Rebecca Rothwell

Rebecca Rothwell

Charity PetTrailing Day Fundraiser - 5th Sept


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My story

[p]💟[/p][p]My Dad has sadly been diagnosed with Stage 4, inoperable Pancreatic Cancer meaning it’s unfortunately wrapped around his portal veins. [/p][p]My Mum and I want to raise funds to aid PCUK, in their research into an earlier diagnosis as this type of cancer is the least researched cancer due to lack of funding. [/p][p]Pancreatic cancer, even with symptoms is hard to diagnose early and so when it is, there is a sense of urgency in treating people, as it is the most aggressive and quickest killing cancer.[/p][p]Usually, once Pancreatic Cancer is diagnosed, it is too late and has almost always, progressed aggressively to the latest stage making it inoperable and less susceptible to treatments.[/p][p]We are hopeful that they’re able to establish which treatment from Chemotherapy or Chemoradiation will work more effectively to prolong his life.[/p][p]My dad has donated a part of the tumour biopsy and blood from his portal veins for Christie’s research, hopefully to help earlier detection and correct treatment(s) for future patients.[/p][p]My Dad has spent the last time 10 months, in agonising pain and has lost over 4 stone in weight over that period, in addition to 20+ years suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis. [/p][p]It’s a difficult and heartbreaking journey we are going through at the moment but we are trying to stay positive with a lot of friends and family around us. [/p][p]After a very successful June where we walked over 300,000 steps raising over £1200 (including gift aid) we wanted to support further fundraising events in Dad’s honour. [/p][p]Nominating PCUK as their annual charity to support, PetTrailer UK are holding a fundraising day on 5th September 2021 at Blakemere Village where there will be lots of games and raffles for your chance to win some really great prizes!![/p][p]We thank you for your kind donation of any amount, it means a lot to me and my family and also those who are sadly effected.[/p][p]We are looking forward to another successful event and would love to see you if you’re able to make it. [/p][p]💟 Lots of love, The Rothwell’s 💟[/p]
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30 Jun 2021


Sep 16, 2021


Sep 10, 2021

Val & Aydin



Sep 9, 2021

Ann Skinner


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Sep 9, 2021


Sep 8, 2021

Pettrailer UK

Pettrailer UK donations raised on Charity Trail Day, 5th Sept 2021 from on the day activities.


Sep 8, 2021

Beth and Harington

A little more from your trailing buddies! x


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Sep 7, 2021



plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Sep 6, 2021

Rebecca - Paying in the cash donations

Donations raised in cash from raffle ticket sales and cash from the event.


Sep 6, 2021

Deb and Ian

Jars and cash donations


Sep 5, 2021


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