Walk of pain an 80Kg diving suit


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[p][b]As @ 11th March 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my challenge remains postponed until it is safe to resume and public confidence is restored. In the meantime, stay safe everybody, use your common-sense, keep your fitness and spirits up and stand ready to help one another. Even just a friendly phone call to a friend or relative can make a difference! [/b][/p][p][b]The late, great Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired me throughout the darkest days of this wretched Covid-19 pandemic. A true hero. So, with the help of great friends, I've kept myself fit and as soon as my gym reopens on the 12th April, I'll be back in to resume heavy training for my challenge and resume drumming up support. I'm determined to succeed with my goal to raise £5k+ and await Govt guidelines.[/b] [/p][p]…………….[/p][p]Another year and another challenge to raise money for research into M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). [/p][p][b]What is ME / CFS? [/b]Somebody living with this illness once told me it is like the worst ever hangover...but 24/7! Common symptoms are severe, disabling fatigue and a combination of other symptoms which make daily tasks very difficult. ME/CFS affects those of any age, gender or ethnicity. For some sufferers the effects may be minimal but in a large number, lives are changed drastically. For young people education can be severely disrupted (my son could not attend school for 2 years) and for many adults employment becomes impossible. For all, social life and family life become restricted and in some cases severely strained. Sufferers may be housebound or confined to bed for months or years. [b]So, it's basically a living nightmare! So, folks need hope, understanding and answers![/b][/p][p]Since my son fell ill to this cruel condition in 2016, I've done some pretty daft stuff (google me) in a bid to raise money for M.E. research and to raise awareness of the condition amongst the general population. [/p][p]For 2020, I'm aiming to rack up the miles in this horribly heavy (80kg / 176lbs / 12.5 stones) suit over the summer until I hit 26.2 miles...a marathon distance. [/p][p][b]Why the suit?[/b][/p][p]I swore I would never get in this suit again, because every step is painful. But, it is an extreme and attention-grabbing way of demonstrating how people who suffer from M.E. feel. Many people living with this illness have described their symptoms as having limbs that feel heavy and a heavy head too. So, the suit is perfect...everything about it is heavy.[/p][p][b]I need your money! [/b][/p][p]So as to maximise donation opportunities and to enjoy the look on faces when people see a silly sod like me walking in this suit, I'm going to split the distance into 26 (and a bit) one milers and head to where all the weekend folks go over the summer....with their smartphones. No point walking on a wet Tuesday afternoon![/p][p]So, although there are many dates to come, here is a list of the confirmed dates so far:[/p][p]Mile 1 of 26 (Saturday 4th April). JD Gyms, Wigan. I spend so much time in this gym with all the training and preparation I'm doing. So, it makes sense for my challenge to begin at this seriously good gym. I'll be walking down the 20m central strip of the gym...80 times (there are 1,610 metres in a mile)![/p][p]Mile 2 of 26 (Sunday 19th April). Balcarres Arms, Haigh to Haigh Hall, Wigan, Woodland Park Artisan Market. Walking from the Balcarres Arms down Copperas Lane to Haigh Hall and heading towards the kitchen courtyard area. Somebody get me a pint in from the Two Left Feet Bar![/p][p]Mile 3 of 26 (Sunday 3rd May). Rivington Great House (Lower) Barn, Bolton, BL6 7SB. Walking from here uphill to Rivington Hall (Higher) Barn...and back again! By 'eck, this is going to hurt! [/p][p]Mile 4 of 26 (Saturday 16th May). Deansgate area, Manchester. No shopping time for me![/p][p]Mile 5 of 26 (Friday 5th June). The Bridgeman Physiotherapy Centre (key sponsor, [url=][/url]) , Wigan to Sherrington's Bar. Somebody get me a pale ale when I get there![/p][p]Mile 6 of 26 (Saturday 6th June). Boars Head Pub, Wigan to Hoots Bar, Standish. It's all up hill and going to hurt like hell![/p][p]Mile 7 of 26 (Saturday 13th June). Blackpool. Walk along the Promenade. No rollercoaster rides for me![/p][p]Mile 8 of 26 (Saturday 20th June). Windermere....on land...not in the lake![/p][p]Mile 9 of 26 (Saturday 27th June). Albert Dock, Liverpool. Who's with me?[/p][p]Mile 10 of 26 (Saturday 4th July). Tatton Park, Knutsford. It's proper posh here![/p][p]Mile 11 of 26 (Saturday 25th July). Beaumaris, Anglesey. One of my favourite places, so got to be done.[/p][p]Mile 12 of 26 (Thursday 20th Aug). Walking up Snowdon, North Wales. Gulp![/p][p]Mile 13 of 26 (Friday 21st Aug). Walking up Snowdon, North Wales.[/p][p]Mile 14 of 26 (Saturday 22nd Aug). Walking up Snowdon, North Wales.[/p][p]Mile 15 of 26 (Sunday 23rd Aug). Walking up Snowdon, North Wales[/p][p]Mile 16 of 26 (Sunday 6th Sept). Wigan 10k. Guess who is going to finish last?[/p][p]More to be's not a race![/p][p]…………..[/p][p]This is perhaps going to be my toughest challenge to date and probably another world first or at least a first for Wigan (but only because nobody else has been daft enough before) but I'm in good shape and training hard. Massive thanks to all the people at The Bridgeman Physiotherapy Centre, Marston's Beer Company, The Boar's Head Inn, The Hoot Bar, JD Gyms, Sherrington's Bar, William Santus & Co Ltd and other local businesses in Wigan who are supporting me). So, wish me luck, share my virginmoney page link with others and donate a few quid if you can. Best wishes, Nige Brookwell[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

05 Jun 2020



Mar 19, 2020

Sharon Defty

Good Luck Nigel....fantastic you are doing this.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 10, 2020

Paul Jameson

Best of luck Nigel


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Mar 9, 2020

Andrew Jones

Good luck Nigel! 😃


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Mar 6, 2020

Jan Mc


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Mar 6, 2020

Chris Jones


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Mar 6, 2020

Charlotte Teare

Good Luck!


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Mar 4, 2020


How about the next challenge is skydiving with the suit on :-)


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Mar 4, 2020

Una smillie


Mar 3, 2020

Bev McDonald

Good luck Nige!


Mar 1, 2020

Paul Watkins

Ya mad ****. Total respect to you though my friend. Hope you and the family are well.


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

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