Maya Trilling

Maya Trilling

2020 Virgin Money London Marathon


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My story

[p]Hi there! Welcome to my marathon fundraising page -- for those who don't know me, my name is Maya, I currently live in Chicago and am very excited to be training for the 2020 London Marathon! [/p][p]This is my third marathon, and [b]this year I am happy to run with The Homeless Fund and the London Community Foundation to fundraise for London's first 24/7, all women's homeless shelter[/b]. I feel very lucky to get a chance to give back to a city that has welcomed me over the years for family vacations, work trips, and everything else in between.[/p][p]A little bit more about why I am running for this cause... [/p][p]148 people died sleeping on London’s streets in 2018. Because of this, the average life expectancy of a homeless woman in London fell to 43 years old. Across the city, one family can expect to be made homeless every 24 minutes. [/p][p]The Homeless Fund is going to do something about it. Set up by the Evening Standard and Independent for their campaign ‘Help Our Homeless’, the Fund will be used to create the first ever 24/7 women’s homeless shelter in London. The focus of the campaign on women’s homelessness has been informed by the London Homeless Collective, a group of 23 leading homeless charities convened by ESI Media to give expert advice on how the campaign can best help London’s homeless.[/p][p]It will be an incredibly special feeling to complete the London Marathon, as the capital shares in a collective moment of pride at the achievements of loved ones, and the generosity of friends and family. [/p][p]When running past Parliament and then down the Mall, I will know that a warm and safe bed awaits me.[/p][p]Unfortunately, for 1 in 25 people who live in Westminster, that is a luxury they don’t have. [/p][p]Over the next few months I will be posting updates on this page of my training, fundraising, and anything else that comes up![/p][p]Thanks to everyone for their support, looking forward to challenging myself with my next marathon all while supporting a great cause![/p][p][b]Training Updates:[/b][/p][p]February 29th - Bonus day of the year! [b]FUNDRAISING DAY![/b] But also ran my fastest 8 miles ever! Managed under 11 min miles the whole time! Thanks to everyone who came out to support!![/p][p]February 27th - 3.5 mile weekday run -- slow week for me.[/p][p]February 25th - 3 mile weekday run[/p][p]February 22nd - 10.75 mile run. A beautiful day in Chicago so finally got to get a good run in on the lakefront![/p][p]February 21st - 3 mile run, nothing to see here folks.[/p][p]February 20th - [solidcore] but a private class, extra hard.[/p][p]February 19th - Another 3 mile run![/p][p]February 17th - Tried Studio Three for the first time. Hot yoga felt good on the muscles.[/p][p]February 16th - Back to [solidcore] my entire body will be in pain tomorrow [/p][p]February 15th - 5.5 miles for the books on the dreadmill[/p][p]February 13th - Can I count bowling as cross-training? Asking for a friend.[/p][p]February 12th - 2 mile run followed by an ab burnout. Was snowing like crazy in Chicago but managed to drag myself to the gym. [/p][p]February 11th - Tough day at Barry's Bootcamp, felt like a slug today. [/p][p]February 9th - [solidcore] inner thighs + arm wrap day. I repeat: this is no joke!![/p][p]February 7th - 7 miles on the 7th. Forgot to charge my headphones so watched Say Yes to the Dress with captions on. Not the worst way to pass the time.[/p][p]February 5th - Another 3 miles overlooking the beautiful city of Kansas City from the comfort of the hotel gym. Remembered why I liked listening to Girl Talk in high school.[/p][p]February 4th - 3 miles in under 30 min in Kansas City. Energized by the excitement of the Chiefs winning the Superbowl. #1ChiefsFan[/p][p]February 1st - First double digit run of the year! Knocked out 10 miles with my cousin in Portland, OR. She forgot to mention the first three miles were an uphill battle.[/p][p]January 30th - Morning boxing at Shadowbox with friends from work. Arms are noodles.[/p][p]January 28th - Legs day @ SWEAT, this is gonna hurt tomorrow [/p][p]January 27th - Arms and Abs day @ Barry's Bootcamp. Pain was fueled by Taylor vs. Beyonce playlist[/p][p]January 26th - 1.5 mile run to [solidcore] for some cross training. My arms and abs are dead![/p][p]January 25th - 7 mile snowy run on the 606. First outside run in 2020 and it felt good![/p][p]January 23rd - Hamstrings + back crosstrain at [solidcore] followed by bowling. Sore yet again[/p][p]January 22nd - 3 miles in the gym -- 3 miles no longer seeing as daunting. [u]Got my official marathon enrollment today![/u][/p][p]January 20th - Celebrating a day off of work with arms & abs day at Barry's Bootcamp followed by bowling. Hit my max treadmill sprint at 8.5 mph. [/p][p]January 19th - 3.5 on the treadmill. Forgot my headphones and watched Naked and Afraid at the gym. Just ok[/p][p]January 18th - Tried for 8 miles, only hit 7. Will get it next week![/p][p][br][/p]


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Sep 17, 2021

Lindsey P

Way to go Maya! Happy to donate to an amazing cause!

Sep 17, 2021


Go Maya, Go Maya - Go! - we'll put in an order for some decent weather for ya.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Aug 25, 2021

Mondira Bhattacharya

Wishes from Mom & Dad for great weather and a successful marathon!

May 30, 2020


all the best


Mar 19, 2020


I have no idea what the conversion rate is so I hope this helps


Mar 4, 2020

Robert and Mike

Say hi to Prince Harry at the finish line for us!


Mar 3, 2020


Your pace or mine?


Mar 3, 2020




Mar 3, 2020

Marathon Fundraiser - Hook and Ladder

Mar 3, 2020

Marathon Fundraiser

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