The Nick Fayers AMEND Fund

The Nick Fayers AMEND Fund

The Big Blue Piggy

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[p]The Big Blue Piggy has joined the fundraising committees to help raise money for The Nick Fayers Amend Fund. It will be travelling around the county attending various events and receptions of businesses based in the Ipswich region, to allow as many industry colleagues to contribute to the fund, as well as being a place for those that knew Nick to sign and jot down their memories of him. [/p][p][url=]EADT Article: Fund launched following death of Ipswich construction firm boss[/url][/p][p][url=]Facebook Page[/url][/p][p]Here are some of the places it’s been to and will be going to and the money raised …[/p][p]23 April [b]~[/b] KLH Charity Golf Day [b]~[/b] [i]£Combined total with event below.[/i][/p][p]1-31 May [b]~[/b] Barnes Construction Offices [b]~[/b] [b]£93.53[/b][/p][p]12 May [b]~[/b] Football Tournament & Family Fun Day [b]~[/b] [b]£190.13[/b][/p][p]17 May [b]~[/b] SJCC Supper & Awards Evening [b]~[/b] [b]£108.52[/b][/p][p]11-20 June [b]~[/b] Castons Offices [b]~[/b] [i]£Combined total with event above.[/i][/p][p]21 June [b]~[/b] JP Chick 30th Anniversary Event [b]~[/b] £-[/p][p]23 June [b]~[/b] The Barnes Group Family BBQ [b]~[/b] [b]£59.68[/b][/p][p]25 June - 6 July [b]~[/b] Birketts Offices [b]~[/b] [b]£82.43[/b][/p][p]9-20 July [b]~[/b] MLM Offices [b]~[/b] [b]£23.12[/b][/p][p]23 July - 3 August [b]~[/b] RG Carter Offices [b]~[/b] [b]£21.06[/b][/p][p]6 August [b]~[/b] Prettys [b]~[/b] [b]£36.12[/b][/p][p]5 September [b]~[/b] Castons Charity Golf Day [b]~[/b] [b]£55.09[/b][/p][p]10-21 September [b]~[/b] J P Chick Office [b]~[/b] [b]£53.06[/b][/p][p]27 September [b]~[/b] Barnes Construction 40th Anniversary Dinner [b]~[/b] [b]£95[/b][/p][p]5 October [b]~[/b] The Not Fayers Cup Charity Golf Day [b]~ £40.93 [/b][/p][p]19 October [b]~[/b] Mixbrow Offices & FBE Charity Golf Day [b]~ £111.85[/b][/p][p]5-21 November [b]~[/b] Coop Stores (Wherstead, Felixstowe & Woodbridge) [b]~ £115.10 [/b][/p]
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