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Melanie Colivet

The Saharan Challenge


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My story

[p]October 7th 2021, I will be taking on the most amazing challenge. I will be flying to Marrakesh to take on the Saharan Challenge running 2 marathons in 2 days through Moroccan villages and Palmeries, down to the dunes of the Sahara desert and sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin tent. [/p][p]This is going to be a massive test of courage and endurance for me that I wanted to choose a special Charity to support.[/p][p]Remember that friend you had all those adventures with as a child and you thought those days would never end...catching fish with our bare hands, crossing the river balancing on huge pipes, singing Whitney Houston in the park until the sun went down, walking for miles across the fields picking 4 leaf clovers and collecting rocks and rose petals to make doorstops and perfume for the elderly...[/p][p]Mel was that friend and I have the fondest memories. [/p][p] Mel and Jon were blessed with Drew in Feb 2013. Drew was a much wished for only child but in November 2016, Drew was diagnosed with Paediatric Chordoma. A rare cancer affecting 1in 20 million. His battle was brief and brutal but bravely fought. He took his last breath on February 24th 2017 just 16 weeks later.[/p][p]Since losing Drew, Mel and Jon have tried to find some meaning in all the heartache. The Drew Barker Wright Charity is a legacy for their sweet little boy.[/p][p]I'm so heartbroken for them. Anything I can do to help is really important to me and I feel honoured in being able to do something to support their Charity. [/p][p]The desert will be physically and mentally challenging to take on alone but I can take comfort that I will have Drew's courage with me every step of the way. [/p][p]The Drew Barker Wright Charity [/p][p]*Help fund research into Paediatric Chordoma and to support the development of targeted drugs[/p][p]* Provide financial support to the newly diagnosed[/p][p]*Drew's gift- they provide each child affected by Paediatric Chordoma with a gift to help pass the time and drift into a fantasy world even if it's for just one moment.[/p][p]Please sponsor me if you can whatever you can give. Thankyou for your support ♥?[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

09 Oct 2021


Jun 24, 2021


Good luck Mel x


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Jun 10, 2021

Paul S and Kevin W


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Mar 24, 2021



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Mar 14, 2021

Paul R , Sarah B and Martin B


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Mar 3, 2021


There really is no stopping you Mel. I’m so excited for you and slightly jealous too 🤪. Looking forward to accompanying you on your training journey.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 1, 2021

Annette Caddick

You’re amazing Mel XX


Mar 1, 2021



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Feb 19, 2021



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Feb 17, 2021

Angie F


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Feb 16, 2021



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