MENCAP MARVELS Swim English Channel 2020

Nikki Pope
Mark Critchlow
Beech Hall School
Andrea Stanley


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Team story

[p]The Mencap Marvels are taking on the huge challenge of swimming from Dover to France as a relay team. Some people who've never swum to France focus on the time in the water for each swimmer...they reckon an hour at a time for each of us is very do-able. Well it can be but not necessarily. As someone who has swum solo to France and also in a couple of relays - and who has also had a baby...I'd liken it more to childbirth...the discomfort you have to be prepared for is not necessarily about the duration its about the intensity. When you swim to might get a perfect day but for most of us who have swam to France (and more people have climbed Everest) the truth is you have to be prepared for anything...swimming in the dark, through strong tides, across the busiest shipping lane in the world...every swimmer has to be willing to swim in cold, storms, through swarms of jellyfish...and to be prepared for the weather to turn in a flash...the biggest certainty is that there is no knowing what kind of swim you will have when you leave England...and this alone causes many a talented sports swimmer to much of this tough learning is about learning to swim in a new way and learning to manage fear, uncertainty and adversity...we have chosen to share a team adventure and a tough challenge in order to support Mencap - the UK's No 1 charity supporting learning disabilities.[/p][p]The Mencap Marvels have overcome big obstacles - as we are both English and Welsh we haven't been able to train together as planned. Covid has restricted travel but also hammered access to pools...some of us have improvised with tethers, some of us have embraced chilly waters early in the season, others have focussed on land based training...and now we are ready together to embark on a special journey...we would very much appreciate help and support from our friends and family.[/p][p]Right now, people with a learning disability face inequalities in every area of life.[/p][p]They face barriers finding a job, accessing activities in their local community and receiving good quality healthcare. [/p][p]By supporting Mencap you will be helping us to support people with a learning disability to live the life they choose, and do the things they love.[/p][p]We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.[/p]
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15 Aug 2020



Oct 25, 2020


From sale of brilliant snood/neck warmer/instant mask if you have forgotten your other one. Everyone should wear them


Sep 22, 2020


Thank you for the use of Beach Hall pool.


plus £50.00 Gift Aid

Sep 9, 2020


With my warmest congratulations to Mark and the team on his recent Channel crossing and I’m happy to donate a contribution to Mencap.


Sep 8, 2020

Sarah and Arron Taylor

Absolutely tremendous achievement in support of such a worthy cause, congratulations!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Sep 5, 2020



Aug 28, 2020

Jane Nixon

Aug 28, 2020


Well done Andrea and the rest of the Mencap Marvel's!


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Aug 27, 2020

Ted and Janet

Well done James and team.


Aug 27, 2020

Jan and Mike Mellor

Well Done


Aug 26, 2020

Sophie C

Well done to Mark and the team - very inspiring!


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Nikki Pope

Nikki Pope

Mark Critchlow

Mark Critchlow

Beech Hall School

Beech Hall School

Andrea Stanley

Andrea Stanley

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