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[p]In 2016, I took part in one stage of the STRIVE Challenge, cycling from the Alps to near Rome. Thanks to amazing friends, I was able to raise thousands of pounds for [url=]Big Change[/url], to support incredible projects helping kids with their education. You can read my story [url=]here[/url]. This year's [url=]Strive Challenge[/url] in September 2018 involves more physical challenges - the stage I am taking part in is a 5-day, 400-mile intense cycling challenge from sea-level up to Tignes in the French Alps - and by up I really mean up: the total climb over the week is over [b]40,000 ft[/b], more than the [b]height of Mount Everest[/b]! If you can afford to give anything, I would love your support - all money raised will go to wonderful educational projects - helping parents with pre-school kids, addressing the issue of exclusion from schools and how this can adversely affect many teenagers' futures, and providing support to prevent teacher burn-out. These projects are targeting the root causes of current issues in education, rather than trying simply to patch-up the symptoms. You can read more on the [url=]Big Change[/url] website. I have seen some of the results of these projects - teenagers who won't necessarily do brilliantly in exams find their confidence and their voice, and become empowered to aim for goals far beyond their previous imagination. [b]I will personally match all donations until I hit my £5,000 target[/b]. Thank you so much for your interest![/p][p][b]Why are we striving?[/b][/p][p]The 2018 Virgin STRIVE Challenge aims to raise £1 million to support up to 10 new projects that are creating big change in how we set young people up to thrive in life, not just in exams. ALL of the money raised from STRIVE is used to support early-stage ideas that address unacceptable issues facing young people. Past projects supported by STRIVE (like [url=]Frontline[/url], [url=]Voice 21[/url] and [url=]NCS[/url]) have gone on to receive millions in government and other funding - scaling nationally, influencing policy and changing the way things are done. We focus on empowering change because we believe prevention is better than treating symptoms - it’s easier to build stronger children than it is to fix broken adults. And we target early-stage projects because unless we support innovation, change will not happen. There is very little funding for early-stage ideas with big ambition for long term system change, especially before they have proved their impact. [/p][p][b]What problem areas are we looking to change?[/b][/p][p][b]Exclusion from schools:[/b] It’s often the most vulnerable children in the UK that get excluded from school, rather than supported. Once excluded, children are more likely to go on to be unemployed, develop severe mental health problems and go to prison. It’s a problem that costs the State billions. Children born into poverty are 4 x more likely to be excluded from school. There has been a 30% increase in exclusions in the past three years. Once excluded only 1% go on to get 5 GCSEs. 1 in every 2 prisoners were excluded from school. Every cohort of permanently excluded pupils goes on to cost the state an extra £2.1 billion in education, health, benefits and criminal justice costs. Big Change supports projects that break this cycle. [url=]The Difference[/url] is pioneering this change with a 2-year programme that trains teachers to deal with severe behavioural issues, support pupil mental health and reduce exclusion from school. [/p][p][b]Parents/early engagement:[/b] The quality and quantity of interaction with your parents/caregivers at an early age has a huge impact on the rest of your life. Children who are not exposed to enough talking and play at home often lack the basic skills they need to learn when they get to school. This puts them at a disadvantage that has a knock-on effect well into their future. By the time you are 5 your brain is 85% developed – so what happens during this time really matters. Children who are engaged in verbal interaction at a young age make approximately six months’ additional progress over the course of a year. Research has found a 19-month gap in development between the richest and poorest children by the age of five. Big Change works with great ideas like [url=]EasyPeasy[/url] – an app that sends game ideas, hints and tips to parents of pre-school children, to help develop the skills that will prepare them for school and beyond. [url=!/whats-it-all-about]Voice Bradford[/url] is engaging the local community, parents and early years education to engage the young people in Bradford in fun opportunities to learn and grow, together.[/p][p][b]Supporting teachers:[/b] We all know the difference a truly great teacher can make in our lives – but today, the UK is facing a major teaching crisis. Teachers are fast becoming the most stressed workforce in the country. 40% of new teachers leave the profession within 5 years of qualifying. More than a quarter of teachers are turning to medication to cope with the stress of their work Schools spend more than £1 billion every year on teacher development, but which has created little demonstrable progress. Big Change supports projects doing great work in this area – including [url=]The Institute for Teaching[/url]. This specialist graduate school has re-thought teacher education and focuses on helping teachers to keep improving. Another Big Change project [url=]How to Thrive[/url] runs programs for teachers and parents (in order to support young people) to develop their resilience and build tools for dealing with life's challenges.[/p]
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Nov 21, 2018

Nick Salmon

The promised bonus for completing it!


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Oct 12, 2018

stella eve

Congratulations Paul, an amazing accomplishment ! Best wishes, Francis, Stella, Hannah


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Oct 10, 2018

Jan Pomfret

Great effort Paul for a great charity. Hope you’ve recovered!


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Oct 9, 2018



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Sep 28, 2018


Well done, some hard climbs there!


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