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Nicky Nash

Coronavirus Story book for Young Children


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My story

[p]The Covid-19 pandemic is terrifying for us all. The way each of us experiences this crisis will vary, depending on our health, age, and home and work circumstances.[/p][p]For me, personally, my greatest concern is the impact this will have on my children. Luckily, my son is young enough to be blissfully unaware. At first, I had naively hoped that this would be the case for my daughter too, kidding myself that perhaps the changes to her daily life would not be questioned too intently. However, as time went on, and as more restrictions were enforced, it was clear that she needed some form of explanation. I wanted to be honest with her, but without passing on any of the anxiety, sadness and uncertainty that I was feeling. A friend suggested making a book, and she shared a poem with me that explained it in a beautifully creative and child-friendly way. I adapted this poem to make it more relevant to my daughter's life, and added some pictures to help her understand.[/p][p]With encouragement from friends and family, I shared the book on a Facebook group that was set up to support families throughout this period of 'Lockdown'. I was overwhelmed with the positive responses and sharing requests I received from parents, teachers, and nurses. So many thank you comments and messages of gratitude.[/p][p]So that brings me here. My original intention was simply to help my daughter, but after seeing that my book could help other children too, I would like to try and reach as many as I can. Please share my book freely and widely. [/p][p]View:[/p][p]Download:[/p][p]Watch as a video: [/p][p]And most importantly, if you enjoyed my book, or found it helpful in any way, please consider making a donation to our wonderful NHS. It is inevitable that the NHS is going to be completely overwhelmed as this epidemic reaches it's peak. Let's not sit at home feeling helpless. By donating, we can help ease the immense pressure on the hospitals and provide better care and protection for the individuals who are working tirelessly to tackle this devastating crisis head on.[/p]
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Sep 2, 2021

The Fonetti Team

Our World needs a clean is such an awesome book. The fact that it was designed to explain the life that was for a time a stark reality in a way that children could understand was an invaluable resource and we at Fonetti we are delighted to support.


Jan 20, 2021

N Nash

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Nov 8, 2020

From Towcester Tots staff x 3


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Oct 6, 2020

Nicky Nash - Proceeds from Amazon sales

153 books sold between May and September!


Sep 10, 2020



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Sep 9, 2020



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Sep 9, 2020

Sam Harvey

Love the book... great gift as well xxx


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Sep 9, 2020

Towcester Tots

Looking forward to our books! :-) thank you so much for sharing this lovely story with us! X


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Jul 3, 2020



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