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Ride For Yann

Solo Cycle from Bristol to Mallorca


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My story

[p]Hi, I'm Owen[/p][p]**UPDATE** 9 October 2021 - I completed the ride! It was 16 days to Barcelona with no rest days. Then a 4,000ft ascent on Mallorca after a rest day. Total ascent 42,350ft. A little more than Everest. Solo, cycling with 125kg - including me, the bike and all my luggage. Average speed was 13mph. **[/p][p] [/p][p]That photo is of my brother, Yann Saward, doing what he loved best - cycling up mountains in Mallorca.[/p][p]On 6th August 2019, Yann died at home in his bed. He was just 52. He was my best friend, the only person in the world who knew me. He was a lot of people's best friend. The kindness and love in this man was limitless. One of my first memories is of Yann rescuing me when I got stuck on top of the brick built Wendy house in the playground at Primary school. I was crying and his tall strong arms (even then!) lifted me down and gave me a hug. I remember being amazed that he did that in front of everyone and I felt so proud he was my big brother. One of my last memories of Yann is him putting his arms around me when he had no strength to lift them and saying 'I love you'. [/p][p]He was always there for me, even when I tried to push him away. [/p][p]Three things define Yann for me. Continual strength and self-improvement, an incredible ear for great music and, of course, cycling. [/p][p]Part of Yann's strength was giving up alcohol years ago - something that's not so easy to do in today's society. I know, because he inspired me to do the same and it was a battle for me.[/p][p]But do you know what? Yann was alcohol free for years. He was alcohol free through his diagnosis with throat cancer. He was alcohol free through brutal treatment for throat cancer. He was alcohol free through the unbearable uncertainty of not knowing whether or not he would stay alive and he was alcohol free when he knew he wouldn't. Try to imagine how that feels for a moment. [/p][p]Yann loved the freedom of cycling - as daily transport and as a holiday. He often took off for a week and cycled the mountains of Mallorca - a place I'm pretty sure he adopted as his spiritual home. I was always so proud that Yann never really owned a car. No wonder he was so fit. [/p][p]So when I was looking for a challenge to raise funds in his memory, it seemed natural to follow in his footsteps again - something I realise I've been doing all my life. [/p][p]So, I'm leaving Yann's home in Bristol, UK in mid-September, on a bike he built and left to me, to cycle 1100 miles, with a total elevation of around 16,000 feet, to arrive at the highest point on Mallorca to meet Yann's spirit on his birthday, the 5th October. [/p][p]The goal is to raise £20,000 for St Peter's Hospice in Bristol and Cancer Research UK. Sounds like a lot of money, right? Wrong. £20,000 is what it costs St Peter's Hospice to provide their incredible environment and care for just ONE day. The amount of love, compassion, patience and humanism in that place is literally superhuman. I honestly cannot imagine how we would have coped or cared for Yann without them. [/p][p]And everyone is fundraising for Cancer Research, right? It must be boring to see another fundraiser, is it? Well, listen - I never in a million years imagined my big, strong, young, fit, vegan, teetotal, cycling yogi brother would need the help and support of Cancer Research UK. But unlike so much in our modern world, cancer doesn't discriminate based on age, sex, race or gender. So I hope you never need the services of your Hospice or Cancer Research, but lots of people will. Every pound donated and every day that pound is put to work gets us closer to eliminating the pain and suffering caused by cancer. Yann wanted that desperately and I want that too. [/p][p]So, please, give us your **** money. [/p][p]You can follow my training and ride progress on Instagram and Twitter @RideForYann. Please LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW![/p][p][url=https://www.instagram.com/rideforyann/]@rideforyann • Instagram photos and videos[/url][/p][p][url=https://twitter.com/RideForYann](20) RideForYann (@RideForYann) / Twitter[/url][/p][p]Please share this page and RideForYann to EVERYONE, whether you know them or not! [/p][p]Thank you so much x[/p]

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12 Sep 2021


Oct 17, 2021



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Oct 13, 2021


Well done Owen, an epic adventure.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Oct 13, 2021

Josh Taylor

Great work Owen!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Oct 12, 2021


Well done Owen, sorry for your loss. I enjoyed seeing your daily updates as you headed south.


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Oct 11, 2021

Dan Walker

Well done Owen, a fantastic achievement for a great cause. Having ridden long distances alone I can vouch for how cathartic the time to think can be, I hope your ride was full of fantastic memories of your brother along way.

Oct 10, 2021


Huge congrats on your amazing achievement. I'm sure Yann would've been so proud. I got to know Yann through our AF group, and I always felt he was a kindred spirit - I too am a cyclist, tho nothing like his, or now your standard! Well done.


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Oct 10, 2021

Stacie Pearce

Hooray Owen! Way to make Yann happy. Congrats

Oct 9, 2021

Nick Carson

Phenomenal achievement Owen, well done - I never knew Yann but I’m sure he would be proud x


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 8, 2021

Mike Spence

Well done Owen. Your brother would be proud


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 6, 2021

Josh and Andy Crossley


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

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