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Michelle Callow McStravick

Michelle Callow McStravick

10K, 10 Goals for Samaritans and Rowans


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My story

[p]Epilogue Jog Blog 10/5/20 - Validation run came in at 10K this morning. The End.[/p][p]Final Jog Blog 3/5/20 - All done (I did do 10K just, messed up my Strava recording sorry), thank you for your amazing support. The cows did not block the path and my supporters kept me on pace thank you John dearest, Verity, Harri and Bob Dunkley for cheering me on - at a distance of course x[/p][p]Jog Blog 30/4/20 - The penultimate run was a hard one, my legs were tired and floppy arms kicked in almost from the onset. My normal circuit was blocked once more by cows which meant I had to double back never good for the mind set required and despite that I still managed 8.5K it left me a little dispirited. However, being now ahead of my fundraising target more than compensates. Thank you so much. [/p][p]Jog Blog 26/4/20 - You should always expect the unexpected and when things don't go to plan avoid acting like a headless chicken. So am running my normal route and the road is blocked by cows why don't I just turn around and go back the way I came or even wait! no I decide to bound across a field getting wet and lost in the process and ended up back where I started and having to go back the way I came, of course by this time I had lost all track of how far I had run and with a non normal return home ended up running 9.9K. Only one more training run scheduled 30/4 (happy birthday Jacob) and then the challenge (3/5). I have sewn a shirt and tabard together so am supporting Samaritans on the front and Rowans on the back. I am running at 6am. Laura and Jake in Aus and Jack and Jess in Bristol are running at the same time as me and we will compare blog details at family quiz time at 10am our now normal in Lockdown Sunday gathering and again with Sibs for same at 3pm. And then what?[/p][p]Jog Blog 24/4/20 - Thank you to all who have donated and a special mention to Jenny on behalf of Ellie, your donation and message really touched my heart and I am so sorry for your loss, much love to you and with this encouragement from you all I managed 8K again this morning. I actually said out loud "good morning beautiful" to several cows, birds and one rabbit. Stay safe all of you and thank you. [/p][p]Jog Blog 22/4/20 - A big thank you to my children for their innovative 'additional fund raising' promotion initiatives and their wonderful friends and family who have responded by sponsoring me, thank you so much. Jeffrey has completed his part of the challenge see him on YouTube [url=https://youtu.be/CsHXJp2tzAw]https://youtu.be/CsHXJp2tzAw[/url], fab piece of creativity from Grace. So I did my Wednesday work out 5.2K today and it was such hard work I was quite taken aback and at one point I was going so slowly my pace looked like something from the ministry of silly walks. This running business certainly doesn't get any easier. [/p][p]Jog Blog 20/4/20 - Just wanted to thank Jeffrey for his additional support (note title change) with his 10 goal challenge [url=https://youtu.be/phfnfPdwhLA]https://youtu.be/phfnfPdwhLA[/url] . Look out for him on Facebook and Instagram I reckon he will be one of the youngest charity fundraisers ever at just 2 years old and his efforts have taken me over the half way mark, thank you Jeffrey you are a star. I ran my planned 10K circuit (updated below, previous ones extended) today to prove to myself, and to you, that I could do it and not have to worry about the circuit May 3rd. I encountered the good (fabulous sunrise) the bad (dead badger) and the ugly (attacked by a Labrador, what is it about dog owners that don't understand that some people are terrified of their dogs! I actually cried) this morning. [/p][p]Jog Blog 17/4/20 - 9.2K - nearly there updated circuit below. I am into a training routine now long run Monday and Friday and workout run Wednesday and only 5 more training runs till May 3rd … bring it on. [/p][p]Jog Blog 13/4/20 - 8.8K getting there. I forgot to mention heavy arms. Arms have a natural running position but as you get tired they gradually fall to the side and eventually flop and flap about lol. Lot of fly tipping going on along the county roads sadly, anyone need a fridge freezer... what is up with people! Enjoy the bank holiday. [/p][p]Jog Blog 10/4/2020 - 8K run no stops in perfect conditions, out at 6:15am, beautiful morning, only encountered two other people, walking, and a Warburtons Van and was encouraged along by the cool breeze, the moon, then sun rise and an abundance of bird song. So its good Friday and I am reflective. I had not appreciated so many odd challenges runners experience (hoping its not just me), beetroot face - I have mentioned before especially suspicious when meeting with people some time after running maybe suspecting you have had one too many the night before!; rubbing - clothing rubbing on skin, skin rubbing on skin; damage - currently evidenced in a bruised toe nail and bleeding in between my toes; cramp - foot cramp dance is a regular feature after the run and last but no means least 'when salt gets in your eyes' that one is particularly nasty lol, this is when salty sweat runs into your eyes causing them to sting - anyone else? - the adventure continues. Happy Easter to you all and bless you for your generosity and support, I couldn't do this without you x [/p][p]Jog Blog 8/4/2020 - it's my sisters birthday and I can't even see her, Happy Birthday Sharon x tried a late afternoon workout managed 4K bit stop starty - it was hot! Must try harder lol. [/p][p]Jog Blog 6/4/2020 - up with the birds 8K non stop run before work but heavy going this morning the thought of another 2K on top is daunting. I don't know how these long distance marathon runners keep going. So good news with my Virtual Grand National win at the weekend good old Potters Corner. Keep smiling xx On the back of that success and a few more very welcome donations from fellow spectators I decided to up my target and aim for £1K each for these charities. Thank you all. [/p][p]Jog Blog 2/4/2020 - Good morning dear supporters. I did 8K this morning (see my circuit below) first time without stopping (yay), look like a beetroot lol and my feet are cramping nicely. Couple of strange sights on the run today; people running in the middle of the road to maintain social distance but running the risk of being run over and one house had so many cars parked I think the whole family has moved in, can't say I blame them am seriously missing being with mine. Hope you are all coping and keeping safe and sane. Thank you for supporting me I, Samaritans and Rowans really appreciate it. [/p][p]Jog Blog 30/3/2020 - 8K with only 2 deep breath stops - legs are suffering and I think I have pulled a muscle lol. It is so sad that Rowans Living Well Centre has had to close, they are continuing to support people by phone; such a life line to so many vulnerable people. I am glad to say that the Government are supporting Samaritans staying open as the service will be in high demand with the current crisis and so many people scared on so many fronts, lonely and stressed. I am taking part in a pilot to support email callers from home which if successful will be rolled out to Samaritan volunteers who are self isolating. Thank you so much for sponsoring me as this helps these charities keep going and help the sick and vulnerable. It also helps me remain sane during lockdown. Much love Michelle x. [/p][p]Jog Blog 29/3/2020 - I hope everyone is OK, keeping safe and relatively sane in these hard times. Managed 8K circuit on Friday with 4 deep breath stops so pretty pleased with that. I need to be able to do 8K without stopping that's my next goal. Love to all, Michelle. [/p][p]Jog Blog 23/3/2020 - Thank you to all who have sponsored me these charities are going to need help more than ever now. I don't know if the run will go ahead but I will do a 10K run that Sunday regardless, I may need official witnesses but will cross that barrier when I get to it. So progress is slow and I had a major set back when I thought I was doing 8K runs and on re recording on Strava found out only 6.7K .. gutted. I am back up to a real 7.4K … just the once lol, but can't tell you how knackered I was at the end of it and the thought of going on for more seems impossible but I will keep trying. In these very difficult times stay safe, stay strong and keep smiling - and look after yourselves and each other … lots of love Michelle (504) x [/p][p]May 3rd 2020 10K Great Bristol Run - [url=https://www.greatrun.org/great-bristol-10k]https://www.greatrun.org/great-bristol-10k[/url][/p][p]My story [/p][p]I am Michelle Callow McStravick and I am 62 years old [/p][p]I like most of us have had my share of life’s challenges and know the value of being able to talk about how I am feeling to someone who has time to truly listen [/p][p]I have been a Samaritan volunteer for 12 or so years and I am also a family support volunteer for the Rowans Hospice where I hope I support people who are struggling with grief in bereavement [/p][p]I started running in May 2019 with a hobble round the block measuring 0.99 km. I hurt my ankle running in July 2019 and was unable to resume until 29/12/2019. I can now run at a push 8K but it’s hard work. I have never attempted a 10K run so I am not even sure I will be able to complete. Your sponsorship would encourage me to try and I am happy to do this for Portsmouth Samaritans and Rowans [/p][p]Thank you for your support to me and to these amazing charities [/p]
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May 13, 2020


Seriously impressed Michelle. Well done,. Will you be running a marathon next.?


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 12, 2020


Congratulations on your achievement Michelle, from The West Group Ltd


May 12, 2020

Andy W

Well done Michelle


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 8, 2020

Vic Ettie


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 7, 2020


Well done Michelle!


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

May 6, 2020

Richard and Linda Albery

Well done Michelle, a sterling effort for an absolutely wonderful cause.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 6, 2020

Pete L

Very well done.


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 5, 2020

Tom Coates

Great effort Michelle!


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 4, 2020

Mark Middleton

Well done Michelle, great achievement x


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 4, 2020


Congratulations Michelle!


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