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[p]Fresh from raising £10,000 for Terrence Higgins Trust in 2018, Porn Pedallers, the adult industry cycling club have reaffirmed their commitment to raise money and awareness for the UK's leading HIV & sexual health charity. Help them in their bid to reach their £20,000 fundraising target for 2019.[/p][p]“Sexual health is so central to our day-to-day working lives in the adult industry that is was a no brainer to partner with a sex-positive charity like Terrence Higgins Trust,” said Porn Pedallers’ founder Chris Ratcliff. “As performers, producers and distributors, we have a duty to promote a responsible and informed approach to sexual health. This extends to fighting the stigma and ignorance associated with HIV and supporting THT in spreading the word that people on effective HIV treatment can’t pass it on.”[/p][p]We’ve come a long way in the fight against HIV, but it’s not over. Donations are crucial to continue testing and support services for the newly diagnosed. Terrence Higgins Trust aims to end the transmission of HIV in the UK, to empower people living with HIV to lead healthy lives and to encourage everyone to enjoy good sexual health. Help Porn Pedallers to fight the fight…[/p]


Personal Challenge Date

04 Aug 2019


Nov 24, 2019

Reilly Cycleworks

What an amazing bunch of people riding to raise money for charity, super proud to have been involved in their quest to raise money for Terrence Higgins Trust


Nov 24, 2019

Porn Pedallers

Proceeds from PPCC Charity Raffle at the Friday Night Rub Down, November 2019. Big thanks to everyone who donated prizes - McLear, Le Col, Continental Tyres, Sigma Sports, Look Mum No Hands, TVX, Pascal's SS, Doxy, Future Parties & Lacey Starr Productions


Nov 4, 2019

Gina xoxo

This was money raised in a raffle at Gina’s Party ‘Lustful Creatures’ - I love being a PornPeddaller & I so happy to be able to continue to raise money for this fantastic charity xx


Sep 3, 2019


Great effort great cause.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Aug 31, 2019


Well done on your ride to Amsterdam!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Aug 31, 2019


Great work - keep it up!


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Aug 31, 2019

Roy Paddock

Brilliant effort, amazing people keep up the good work

Aug 30, 2019



plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Aug 30, 2019

Max McCaffrey

Good luck to you all, fingers crossed for great weather and a very pleasurable ride!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Aug 30, 2019


Good luck Tindra Frost and all of your fellow PPCC members, its not the first ride to Amsterdam, you have done it before, you can sure as hell do it again XxX Eddie


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