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Karen Stewart
Sarah Macleod
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Team story

[p]UPDATE 16 May 2020 - Since writing the below our wingwalk has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are still fundraising as best we can, and we will update this page when we have a new date for the wingwalk, thanks so much to all who have supported us 🙏 xxx[/p][p]Since writing the below Sarah Macleod has joined the wingwalk (Go Sarah!) so now there are 3 (2 humans, one pig). Thanks so much Sarah for coming on board to help these amazing charities xxx...[/p][p]Karen's Story...[/p][p]...This wingwalk is in memory of my amazing Mum and is the last thing I promised her I’d do, to help people with dementia, and the animals. I’m Karen and Pigs really WILL fly as pilot Mike has given clearance for my Little Piggy mascot to wingwalk with us.[/p][p]We said goodbye to Mum in July 2016 – worst time ever, I’ll never forget that Sunday morning watching Hollyoaks (don’t judge 🙈) when my Brother phoned and said the time had come – the world fell apart, she’d had dementia for a while but I’d deluded myself that she still had years and years left to go.[/p][p]You know when people say goodbye in films? I never thought I could do that – bad enough at airport goodbyes… It’s amazing what we do when it’s all we can do though, and (I don’t know where it came from really) to the best Mum in the world I said I’ll do a wingwalk for dementia and the animals (she LOVED animals) – and she smiled so I like to I think she understood me.[/p][p]So, the wingwalk is booked along with my biggest target EVER which I just feel is right given it’s my last thing for Mum, and that it’s for 4 awesome charities. I really want to help these charities as much as I can (and smash the target to bits) so yeah, bring it on. YIKES, it's really happening 😱[/p][p]I'm paying for the wingwalk personally so that all funds raised will go to these charities:[/p][p]Aberdeen FC Community Trust Dementia Friendly Programmes[/p][p]Deeside Cats Protection[/p][p]Forget Me Not Dementia Club Banchory[/p][p]Halfpenny-Farm Animal Sanctuary near Rurie[/p][p]WWF Australia Emergency Bushfire Animals[/p][p]The charities are amazing, makes me emotional just thinking about what they do, tirelessly dedicated to helping so many - giving quality and purpose of life to people with dementia which is such a cruel illness; and saving animals who are abandoned, in danger, old or hurt and have no voice to ask for help and nowhere else to turn. Mum, I hope you approve up there 🦋[/p][p]So now all I need to ask is can you help us?[/p][p]If you can spare some cash for these worthy causes - thank you from the bottom of my heart 💖[/p][p]Or if sponsoring’s not your thing please can you share this with someone who might like to help, or a business looking for charities to support? 4 for the price of one right here 👌[/p][p]I will be eternally grateful if you can help in any way, and if you’re still here thank you for reading my story 🙏 xxx[/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]PLEASE NOTE due to technical issues this page had to be restarted by Virgin Money Giving on 5 October 2019 - all online donations until then are below, and shown in the raised offline total before gift aid of £294.[/p][p]17-Sep-2019 [b]FIONA MORGAN - BRIG[/b][/p][p]Wishing you all the best with this brave challenge and doing it for very worthy charities. [/p][p]£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]12-Sep-2019 [b]KAT ROSS[/b][/p][p]£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]06-Sep-2019 [b]MOLLIE STOTT[/b][/p][p]I have given mummy my chores money from the past few weeks to give to you. She says you are a fellow superwoman so we have to stick together! Can you please ask AFCCT if they can maybe use the money to include girls in their football training though! xx [/p][p]£35.00 plus £8.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]06-Sep-2019 [b]NIKKI DUNCAN[/b][/p][p]Good luck. Have fun 🙂 [/p][p]£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]06-Sep-2019 [b]STACEY EDGHILL[/b][/p][p]It's on my bucket list! Can't wait to hear how it goes, good luck 🍀 [/p][p]£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]05-Sep-2019 [b]ASHLEY[/b][/p][p]Fly high little Piggy!! 🐷💖[/p][p]£5.00[/p][p]05-Sep-2019 [b]GRAEME FRASER (ANDREW McDICKEN LTD)[/b][/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]05-Sep-2019 [b]WENDY STRACHAN[/b][/p][p]All the very best Wingy, Hope this goes a little way to helping you smash your target. Your mum will be on your shoulder the whole way keeping you safe and encouraging you to be brave. You got this xxx[/p][p]£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]05-Sep-2019 [b]LORNA WALLACE - CG SCOTLAND INSURANCE BROKERS[/b][/p][p]Good luck - great charities - hope others support too 👍[/p][p]£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]05-Sep-2019 [b]LIZ ROBINSON[/b][/p][p]Good luck. Your a inspiration xx[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 4, 2019 [b]DENISE[/b][/p][p]Good luck[/p][p]£5.00[b] [/b]plus £1.25 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]GILLIAN BRUCE[/b][/p][p]Good Luck KY!! You will smash it !! Your mum was lovely I’ll always remember her cleaning days at Academy she always had a smile on her face 😊 x[/p][p]£5.00[b] [/b]plus £1.25 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]LISA LEMON[/b][/p][p]👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼[/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]ROY MOORE[/b][/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]GWEN COUTTS[/b][/p][p]You have my full admiration![/p][p]£5.00[b] [/b]plus £1.25 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]ANONYMOUS[/b][/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]DUNCAN BOOTH[/b][/p][p]Good luck 🐷😍[/p][p]£30.00[b] [/b]plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Sep 3, 2019 [b]T O R X[/b][/p][p]All the best Karen and Sarah, xx[/p][p]£50.00[b] [/b]plus £12.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 31, 2019 [b]GRAHAM[/b][/p][p]£15.00[b] [/b]plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 30, 2019 [b]HELEN JOHNSTONE[/b][/p][p]Well done Karen and good luck 🐷😘 xx[/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 29, 2019 [b]TRACEY MITCHELL[/b][/p][p]Good luck Wingy, wish i could give more xx[/p][p]Aug 28, 2019 [b]AVRIL H.[/b][/p][p]Good for you Karen. Hold on tight!! 😜 all the best. Xx[/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 15, 2019 [b]ABERDEENHOMEIMPROVEMENTS.CO.UK[/b][/p][p]£30.00[/p][p]Aug 12, 2019 [b]DONNA[/b][/p][p]Good luck, takes some balls![/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 12, 2019 [b]ELAINE[/b][/p][p]I meant to give you this on Friday! Good luck, you’re a braver person than me!!! You are amazing cuz xx[/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]Aug 10, 2019 [b]FIONA McKIBBIN[/b][/p][p]Enjoy every minute, what an experience it will be![/p][p]£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 10, 2019 [b]DEIRDRE[/b][/p][p]Good luck Sarah- brilliant (possibly mad!) that you’re doing this 🤩 Dx[/p][p]£30.00[b] [/b]plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Aug 8, 2019 [b]FIONA SELLERS[/b][/p][p]£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Jul 29, 2019 [b]ANDY - McHARDY FINANCIAL[/b][/p][p]All the best Karen[/p][p]£100.00[/p][p]Jul 9, 2019 [b]JESSIE[/b][/p][p]Good Luck Karen X[/p][p]£5.00[/p][p]Jul 8, 2019 [b]CARMEN[/b][/p][p]Good luck Karen!![/p][p]£15.00[/p][p]Jul 4, 2019 [b]TESS DAY[/b][/p][p]You are so amazing Karen, and to have recruited another walker! Awesome. What a team![/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]Jul 2, 2019 [b]ROB HAMILTON[/b][/p][p]Great cause, best of luck to you both.[/p][p]£50.00[b] [/b]plus £12.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Jun 26, 2019 [b]LESLEY TAYLOR[/b][/p][p]Good Luck![/p][p]£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Jun 25, 2019 [b]ANDY GORDON[/b][/p][p]All the best and good luck[/p][p]£15.00[b] [/b]plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]Jun 24, 2019 [b]NICOLA x[/b][/p][p]Good Luck to you and piggy!! Xx[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Jun 22, 2019 [b]Z[/b][/p][p]Up up & away ✈[/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]Jun 4, 2019 [b]JASON AND SHIRALEE[/b][/p][p]May 24, 2019 [b]SHAUN KELMAN[/b][/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]May 23, 2019 [b]ALLI-BABA[/b][/p][p]All the best, wishing you all the excitement, smiles and bravery! Your Mum must be so proud looking down on you. Hugs to you and Piggy x[/p][p]£40.00[b] [/b]plus £10.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 20, 2019 [b]JOAN STRACHAN[/b][/p][p]Absolutely LOVE what you are doing - such worthwhile charities! Best of luck - I know you will smash it! Joan x[/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 20, 2019 [b]PHILIPPA[/b][/p][p]Go fly! Hope its an amazing experience.[/p][p]£15.00[/p][p]May 16, 2019 [b]PAUL AND MARINA[/b][/p][p]Good luck Karen, you are braver than us! Makes running 26.7 miles look like a wee walk in the park xx[/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]May 16, 2019 [b]FIONA DOWNIE[/b][/p][p]£15.00[b] [/b]plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 16, 2019 [b]JAC[/b][/p][p]You've got this chikka (and piggy!)[/p][p]£30.00[b] [/b]plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 8, 2019 [b]TEAM STOTT[/b][/p][p]You are a legend Karen Stewart!![/p][p]£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 7, 2019 [b]KATHY ADER[/b][/p][p]In the words of Seal 'In a world full of people only some want to fly, Isn't that crazy'. Have a great flight!x[/p][p]£30.00[b] [/b]plus £7.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 6, 2019 [b]BRUCE RUSSELL[/b][/p][p]Hey, you want a chance to fly? Come and ride with the piggy through the burning sky. Best of luck Karen[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]May 1, 2019 [b]HAZE SAUNDERSON[/b][/p][p]Good luck 👍 Great charities x[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 29, 2019 [b]JANE FERRIES[/b][/p][p]BEST OF LUCK GUYS - ENJOY THE RIDE :) xx[/p][p]Apr 29, 2019 [b]GAIL INSCH[/b][/p][p]Good luck Karen xx[/p][p]£10.00[b] [/b]plus £2.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 25, 2019 [b]SHEENA CRAIG[/b][/p][p]Nutters xx[/p][p]£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 25, 2019 [b]KERRI GEDDES[/b][/p][p]Amazing.. Xx[/p][p]Apr 24, 2019 [b]LUCY[/b][/p][p]Good Luck Karen, might see you on the wings yet!! xx[/p][p]£20.00[/p][p]Apr 24, 2019 [b]GRAEME MacF[/b][/p][p]We’ll be calling you Wingy’re very brave. Enjoy X[/p][p]£50.00[/p][p]Apr 24, 2019 [b]EDITH MacDONALD[/b][/p][p]For the mad woman that is Sarah Macleod - good luck quine! xx[/p][p]£15.00[b] [/b]plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 24, 2019 [b]ELIZABETH McGUIGAN[/b][/p][p]Sarah you amaze me that you are doing this!!! Good on you x[/p][p]£10.00[/p][p]Apr 24, 2019 [b]ANONYMOUS[/b][/p][p]£5.00[/p][p]Apr 19, 2019 [b]HEATHER[/b][/p][p]Good luck! Your Mum would be very proud of you, (although probably covering her eyes and praying at the thought of her wee girl perched precariously on a plane won't so far off the ground).[/p][p]Apr 19, 2019 [b]MIKE MITCHELL[/b][/p][p]Good luck hon! Don’t look down lol x[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]EDDIE.[/b][/p][p]Good luck Karen. Enjoy the moment and keep your mouth closed in case you suck in a pigeon 😳🤣🤣[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]GORDIE WALLACE[/b][/p][p]Jings man your brave!![/p][p]£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]CHRISTINA[/b][/p][p]£15.00[b] [/b]plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]ANONYMOUS[/b][/p][p]Well done and good luck Karen! X[/p][p]£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]GAV AND THE TEAM AT ETIOM[/b][/p][p]You are such an inspiration Karen, well done. Your mum is so proud of you 🥰[/p][p]£100.00[b] [/b]plus £25.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]IAN GOURLAY[/b][/p][p]Karen, rather you than me![/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]ANONYMOUS[/b][/p][p]Apr 18, 2019 [b]FLOSSY[/b][/p][p]Gd luck WINGY[/p][p]£20.00[b] [/b]plus £5.00 Gift Aid[/p]
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Mar 6, 2020

Debbi Glennie

Best of luck Quine xx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Mar 6, 2020

Melissa Forrest

What a fabulous tribute to your Mum Karen. Wishing you all the best!


Mar 3, 2020



plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Feb 18, 2020


Good luck Karen!

Feb 3, 2020


Good luck


Jan 27, 2020

Amanda Rose

Well done Karen, Lil Piggy and Sarah - you are so brave and such a great cause. Karen - your mum will be with you every step of the way, am sure. All the best and try to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience - Amanda xx

Nov 23, 2019

Remembering Zoomie and all his pals xxx

Just brilliant! I’ve known very loved people with dementia so brilliant cause. Have fun!! Xxx


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Karen Stewart

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Sarah Macleod

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