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Matt Dathan

Three marathons - London, Snowdon, Berlin


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My story

[p]Nine years ago my surgeon warned me that the two metal rods he was inserting into my back to fix my broken spine meant I might never run again.[/p][p]This year I want to prove him definitively wrong by running three marathons: London (April 22), Snowdon (July 15) and Berlin (September 16).[/p][p]But the real reason I’ve decided to set myself this challenge is to raise much-needed funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association’s [url=]WorkFit programme[/url].[/p][p]This is a cause very close to my heart having grown up with a younger sister with Down’s Syndrome.[/p][p]I have seen first-hand the mountain of challenges that young adults with learning disabilities have to overcome just to get the chance of finding a job one day.[/p][p]My sister Bethany, 20, wanted to do exactly the same as her four siblings: go to uni, live with friends and get a job. But because she has Down’s Syndrome, that journey is much, much harder to achieve.[/p][p]Just because she has an extra chromosome.[/p][p]Bethany’s story is the story of so many people with learning disabilities. There are so many hurdles in the way of achieving her dream.[/p][p]But there needn’t be.[/p][p]The Down’s Syndrome Association helps to overcome those obstacles through its [url=]WorkFit scheme[/url]. But it desperately needs funds - and here’s why:[/p][p]The [url=]Workfit programme[/url] has two main strands:[/p][p]1. It aims to equip people with Down’s Syndrome with the skills and training to find appropriate work but also the essential awareness, independent living and social skills that most people take for granted.[/p][p]2. It also proactively finds employers across the UK that are willing and able to employ people with Down’s Syndrome. The scheme offers a tailored service that works with the employer to match the specific needs of individuals. It also offers training to the employers who will need to invest extra time into training mentors to take the young adults on board and to understand the most appropriate ways of working with them.[/p][p]The experience of many young adults with Down’s Syndrome is that once they understand the instructions and have learnt the routine, they flourish.[/p][p]And they can become some of the most valuable members of the team because they value the hard-earned chance that’s been given to them – and they feel proud. [/p][p]During her placement weeks at Brewers Fayre, McDonald's and an independent café in Stroud, Bethany had something to wake up for, a job to be proud of, something to talk about with her family and friends. She had accomplished a goal that might seem easily achievable for most people but so difficult for her. (Just look at the pictures below to see how happy Bethany is when she's working!)[/p][p]She’s halfway through a three-year residential course at [url=]Foxes Academy[/url] in Minehead. It is accompanied with lots of work experience - facilitated by Foxes and the [url=]WorkFit scheme[/url] – which teaches her the skills and gives her the confidence to take the initiative and get on with contributing to the team during her work placements. [/p][p]It’s easy to underestimate the value of work - the dignity and self-esteem that arise from knowing one is making a contribution. Bethany wants to know that she doesn’t need to be ‘looked after’ all the time, she can contribute valuable skills to a work team.[/p][p]This work experience has put Bethany one step closer to achieving her dream of getting a job when she finishes her three year residential course at Foxes Academy next year.[/p][p]But this twofold, intensive, time consuming process doesn’t come cheap - and WorkFit desperately needs the funds to help more and more people with Down’s Syndrome into work.[/p][p]So that’s why I’m running three marathons - to help every adult with Down’s Syndrome have the chance of getting a job, which gives them the dignity of work, a purpose and a future to be excited about.[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

16 Sep 2018


Oct 25, 2018

Hannah Stubbs


Oct 10, 2018

Diana and Morris

On behalf of a 93 year old, Morris Conway, you are a real credit to your family and yourself. Well done. PS Morris gave me the donation to pass to you when you completed the runs, as he cannot do it himself. So this is from me - Diana


Oct 10, 2018


This is the follow up to the completion of an amazing effort. What a star brother, what a star! Diana and Richard


plus £74.75 Gift Aid

Sep 19, 2018

Tony Gallagher


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Sep 18, 2018

John Rentoul

That's 33p a mile. All best


Sep 18, 2018

Daniel M


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Sep 18, 2018


Very well done!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Sep 18, 2018

John Stolliday

Well done Matt - and a great cause


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Sep 17, 2018


Well done!


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Sep 17, 2018



plus £7.50 Gift Aid

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