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Team story

[p]Liv's family and friends will be completing a charity walk on September 11th to raise money for a very small charity that's really close to our hearts, called Healing Little Hearts. [/p][p]The challenge will be approx 23 miles in a day, from Harlech to Dolgellau.[/p][p][b]Our Story[/b][/p][p]We lost our daughter Liv in May 2017. She was born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We were told that she had a hole in her heart at the 20 week antenatal scan, but at that point and following further tests, the plan was for Liv to have an operation when she was 6 months old which would give her a normal life, and normal life expectancy. [/p][p]In the couple of weeks that followed her birth, however, things looked very different and we were told that she would only survive a couple of weeks, her heart was inoperable. And so we took Liv home, devastated and terrified for what was about to happen.[/p][p]Liv had her own ideas though, and against all odds, she fed, she grew and was a such happy little girl. Every moment was so precious. We went for another check up at Alderhey Children's hospital when Liv was three months old, it was decided then that there was a decent percentage chance that heart surgery could save her, albeit a rocky road, it was a chance. It was the toughest decision we would ever have imagined, but we decided to try. [/p][p]After 7 turbulent weeks that followed the surgery, Liv sadly passed away, aged 5 and a half months. [/p][p]When we were in intensive care with Liv at Alderhey hospital, we heard about a charity called Healing Little Hearts because a few of the heart surgeons and the cardiac nurses were going on a camp to India. During the camps the teams carry out as many life saving and life quality improving heart operations on children as possible over a 2/ 3 week period. It just blew us away that they were going to directly save and improve the life of children who otherwise would not get access to such treatment. Liv's heart condition had become unfixable, but there are so many congenital heart defects that are correctable, it broke our heart to think that children were suffering or dying unnecessarily. In the UK we are so lucky to have the best in the field, on hand at the most traumatic time of our life, nurses and surgeons dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children with Congenital Heart disease.[/p][p]Some of the staff we spoke to were taking some of their annual leave to take part in the trip. We got to know the team really well and have such respect for them, they were amazing with us during our time with Liv. Since then we have been really determined to do something to help this particular cause, and of course to do something really positive in Liv's memory. By raising minimum £6k, we are able to sponsor a camp in Liv's memory, there are several camps a year, mainly to most in need areas of African and Asian countries, our money will cover the basic costs of the trip, getting the right people to places where these children need them the most, this would be a real honour for us.[/p][p]We have a great team of friends and family who are going to join us for the challenge. Thanks to everyone for the support, as always xxx [/p][p]With love[/p][p]Team Liv #livforever [/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][br][/p][p][url=][/url] [/p][p][/p]
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11 Sep 2021


Oct 9, 2021



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Oct 7, 2021

Jim Flanagan


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Oct 3, 2021

kellie swanson


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Sep 27, 2021


From Bhanu and Nat Dabhi


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Sep 25, 2021

Beth xxx

Well done Cassian


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Sep 23, 2021



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Sep 23, 2021



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Sep 22, 2021

Maddy D


Sep 21, 2021

Granite Tops UK Ltd

Allah (Lord), the Exalted, says, Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you. Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace


Sep 20, 2021

Loren Archer

What an amazing cause and phenomenal amount of funds raised, amazing effort guys! Liv will always be in your hearts and she is beautiful. Often think of you guys since hearing about Liv xXx


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

julie williams

julie williams

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