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<p>Hi everyone,&nbsp;I'm sorry the Wikipage didn't really work, hopefully most of you managed to follow it by facebook, e mail or text. I made it to France at about 11pm last night after circa 15 hours in the water. Unsurprisingly I have woken up this morning very sore, my face is a bit swollen and with a killer sore throat from all the salt water. Thanks for all the messages of support to help me get through it and a special thanks to Bryony, Nick, JP, Dan &amp; Juliet for all of their work on the boat, it was a full 24 hour commitment.</p> <p>And for all of you that were waiting to sponsor me to see if I made it - now's your chance, go go go!&nbsp; When I'm feeling a bit more human I will put more details and photos up here &amp; on the Wikipage soon! Matt</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I just wanted to say thanks very much&nbsp;for all&nbsp;your continued support and messages during the really difficult period that we have had waiting for weather for a month now.&nbsp; Please be sure to keep checking the blog at <a href=""></a>&nbsp;for updates.</p> <p>Matt</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my page.</p> <p>Thanks for taking a look at the page, after Everest in 2008 I decided that my next challenge would have to be one that means I don't have to give up work for 3 months, particularly as I have now joined the land of the grown-ups and have a mortgage.&nbsp; This, amongst other things, is what led me to an attempt to swim the English Channel, at just 2 hours away it is (relatively) on my doorstep.</p> <p>I think that it is safe to say that I had no idea what I was getting myself in for.&nbsp; From the initial shocking May swims in 8 degree water, to the 6 hour qualifying swim in Dover harbour and the 6.30am wake up calls on Saturdays and Sundays this has been a much tougher journey than I expected.</p> <p>Probably my greatest enemy so far has been the cold.&nbsp; I seem to possess a much envied inability to put on weight, which can be deadly in the water.&nbsp; I have been pulled out of the sea in Dover once already during training - incoherent, unable to stand with my vision blacking out I had allowed myself to succomb to hypothermia.&nbsp; Although now much wiser, I am not necessarily much larger (although I am the fattest I have ever been).&nbsp; I have almost achieved my aim of putting on 1 stone (14 pounds) but after 3 months of eating till I feel sick, anything more is beyond me and this is where my greatest weakness in completing this challenge will lie (by the way, no wetsuits are allowed and the channel grease that you spread on your body offers almost no thermal insulation, it is purely there to protect from chafing).</p> <p>Apart from the hypothermia, there is also the fact that I'll be crossing the busiest shipping lane in the world, and will (100% certain apparently) be stung by jellyfish.</p> <p>Finally, there is the small matter of having to swim freestyle non-stop for what I expect to be 13-16 hours, whilst eating and drinking from a boat that will follow me but I'm not allowed to touch, or I will be disqualified!</p> <p>Nevertheless I am going to give it a go.&nbsp; The exact date will vary depending on weather conditions but it is likely to be around 18 August 2010.&nbsp; And before you ask, yes someone from Namibia has swum the channel before, a lady called Bobby Jo Bassingthwaite did it in 1999.&nbsp; If I do somehow manage it though I will at least be only the fourth person to do Everest and the Channel succesfully - if is a pretty pivotal word at this stage though.</p> <p>I will have support crew on my boat feeding me and keeping me entertained.&nbsp; We will also be trying to post updates on this group as I go across so you can keep track of me so keep your eye on here. Once the swim starts as well you should be able to send me text messages which my crew will communicate to me in the water to give me encouragement and keep the black clouds of despair away (apparently everyone cries at some point, I hope to be stronger than I was during the Time Traveller's Wife though (apologies again to the poor woman sitting next to me on that flight)).</p> <p>I will be raising money for the same charity as when I was on Everest - SOS Children's Villages - the world's largest orphan and abandoned children's charity.&nbsp; Sponsors and donors worldwide provide a new family and home for more than 78,000 children in 500 unique Children's Villages in 124 countries including my country of birth, Namibia.&nbsp; Please give generously as this is a great cause, and I will be going through great pain!</p> <p>Thanks<br />Matt</p>

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Personal Challenge Date

31 Aug 2010


Jan 4, 2011

Carol and Brian Burgess

Congratulations Matthew on such an achievement. Well done and look forward to hearing all about it next time we meet up. Auntie Carol and Uncle Brian


plus £14.10 Gift Aid

Dec 13, 2010

Val and Bill de Voe

Well done Matt, what next??? Will miss your talk @ HEB this Christmas. Hope to see you in 2011. Best wishes.


Nov 19, 2010


Matt, well done a gesture of support for you from the Otters


plus £28.21 Gift Aid

Nov 4, 2010


I hope you have recovered from your summer activities and congratulations again on your Channel swim!


plus £36.67 Gift Aid

Nov 1, 2010

Harvey Bowman

Incredible achievement - sorry this is a bit late


plus £14.10 Gift Aid

Oct 30, 2010


Had you thought of table tennis or chess next time, something a little less stressful for crew members mums! I'm full of admiration, well done. Carrie


plus £14.10 Gift Aid

Oct 20, 2010

Mary Pat, Susie & Joy (Mum's HEBgolf buddies)

WOW!!! Are we impressed with you. Well done


Oct 15, 2010

Wendy Yang

Congratulations on your achievement. My previous donation of 641 pounds was from Brigus Gold but this one is from me.


plus £7.05 Gift Aid

Oct 14, 2010

Greg McKenzie from Toronto

Matt, Congratulations on your achievement and it is nice that you can raise money for a good cause.


plus £35.26 Gift Aid

Oct 13, 2010

Christine Price (Laura's Mum)

Fantastic achievement - well done


plus £7.05 Gift Aid

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