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[p]Hi, my name is Masha Shishkina, and this is my cancer story. [/p][p]In January 2020 I was diagnosed with a large stage 4 presacral germ cell tumour with paraaortic and liver mets. From January until May I went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy. My hair fell out, I lost all my weight and strength, I was bed-bound and had to learn to walk again. All of this while trying to avoid COVID 19. On July 1st I had a 12-hour surgery which freed me of my huge pelvic tumour which measured to nearly 30 cm in length and 400gm in weight. This surgery seemed almost impossible in January and many surgeons warned us that we should not go through with it. However, we got through it, and I am now on the other side, with a huge smile on my face. [/p][p]Luckily, all of this was covered with our medical insurance. However, due to the rarity of my diagnosis and illness, the NHS and my insurance company will not fund my next round of treatment; Immunotherapy. My illness is said to be a one in a million situation. My exact diagnosis is even rarer, with only about 17 cases in the world in total. Due to this, the NHS nor my insurance company can do the tests they need to ensure that their money will be spent wisely. [/p][p]Luckily, The Harris and Trotter Clients Charitable Trust will cover the first three months of my treatment! I am so grateful for this new chance at life and I want to be able to give this to someone else who is struggling. Help me help someone else! [/p][p]There are so many people who are in the same position I was in. It is unfair that there are people who cannot receive their treatment either from the NHS or their insurance provider. As someone who has just gone through that, I can fundamentally say that it is a very scary experience, not knowing if you will be able to receive your next treatment. [/p][p]The charity was set up by a surviving cancer patient and his father to give back to the community and aide people with no options to receive the appropriate treatment needed. The fund aims to directly affect the lives of cancer patients in need by funding their treatment, not otherwise funded by the NHS, privately, so that they too can have a chance at life. Every £1will go to those in need. The Charitable Trust is run by a firm of independent accountants who incur the full admin costs of the charity in their entirety.[/p][p]On that note, please donate for others like me. Please share this everywhere you can so that others can also receive their treatment and have the chance to enjoy their life again. I want to thank everyone for their support. It means so much to me and my family, I have the chance to continue my life because of people like you![/p][p]Take care and stay safe![/p]
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Jun 2, 2021

Conde Nast


May 20, 2021


May 12, 2021



May 1, 2021


Dear Masha, Wishing you lifetime of adventures


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Mar 29, 2021



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Mar 22, 2021


Mar 2, 2021

Matt and Sweety

Sending sunshine, strength, and warm wishes to you all.

Nov 29, 2020

William Sales

Life should never have a price!


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Nov 25, 2020



Nov 23, 2020


Thanks Masha for being brave, beautifully strong and not to give up.


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