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Paul Golding

Cycle 150km+ via WW1&2 cemeteries


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[p][b]Aim:[/b] Ride 150km+ visiting as many WW1 & 2 cemetaries and memorials as I can from home on Sunday 8th November: Remembrance Sunday.[/p][p]😷** UPDATE 2/11 **😷 due to lockdown here in France I plan to do at least the 150KM I would have done but in the garden on Zwift or a similar package. I'll get Elise to post pics and info of some of the cemeteries that I would have passed through on the ride. Will post updates etc here on FaceBook. In addition I'll chuck in the odd auction item and stupid thing. I also have an idea which i'm sure will go down well and mean i've got to take a risk to do it.. but more on that Sunday as I don't want to get grassed up🙃😎[/p][p][br][/p][p][b][u]** Update 9/11 **[/u][/b] - I completed this on Remembrance Sunday - total main ride - 156.76km and 56 cemeteries. Once finished I then rode another 11km to my local large cemetery to visit that as well - even though we are in lockdown. [i]Total riden: 168km & 57 cemeteries. [/i][b]Please keep donating.[/b] Pics etc on my facebook page - [url=][/url][/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Why:[/b] To support [url=]Mission Motorsport[/url] - [i]The Forces' Motorsport Charity. Supporting wounded, injured and sick serving and veteran soldiers.[/i][/p][p]Most of you will know that I’ve tried to support a UK forces charity called Mission Motorsport in a small way since it’s inception. In fact before MM was launched I’d had a connection with it’s boss James Cameron who was a Major in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. James had actually raced my Lotus Elise and we’d taught an injured ‘tankie’ how to race and he also took part in the Elise Trophy, including a special race alongside Jim. The ‘tankies’ came to a number of race meetings over a couple of seasons. Jim then launched [url=]Mission Motorsport[/url], with others and I donated the Elise to them in their first year – this has led to a number of MM beneficiaries being able to race and attend race meetings over the last few years. This culminated in Welsh Guardsman Danny Holland taking part in Lotus Cup Europe in 2019, again in my Elise – with the help of our volunteers. Danny & MM went on to win the [url=]Endeavour Award[/url] for Recognising Achievement, which was presented in front of Prince Harry & Megan earlier this year.[/p][p][br][/p][p][url=]Mission Motorsport[/url] run the annual Race of Remembrance at Anglesey on Remembrance Sunday. Unfortunately due to C19 they have had to cancel the event this year, leaving a shortfall of £50,000. This will seriously affect how they operate going forward which in the end will reduce the number of beneficiaries that they can help. Thus, they have launched the #YourRoR campaign to get people to try and raise money. So thought I’d better do something.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]What:[/b] To say I’m a bit of a lard **** is probably an understatement, fat bstard is probably closer to home. However, a couple of months into lockdown in the summer I decided to get back on a push bike for the first time in 35+ years. With a little help and incentive from a few others I’ve managed to do one 50km ride then a couple of months ago a 100km since then smaller rides. I’ve not done much since the end of summer so even to do 50km is going to be a stretch.. 150km will take all day – at best 7hrs but probably longer – or more likely I’ll be dead, as I won’t give up. [/p][p][br][/p][p]Living on the edge of the Somme there’s really only one thing I can do and that’s to visit as many cemeteries and memorials that I can on Remembrance Sunday on my push bike! There’s probably been more blood spilt within 50miles of home in wars – than anywhere else in the World. I’d include the likes of Agincourt and Crecy in that, both very close. However, it’s the WW1 & 2 cemeteries I will cycle to – well as many as I can, I'd hope to visit 50 cemetaries. Although I will concentrate on British sites, there are obviously many allied, French and German cemeteries here as well and I’ll take some of those in. I will go past Thiepval but won't quite make Vimy Ridge or the German site of Neuville-St Vaast which I pass at least once a week.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Excuses: [/b]I really don’t have much of a clue how to ride a bike and the weather could totally kill this but I will keep going and wont give up.. yes I will probably fall off, as has happened a couple of times. In addition since I came up with this idea and posted this we've been put into lockdown so not allowd to travel more than 1km on the bike.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Target:[/b] Well just to raise anything I can for Mission Motorsport. Some of you have made donations recently for garages on Lotus on Track events, that money will be put into this as well. It would be nice to raise £4-5k, If I’m doing ok on the day I’ll try and do some FB stuff to up donations but no promises.[/p][p][br][/p][p]I hope that makes some sort of sense?[/p][p][br][/p][p]In short I’ll ride at least 150km, visiting WW1&2 cemeteries on Remembrance Sunday 2020 with all monies raised gong to [url=]Mission Motorsport[/url] - whatever the weather.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Ps. the pic in my profile was taken at Race of Remembrance - myself with Major James & ex-Yeoman Warder Bill Callaghan.[/p]
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08 Nov 2020



Nov 30, 2020


Sorry a little late - well done


Nov 17, 2020

Karen and Mark


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Nov 16, 2020



Nov 13, 2020




Nov 11, 2020

Stephen Guglielmi

Am I correct in thinking that because I nominated you to do the press up challenge (which you said you were unable to do) you took up cycling instead ! ? You can thank me over a beer next time we meet X Well done mate !


Nov 10, 2020


Well done!


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Nov 10, 2020

Neil Reed

Amazing ride Paul! Well done! Never want to see those photos again!!!


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Nov 9, 2020

Dan Plant

Well done Paul. Good luck. Fair play to you.


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Nov 9, 2020



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Nov 9, 2020

James Roberts


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