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Craig Chaulk

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[p]The Mayflower ROW[/p][p]One Man ~ One Rowing Machine ~ 3,150 miles[/p][p][b]MISSION STATEMENT[/b][/p][p]The Mayflower ROW mission is to commemorate the 400th anniversary since the historic voyage of the Mayflower pilgrim ship sailing from Plymouth, UK to establish the ‘New World’ colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA with newfound liberty in 1620. [/p][p]400 years later, in the mist of enforced lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, liberty and hope has never felt greater in peacetime. With celebratory events effected, Craig Chaulk of Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club based in Plymouth, UK, will undertake the challenge on a rowing machine to row the 3,150 miles (5,070,000 metres) in 66 days; fuelled with a passion for rowing, this is a mission that requires determination, dedication and with its own challenges – and something very few individuals have ever achieved.[/p][p][b]THE VISION[/b][/p][p]To virtually row across the Atlantic Ocean in the 66 days it took the Mayflower ship to sail. A row of 3,150 miles / 5,070 km’s (5,070,000 metres) to help inform and educate people as to perils of the 1620 voyage, its passengers and its legacy via social channels. Inspiring hope, liberty and to encourage an active lifestyle, whilst raising funds for selected charities that have been effected by the pandemic. This is also an opportunity to help inspire others to challenge themselves.[/p][p][b]CHARITY[/b][/p][p]Integral to the challenge is to row in support of the RNLI and Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club.[/p][p]RNLI: Raising for dedicated volunteers who risk their lives to save others. [/p][p]Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club is a community, charity rowing club run by volunteers that promotes an active lifestyle opens to all abilities socially and represent the city of Plymouth competitively at a local, national and international level. The future of the club is under threat by developers in an ever growing Plymouth, it is hoped that raising awareness of the club will help provide some security for the future.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]THE CHALLENGE[/b][/p][p]Though not physically rowing the Atlantic Ocean, this doesn’t necessarily mean this is an easier challenge. Blisters/Infections, muscle damage and depletion, fatigue will be endured. This is a mental as well as a physical challenge. On the ocean, one has nature and scenery during the monotony with other stimulus; on a fixed rowing machine, you are fixed to one place, dealing with monotony – your mind is telling you no but to continue, one must push beyond the mental barrier… even when fatigued and aching. This challenge will use the elements inspired by ocean rowing and its experiences from others to make it possible. [/p][p]The aim is to row on average 85,000 metres a day… that’s more than two marathons a day! Accounting for opportunities to sleep, eat, and drink; with the added challenge of juggling around a day job (if furlough lifted) to make it possible through enduring determination and dedication. [/p][p]Research: The row will be see the body monitored to observe its effects and for safety. It will be an opportunity to research, provide reviews and recommendations for kit development and experiences for future endurance rows and rowers. It is hoped that the legacy of the row will continue for many years after.[/p][p]The row will feature with the daily progress report summarising how the rower is feeling, distance covered and remaining. Using the social channels, we will share educational information in relation to the Mayflower voyage and its legacy will hopefully inspire from both sides of the Atlantic in conjunction with a virtual challenge that can be followed every step of the way with a visual map on [url=]Facebook[/url] and [url=]Instagram[/url].[/p][p][b]THE ROWER[/b][/p][p]Craig Chaulk, 36 is a passionate coastal & offshore rower with aspirations to one day row the Atlantic Ocean. Originally from Oxford, he moved to Exmouth, Devon in 2016 where he first got his hands on the coastal rowing oars in order to help pursue the goal of rowing the Atlantic; he is now a member of Plymouth’s Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club where he enjoys rowing the in Plymouth Sound and representing Plymouth locally and nationally.[/p][p][br][/p][p]His passion to help inspire and promote an inclusive culture and recognise achievements in the coastal & offshore rowing community resulted in the creation of The Wave – The Coastal & Offshore Rowing Magazine ([url=][/url]), a not-for-profit free rowing e-magazine showcasing the different varieties of rowing around the shores of Great Britain and the Island of Ireland plus inclusions from around the world. Only three editions in, the magazine is rapidly growing with recognition and attention with subscribers from across the world.[/p][p][b]HOW TO FOLLOW THE PROGRES[/b]S[/p][p]The Mayflower ROW can be followed with daily progress on [url=]Facebook[/url] and [url=]Instagram[/url] that will feature reports on distances, the rowers’ summary and a link to donate to help raise awareness of causes and share information on the historic voyage of the Mayflower. [/p][p]Please give the page a like and/or follow and share with your friends/followers[/p][p][b]HOW TO SUPPORT THE ROW[/b][/p][p]Just as challenging as the row is the possibility of achieving the £5,000 target in donations, let's try to smash the target through your generosity. Any donation is gratefully received and appreciated. To donate, please click on the donate button.[/p][p][b]INCENTIVE FOR COMPANY/ORGANISATIONS[/b][/p][p]Any company/organisation that donates the following amount will receive the following announcement:[/p][p]250 GBP = A special announcement post on The Mayflower ROW...[/p][p]Facebook page[/p][p]Instagram page[/p][p]Logo with link to your website at[/p][p]Please send an email to [url=][/url] to notify us of your donation and include a quality image of your logo plus your organisations website and social media details so we can feature you. If you do not wish to be featured, please do let us know.[/p][p][i]Please note: Due to the challenge, once email received, we will check the donation and post(s) will be published the next day. [/i][/p][p][i]SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE, please email the above or use the contact form below.[/i][/p][p][b]PRESS ENQUIRIES / CONTACT THE MAYFLOWER ROW[/b][/p][p]There's nothing better than exposure and awareness of The Mayflower ROW fundraising challenge to help increase donations. If you have any questions or would to conduct an interview with the rower Craig Chaulk about The Mayflower ROW, please email: [url=][/url][/p][p][b][i]Thank you for your support and generosity![/i][/b][/p]


Personal Challenge Date

20 May 2020



Jul 22, 2020

Laura and David Pike

An incredible achievement!! We are in ‘oar’!! From 2 former rowers...well done!!


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Jul 14, 2020

Nannie Chaulk

Congratulations Craig, so proud of what you have achieved. Love Nannie Chaulk xx


Jul 13, 2020

Jackie & Arthur Hamblin

Well done for all your hard work. Love from Uncle Arthur and Auntie Jackie. Xxx


Jul 6, 2020

Brendan C2 rower

Congratulations on completing your row! True dedication


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Jul 5, 2020

James Boomer

Craig - great effort, great charity, and glad the Olderfleet ON-Shore training helped you in a small way to assist with this monumentous erg.


Jul 4, 2020

Charlie Angell

Amazing work craig! Massive well done and congrats!


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Jul 3, 2020

Jerry Bird

Amazing job Craig. Well done and congratulations. Proud to know you Mate.


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Jul 3, 2020


Yes !! Craig you’ve done it true Morc style


Jul 3, 2020

Donna Felipe and boys

Great achievement Craig! Well done! With love from us all. Xx


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jul 2, 2020


What an adventure and brilliant achievement!

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