3[/span][lt]/h2[gt][lt]div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; top: 205px; left: -10000px;"[gt]Country roads, tow paths, farms and trunk roads [lt]/div[gt][lt]div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; top: 205px; left: -10000px;"[gt]Started on country roads, then a tow path of a canal (bit narrow under the bridges!), rode through a farm via someone's private garden and finally on a major trunk road (not much fun :-( ). [lt]/div[gt][lt]div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; top: 205px; left: -10000px;"[gt]Drama included Kevin falling off his bike (whilst stationery) and being garrotted by an electric fence across the farm track.[lt]/div[gt][lt]div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; top: 205px; left: -10000px;"[gt]Bikes needed some maintenance so I lubed the chains, possibly too much on the basis we both ended up with oil everywhere and even Viv managed to get it on her. Thank goodness for wet wipes !! [lt]/div[gt][lt]div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; top: 205px; left: -10000px;"[gt]Tomorrow looks a bit gruesome so early to bed tonight. [lt]/div[gt][p]Country roads, tow paths, farms and trunk roads [/p][p]Started on country roads, then a tow path of a canal (bit narrow under the bridges!), rode through a farm via someone's private garden and finally on a major trunk road (not much fun :-( ). [/p][p]Dramas included Kevin falling off his bike (whilst stationery) and being garrotted by an electric fence across the farm track.[/p][p]The bikes needed some maintenance so I lubed the chains, possibly too much on the basis we both ended up with oil everywhere and even Viv managed to get it on her. Thank goodness for wet wipes!![/p][p]Tomorrow looks a bit gruesome so early to bed tonight. [/p][p][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/lejog-day-3-552.jpg" alt="David having a well earned drink" width="450" height="534" /[gt][/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 2[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]Recovering from the night before with rock and roll blazing from the pub below into the early hours. However even worse, no full English breakfast served at our pub in the morning. So it was a visit to the Spar at 8.15 for a sandwich, yogurt and orange juice..... Not quite the same!![/p][p]Some naughty climbs today, in fact, over 5000 ft of them! And just when we thought we were finishing, we had two of the nastiest![/p][p]Then back to our B&B for a cold bath... Forget the ice bucket challenge, jump into a bath of cold water...ouch![/p][p]Looking forward of a day of under 3000 ft and 69 miles across the Somerset levels... Hope the waters gone![/p][p]Just been told of a 12% climb on day four, something to look forward to.[/p][lt]h2[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]Day 1[/span][lt]/h2[gt][p]It was great to see Mike Bidwell from Fine & Country Mayfair who joined us for the day.[/p][p]67 miles and over 4000 feet was a good starter.[/p][p]We arrived at Lands End in thick fog, but were really lucky with great weather for the rest of this day.[/p][p]Nothing out of the ordinary to report just pedalling.. Drinking....pedalling...eating..and more pedalling.....all day long!![/p][p]Tomorrow we have 75 miles and over 5000 feet of climbs... What a lucky boy I am.[/p][p][url=http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3948048]Click here to view the map for Day 2[/url].[/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]The Day Before[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]Only 4 days before we travel down to Land's End before the ride starts on 6th.  I finished training on Saturday with a fairly leisurely 3 hour ride across Romney Marsh. [/p][p]The bike is all serviced and ready to go. The weather looks as though it maybe improving.  Final accommodation details are being confirmed.  What have we forgotten!![/p][p]I am pleased to see the Fulham raffle tickets[url=http://www.action.org.uk/raffle/fulhamfc]http://www.action.org.uk/raffle/fulhamfc[/url] are selling like hot cakes!  Go on treat yourself!! [/p][p]A big thank you to eveyone who has supported us to date.  Lots more to raise and the challenge is still on to get to £100,000.  Please dig deep.[/p][p]All the best[/p][p]David and Kevin[/p][p][lt]img src="http://www.wardandpartners.co.uk/_images/photos/lejog/David-Lench-post-1-photo-DL-600.jpg" alt="Reaction to upcoming bike ride" width="450" height="448" /[gt][/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]4th August 2014[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]Returned to work following a week in Portugal where I did a further 3 long rides. Getting up at 6am whilst on holiday is not my idea of a fun![/p][p]Only 4 weeks of training now so nearly there. Please keep supporting the challenge as I am still some way off my target.[/p][p](see below for previous updates)[/p][p]Down to the last 5 weeks training and sorting our final plans for the challenge.[/p][p] [/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]21st July 2014[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]Not a good day on Friday. I set off for a 60 mile ride on what was the hottest day of the year so far. I rarely drink a lot, but Friday I drank both drinks bottles and still had 8 miles to go.[/p][p]All seemed to be going ok until Wye. Coasting along at about 11/12 MPH with parked vehicles on our side, I passed a people carrier and out ran a 5/6 year old boy. I collided with him and we both hit the ground hard.[/p][p]Mum and Dad were there and apologised profusely, before mum carried the young boy to their home. Dad carried on offering to help me, only to allow their other child to wonder into the road in front of a car!! With a squeal of brakes, the car stopped just in time.[/p][p]Quite a frightening experience, together with bruises and grazes to remind me!! Anyhow, I made it home (another 14 miles). Thinking that I would take it easy on Saturday!![/p][p]Riding from Calais to Paris on Thursday/Friday/Saturday of this coming week.[/p][p]Only 7 weeks to go till the big one![/p][p] [/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]24th June 2014[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]Back to work today after another week of training in Portugal.[/p][p]200 miles of hills in the heat is not a lot of fun! Sadly hit a squirrel going down a hill but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary to report.[/p][p]Back on the turbo trainer at the weekend and did a couple of intensive work outs. It doesn't seem to get easier![/p][p] [/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]13th May 2014[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]Completed the Hampshire Hilly 100 in 7¼ hours riding time. One 14% hill was pretty steep.[/p][p]When doing the ride you realise how far 100 miles really is! Fortunately the weather wasn’t wet but it was very windy which made things rather more difficult. The good news is that I had no aches and pains the next day!![/p][p]Accommodation now booked for the main ride in September. Still working out how we are going navigate![/p][p] [/p][lt]h3[gt][span=color: #cc0000;]29th April 2014[/span][lt]/h3[gt][p]With the ride now only 4 months away my training now involves cycling on all my free days and some early mornings too during the week.[/p][p]During our recent holiday in the Algarve I managed 6 rides, totalling over 300 miles and as importantly, managing over 15,000 feet of hills. Although quite tough, it was great to be riding in Portugal with blue skies, great scenery and no pot holes! Nothing extraordinary to report whilst out there although I did my hilliest ride yet climbing over 4,000 feet in 70 miles. Since coming home I have now completed the local Hospice ride and this coming weekend I have my biggest challenge which is the Hampshire Hilly 100, comprising 100 miles of hills with a total ascent of just over 6,000 feet. Just to add to the fun the weather forecast is windy and wet![/p][p]Following this I have the London to Paris bike ride in July to get ready for as a precursor to the challenge in September.[/p][p]I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my site so far. Both Action Medical Research and ChYps are most grateful for the money they have received to date. I am mindful that I am only 1/3 of the way to my target so lots of fund-raising ahead.[/p]

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Dec 2, 2014

Kevin and Kym Barry

Well done

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Nov 27, 2014

Richard Shaw

Still think what you did was amazing. A few more pennies as contribution.

£63.00 plus £15.75 Gift Aid

Nov 26, 2014

The Paddington crew...

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Nov 14, 2014


£1000.00 plus £250.00 Gift Aid

Nov 6, 2014

Hugh Kennedy

well done David. fantastic achievement. What next Everest??

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Nov 4, 2014


£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Oct 23, 2014

Ridgeway Group

Huge congratulations on your achievement, no mean feat by any means. We are happy to contribute to the worthy charities that you are supporting, best wishes from The Ridgeway Group, supply partner working with CLM Fleet Managment Plc


Oct 22, 2014

Paul Barrett

Well Done David a magnificent achievement. I suppose I will have to do the LEJOG now!

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Oct 5, 2014




Oct 5, 2014

Ginny May

well done

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

David Lench

David Lench